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06 Of the Most Famous Restaurant Logos And WHY

Feb 17, 2022
06 Of the Most Famous Restaurant Logos And WHY

Delicious food and superb customer service keep customers tied with a restaurant. But it is just one part of the story. A creative restaurant logo is an essential ingredient to complete the recipe.

An attractive and eye-catching restaurant logo reserves your prominent space among the already filled food chains. Logo evokes consumer emotion and makes their mouth watery by showing tummy-appealing cuisines. People also share their experience as a review of social media platforms or food ordering applications, ultimately making restaurant identity more solid in the market.

Regardless of geographical location, you always see a variety of restaurants with their food logos while passing or roaming in a city. These graphical representations trigger your taste bud and start craving for such a meal. Indeed, an excellent graphic design can make a long-lasting impression on an individual. Let's start with the explanation of the food logo.

What is a food logo?

A food logo is a restaurant illustration as a brand. It gives the restaurant an identity among the market and first contact with customers. The importance of the restaurant logo has high significance in today’s time because of online ordering through food delivery apps. Only a pictorial format becomes enough to describe your cuisine category, food, and brand.

Of course, you are here and reading this because you are intended to make an appealing logo for your food brand. We got you! We will discuss some famous restaurant logos and their meaning behind them.


While discussing famous restaurant logos, McDonald’s cannot be skipped from any list. It would be hard to find such a person who never had a meal once from this restaurant in their entire life. There are over 36,000 restaurant branches worldwide. It is the favorite restaurant for millions of people on planet earth. And even if you are drowsy, you may forget your name, but not this logo.

While ideating the logo design, they initially created two 25-foot metal arches in yellow, cropped in flashy neon, and consisted of a mascot, namely “Speedee.” But after that, McDonald’s decided to revamp their logo design to transit with time and not get out of the fashion. They wanted to look fashionable and changed their logo by changing the arch into a yellow capital "M," which the world is seeing and recognizing today. Also, just like their logo, they are perfect in their taste.


Want some coffee with swag? Starbucks is the place to get that. Their café logo is minimalistic yet rich in the viewing experience and gives a modern look. For a fact, there are several people who are not fond of coffee but visit Starbucks just to not feel behind anyone because of its popularity among the audience.

Coming back to their logo design, their research material was based on marine discoveries and a mermaid with two tails they incorporated in their logo. That aquatic being is called "The Siren" and took place in Starbucks every emblem. However, their logo design has changed several times, but "The Siren" stayed in every design.


Previously the logo of KFC was not much welcoming but featuring Colonel as a business person. But with time, they realized that they should modify the tone of their logo. And the famous fast-food logo which we see today gave Colonel a more friendly look with colors addition. They also used the acronym of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now presently, it comes more in notice because of the black bow tie, along with spectacles and beard.

Burger King

Burger King is popular in the zone of burgers because of their taste and variety in the menu. The restaurant came into existence in the USA in 1953 and now has several branches worldwide. Their logo also faced major changes throughout the way.

They aim with their restaurant logo to offer honor to the tradition, meanwhile be modernistic in the present age.

In between two orange buns, the bold red text stays. The typography is also very clear and straightforward.

They have increased size King for balancing layers and utilized sans-serif typeface for enhanced readability and modern feel. The red tone with light color blends perfectly to pop out the look.


Domino’s standard is unbeatable. They are one in their class with no competition. With their restaurant logo, they sound simple and straightforward but attractive at the same time.

The use of three dots in their logo represents the first two outlets and one store they opened initially. They played with angles and colors with time, but bright red and blue colors and one-two domino still prevail in the design.


Subway is famous in every town for its food freshness and hygiene. Among restaurant logos, they are well recognized and have a number of franchises across the globe.

Similar to Burger King, Subway has also undergone a multitude of changes in its logo design. The arrow coming from “S” and “Y” symbolize the fast delivery, i-e, quick in, and quick out. Besides, green and yellow color more represent the freshness they have in their food.

Feeling Inspired for your Logo Designing?

To design your logo, there are a number of approaches you can use, depending on vision, mission, and budget. For example, you may go with the designing logo by yourself or hire restaurant logo maker services.

If you want to do it yourself, plenty of paid and free tools are here you can use, like Looka, LogoMakr, Canva, Logaster, etc. They all are easy to use, and even a newbie can quickly grab the pace with them. In addition, you can experiment with your creativity on these tools to get what you want.

However, if you want to do it professionally, without going heavy on your pockets, then let the Designster do it for your restaurant. Designster, in a nutshell, is a subscription-based service that you can subscribe to and avail of premium graphic design work from professionals at a budget-friendly cost. The best part is you can request as many changes as you want without being extra charged.

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