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How Much Time Do You Need to Complete My Request or Revision?

The Designster’s team works in DPU, aka Design Processing Units.

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

We have no limit set on how many requests we fulfill DPU. If you’re a client with a simple request, we can finish up to five. But if your design is complex, then we’d put our attention to one request and get it done beautifully. If your request is more than complicated, it might take us a few days, but we’ll come up with something jaw-dropping.

We also factor in revisions and edits; hence we can’t promise a specific output per DPU. It’s all about getting little details right.

Have a look at these guidelines to understand our DPUs better.

Guidelines for a single DPU:

  1. 3 customized social media graphic posts or 10 templated social media graphics.
  2. 1 single-sided event flyer or 1 double-sided real-estate flyer
  3. 1 Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  4. 10 plain text tees or 5 typography tees or 3 graphic tees
  5. 1 product background removal

Guidelines for fulfilling two requests:

  1. 6 customized social media graphics or 20 templated social media graphics
  2. Four podcast cover graphics
  3. 2 Variations of a Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  4. An event flyer with 4 variations
  5. A background removal with complex shapes

However, they’re just guidelines and not accurate timeframe. The completion time of your request depends entirely on the complexity of your request.

Every request can’t be treated equally and that’s the minor drawback of creativity. Each client has their own pace with our services.

However, don’t get sad. We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee so you can judge if our services are worth your time or not!

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