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Change Your Email Address

Designster allows two email addresses to your account

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

Designster allows two email addresses to your account:

  1. For your billing (company email).
  2. Alternative email used to log on to the platform, submit requests, and more.

By default, both emails are set to the address you use upon signing up.

Usually, people sign up using an email address that is not the one they intend to use to request submissions. In that case, our platform does not receive any sent requests, and you receive an error message.

However, you can change both or one email by following these steps.

To edit your billing address:

  1. Open company settings via URL.
  2. Click on enter and change your primary email address. The company email address doesn’t need to correspond to a specific user’s email.

Note: Only account admin can set the company email.

To change the email used to submit requests:

  1. Log in to URL
  2. Click the edit icon to update your email address

Note: In case of an error message, please send your request after updating your email

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