Get Started

Learn How to Submit Request with Asana

If you’re an Asana user, you already understand how the app works!

Follow these simple instructions to submit requests:

  • Select ‘Asana’ as your trigger app.
  • Click on ‘Tag Added to Task’ and click ‘Continue.’
  • Select the ‘Asana’ account you wish to use and click ‘Continue.’
  • Tag your task with ‘Sent to Designster.’ (if you need to add a new tag, just click ‘ctrl + T’)
  • Click ‘Continue.’

The trigger has been created.

  • Click ‘Set Up this Step’ in the left-hand column.
  • Search and select ‘Designster’ from the dropdown list.
  • Select ‘Update Request’; then click ‘Save + Continue.’
  • Add details for the designer: task name, notes, attachments.
  • Once it’s green, click ‘Finish and Continue.’

Your Asana ticket is up and working.