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Your Designster subscription is automatically renewed depending on your choice of terms during sign up.

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Your subscription plans enable you to access our services and send design requests.

You can choose from four terms, including yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, and monthly. Starting from your sign-up date, you will be charged on the same day every year, quarter, or month.

To check your billing date, you can view your Billing History.

Expired Memberships and Failed Transactions

Your membership fee is automatically charged on the credit card you provide during registration. If the transaction fails, your account will eventually close, and you will not have access to your stored files.

We send you an email notice after the first failed transaction. Every three days for two weeks, we’ll continue attempting to charge your card. But after the final attempt, if the payment still fails, your account is canceled and closed.

Update Credit Details

To avoid sudden closure of your account, keep your credit card information updated. You can do that via Company Settings and in the Billing Information section.

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