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What if things go wrong?

At Designster, we understand that sometimes things can be, what you don’t want them to be.

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Written By Designster
1 year ago

However, we’re here to assist in any way possible. Here’s how to get help:

Review Your Requests

We work remotely, and sometimes, a communication gap can cause an unwanted commotion. Before you start worrying, make sure your request is easy to interpret for the designer.

To make your request easy to understand, break it down into parts and subparts.

Alternatively, you can try:

Talk to The Designer

We’re humans, and we make mistakes, so if your designer made a mistake, inform them immediately. They will take all the necessary actions to make things right.

If you feel the issue is still unresolved and needs more attention, then email us at [email protected]

We check our emails daily, and we’ll schedule a call immediately to assist you in removing your concern. Customers are our priority!

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