My Email Won’t Send. What Can I Do?

Here are a few things you can look into

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Written By Designster
4 months ago

Are you trying to submit a request to but keep getting the failed attempt email? Here are a few things you can look into:

Option 1 – Make sure the email you’re using is the one you registered with.

Option 2 – Try restarting your computer and router.

Option 3 – Double-check your email address for any errors. We’re humans, and we can make mistakes!

Option 4 – Designster allows customers to have two emails associated with their account. A billing email and an email for submitting requests. Make sure you’re using the correct one. Check your settings to make sure you’re using the right email address.

Option 5 – Make sure if you changed your email, you updated so that our software doesn’t get confused with too many email addresses.

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