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Arranging Your Queue

Under this heading, you’ll learn

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

Under this heading, you’ll learn:

  1. Understanding what a queue is
  2. Modifying your queue
  3. How cutoff time impacts your queue
  4. How to alter the send and receive queue notification emails

What is a queue?

The queue is where all your requests are present. It shows what order the requests are being worked on and allows you to manage each request.

The queue system on Designster works in a slot system, where the top requests are entertained before any other requests. Understandably, the requests at the bottom will be entertained in the end.

The designer will work through your queue based on how you prioritize it.

You can also alter, duplicate, or add notes to the requests in your queue. Modify your queue

To change the order of your requests in the queue, just drag the requests and arrange them in the preferred order.

However, remember to make the changes before the cutoff time, so that they can take effect for the day’s shift.

What is a cutoff time, and how does it affect my queue?

The cutoff time is the time limit until which you can make changes to your requests or rearrange your queue for the day. For your changes to take effect, make sure you submit them before the cutoff time starts. If you make changes after the cutoff time, they will be worked on the next day.

How can I change my notification settings?

To make any changes to your notifications, just go to your profile settings page and select your preferred option from the given list.

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