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Everything You Need to Know About Our API

Everything You Need to Know About Our API

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

What is an API?

An API aka Application Programming Interface is a tool integrated into software applications to exchange data via internet. Designster uses an API so that clients can integrate software with the website to submit requests.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is the connecting tool that acts a bridge between apps and Designster. It’s a convenient tool to use to get the most out of our API, without any programming. Zapier offers a variety of apps to clients to choose from.

How can you use the Designster API?

Our API offers you two new ways to use Designster:**


You can use our API via Zapier that will automate all your Designster tasks and workflows. For example, connect Zapier with Google Sheets and Designster and every time you enter a request in Google Sheets, the request will automatically be sent to your designer.


You can use our API to build a Designster functionality in your own app. For example, if you’ve got your own app, you can integrate it with the Designster API and create a request form similar to ours. Every time you submit a request to your app, your designer will be notified.

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