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Can you help me with an Infographic?

Yes, we can. Want to make a request? Here’s how you can:

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

Step 1: Provide the ‘Info’ for the infographic.

Researching the information to add to your infographic is not the work of the designers. So, it’s up to you to find the data you want to add. Copy and paste your text directly on the Designster form or attach it as a text file or Word docs.

Step 2: Find inspiration for the ‘graphic’ in your infographic.

For the designer to better understand and visualize your idea, it’s best to provide a sample or inspiration they can use.

You can find design ideas via a simple Google search or use your Premium Stock subscription to look for what matches your concept.

Step 3: Share your design with your designer

Mention any special requests you have, such as font style, color, logos, or other graphic elements you want to add in your design. When you’re ready, send your request for your designer to work his or her magic.

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