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All About Cut-Off Time

Know all about the cut-off time to submit requests.

When is cut-off time?

We practice a ‘cut-off’ time for processing new requests and any changes to existing requests and your queue order. Designster doesn’t process any requests once the cut-off time has passed, for that working day. However, we will consider it the next day.

Current Cut-off Time for Users

The current cut-off time that is observed at Designster is 5 PM PDT (4 PM PST).

The time converts to:

  • Mountain Time: 6 PM MDT (5 PM MST)
  • Central Time: 7 PM CDT (6 PM CST)
  • Eastern Time: 8PM EDT (7 PM EST)

If you have any confusion regarding the hours in your time zone, check out to convert it to your local time zone.