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Getty Images FAQs

All Getty Images FAQs answered

Can I download images directly through my Getty account?

No, you can only access Getty stock images by logging into the Designster platform. Your allocated designer is the only one authorized to download their pictures and use them in your designs.

Can my designer download Getty Images and send them as they are?

No! As per our agreement with Getty, you have a single-use license to sell the designs we create, but we can’t provide stand-alone images.

They need to be modified and used in collaboration with other elements to transform them into unique pieces, different from the original.

Do I have a license for the images used in my design?

Yes! By signing up with our Pro subscription you receive single-use license to download Getty stock images for use in your designs.

However, it’s only limited to you, not your customers. Meaning, we’re not licensing your customers to edit or use as the design as a template and resell under their name.

To use the image for another purpose, do I need to send a separate request?

Yes, you need to issue a new application. It’s because the license is valid for one use only and one purpose. So, if you wanted to use the image in your merch for your social media, you would need to make another request for the designer to ask for another license.

Do I have the copyright of my designs on Designster?

No, you do not have the full legal right to the images as per our agreement with Getty.

Getty licensed the photos to us for use in your designs. They are non-exclusive and available for others to use in their different designs.

How do I prove I have a license for these images in case of copyright infringement?

Simply email us your request, and we’ll send a copy of your original request, the final design email, and the license number from Getty generated upon downloading images. It’s enough to fight against claims and protect your designs.