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10 Facebook Ad Design Tips to Create an Effective Ad

Jun 01, 2021
10 Facebook Ad Design Tips to Create an Effective Ad

Facebook has a 2.85 billion active monthly user base on its platform, creating an immense opportunity to grow your business and tap into the wider universe.

By executing an ad campaign on Facebook, a business becomes visible to the audience looking for services or products similar to your service offering. This social media platform provides brands a brilliant means for growth.

There are several methods available when it comes to designing an effective Facebook ad. Sometimes, due to endless choices, there may be too much to choose from. However, some businesses make everything simple in their ad design while some clutter the entire canvas. If you are confused in terms of what to create, it’s better to Hire an Expert Facebook Ad Designer.

It requires some brainwork to understand the social media depth and the tactics you can apply. But all the research is worth it when you become capable of designing customized and precise ads that convert to profitable clicks.

Tips Every Marketer Should Follow in their Ad Campaign

1. Learn Basics of Ads

It takes few simple steps to set up a Facebook ad campaign. Ad Manager allows you to set things up by providing some basic details. But you need an analysis, research, and market information required in the background to create a successful front picture in the shape of the ad.

To get a start, begin with learning about how to run ads and gain the most out of them. View the distinct types of ads like carousel, videos, gifs, slideshows, or photos. Learn about their ad placement and the latest ongoing trends before putting money at stake.

Watching and studying a competitors’ move also gives some valuable insights. World-recognized brands like Starbucks, KFC, and Samsung continuously revamp their ad strategies to prevail in the digital competition. So, you can follow in their footsteps to find the relevant spot in the league.

2. Minimal Use of Text

People on the internet are always in a hurry and do not have time to read lengthy paragraphs. Considering this phenomenon, keep the text length in your ad copy as short as possible. Be quick with your message and try to frame it within 280 characters, which is considered ideal in the design world. Users disregard posts when they recognize it is an ad. Being direct and clear always does well when retaining user attention.

Stick with one message and avoid cramming multiple offers in the same ad. One message for one ad. Also, your message should be simple, concise, and eye-catching, like "50% off on entire stock", "Coming soon to your area," or "Free shipping on orders of $200 or above.”

The information that is not immediately required, save that for the CTA (Call-to-Action) click. The user will see these details when an ad redirects them to the app page, webpage, or product page.

3. Don't Ignore Visuals

While scrolling down on social media, visual grabs one’s attention always. Communicating in the language of visuals is a great way to reach the audience. Facebook also prefers visual elements over textual content, as users like to see it more. Additionally, the human brain remembers images more than text and words. A bright, full of color, and artistic ad always grabs the user’s attention. So, find the best pictures and enter into the game.

4. Select the Right Colors

Colors are not ordinary things and create a significant impact on anyone. They speak meaningful things without words.

Make use of bright colors to create a stunning contrast in the ad. Do not forget to play with variations – adjust elements to make them pop out. Use text with lighter shades if the background is dark and vice versa to make details more noticeable and prominent.

5. Set an Objective

The essential part of any Facebook ad campaign is to set the objective. Targeting the potential audience is necessary, but targeting and focusing on the vital tasks are also paramount in parallel. You cannot analyze the campaign effectiveness without understanding the primary goal, no matter you achieved the wanted results or not. Consider the following scenario to understand this concept better.

Suppose you aim to grow the number of sales, but your focus is on the number of clicks. The result which it yields will look satisfactory on paper but can traverse to business disasters. It is crucial to set a realistic target, considering all technical aspects. Depending on your strategy, you may find your overall goal is not aligned with the ad campaign. For instance, you are confronting a global challenge to grow sales. The option of targeting traffic in a Facebook ad campaign sounds excellent here to increase sales.

In addition, you can contact a designing agency or professional designer to represent your business services on digital mediums in the best manner with their creativity. A Dedicated Facebook Ad Designer Hiring Cost may differ firm to firm and the skills of the designer.

6. Develop a Bid Strategy

Another thing is to overspend on your Facebook advertising campaign. The budget has significant importance, and you want to get results on every single penny you spend. Establishing a bid strategy in the early time is the best remedy in Facebook advertising.

A bid strategy lets you determine the number of leads you want. How much can you spend to gain leads, and what will you accomplish in return if those leads get converted?

Set your budget according to the number of leads you want to obtain. Knowing the budget allows planning a bid for each click in a better way. You can also set the lead number to configure the bid amount.

There is also an option of optimized bids on Facebook. Facebook asks for the user permission to bid for an ad according to the parameters a user defines. It implies that Facebook will bid the ad amount for your campaign that works best.

You can maximize the budget without spending a hefty amount on leads by strategically setting a mechanism. If things are done correctly, you will indeed generate valuable leads and compelling results when you include the bid strategy tip in your marketing campaign.

7. Straightforward Typography

With sweet and short text, you need it to be easy on the viewer’s eye. Stick with straightforward typography, so your viewer does not have to put an extra effort to read that. Fancy fonts look fantastic in the first glimpse, but their difficult readability distracts the audience from focusing on the message. It sometimes requires time for the reader to decrypt the message.

Font from the Sans Serif family works best in all designing elements. If you want to put text on any image or visual, ensure its readability. Make it bold and thick, so they pop out and easily readable.

Moreover, do not overwhelm with multiple font styles. Find the appropriate one and use it in the whole design. Change of font after every information piece does not sound professional, so stick with one or at most two.

8. Include Faces of Real human

Facebook reveals that the face in an ad gets more engagement than the one does not include. Instagram also works on the same model. Every platform recommends and prefers the face of an actual human. People feel a connection when they find faces in any image. When we meet a person the first time, we connect to that personality straight away. The same phenomenon takes place in Facebook ad images.

9. Tell Story Via Visuals

For the image you include in an ad, there must be a reason to use it. In fact, a picture should itself tell what meaning does it hold. Including an image because it looks good is not an exception and a valid reason to use.

When we begin to find the valid reason, first thing ask yourself why you need to create an ad in the first place. Do you want to showcase some product or solving any identified problem?

The primary goal is to spread the message to the audience. Like your brand, the customer shares the interest, values, and beliefs same as your company. It develops a customized and personalized experience that attracts the user's attention.

10. Include Numbers to Emphasize

The conditioning of humans is done in a way that our mind always focuses on numbers and values. It allows our brain to process information more quickly. Include numbers to support your ad like "Get 2 in the price of 1" or "50% off".

Bottom Line

In essence, the success of an ad campaign comes from approaching and targeting the right audience base, content, creative visuals, and other relevant things. The audience, along with defined objectives, is always on top of everything. Without these two pillars, the structure cannot stand.

When you enter the game, get yourself equipped with all the weapons and kit to hit the target. The above-discussed tips will surely help you to improve your ad campaign strategies. However, if you don’t have time to develop an engaging Facebook ad on your own, contact Designster and let their experts help you write your success.

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