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Logo Trends to Follow

Logos are a visual representation of a brand that helps you stand out from the competition and create an impression on your audience. Launching a brand means investing in a logo design that is not just unique, but also reflects your business values and purpose.

Seasoned logo designers know how to mix creativity with professionalism, but logo design trends are continually evolving and repeating. As an entrepreneur, designer, or marketer, it’s a must to understand the latest logo trends, and 2020 brings with it a mashup of old and new ideas in logo design.

That said, while some fads catch on, others are either incredibly risky, requiring exceptional skills, or not worth trying from the get-go.

So, if you’re looking to invest in logo design, here are some trends you should follow and avoid:

Trends to Follow

First, let’s look at modern logo design trends that you should follow in 2020:

  • Strong Typography

    Logos are not entirely about icons. Instead, some are made up of different text and font styles. In 2020, typography trends will incorporate funky and daring text designs that will be the focal point of the logos.

    That said, not all fonts make for an excellent logo. It requires just as much creativity as an icon to ensure the logo is unique and memorable. But the best feature about typography logos is its flexibility. You have the freedom to choose your style and numerous fonts to pick one that reflects your business ideals.

    So, when designing a typography logo, you need to understand that it’s not all about letter and font style. You also need to make sure the overall look relates to your brand.

  • Multi-Layered & Overlapping Logos

    One of the 2020 logo design trends that are catching on is designers breaking the 2D barrier and incorporating an element of 3D through multiple layers and overlapping.

    While the design is relatively simple with straightforward shapes and subtle colors, designers are trying their hand at creating complex logos that explore highlights, shadows, and more. The shadows and color gradients create a three-dimensional overlapping effect that viewers can almost touch.

    Another way to incorporate multiple layers in your logo is to opt for shading, instead of bold colors, with semi-transparent layers. The result is much subtler than with colors but still unique and eye-catching.

  • Artistic Illustrations

    A rising mobile design trend is top-quality illustrations replacing stock images. 5G plays a role here in helping UX/UI designers bring their products to life through artworks, adding a human touch to elevate the user experience and providing value to the users.

    Different illustrations will take the stage in web design, with exquisite attention to details, customized characters, and more. It is an excellent way to grab the audience’s attention and stand out from the competitors.

  • Vintage Cartoon Logos

    Among the many popular logo designs, there is one that’s making a comeback from the 1930s: the vintage cartoon logos. In our fast-paced digitized world, cartoons are nostalgic, familiar, and relatable for every age group. They are expressive and straightforward, plus connect with the viewers on an emotional level, making them useful for communicating.

    Thus, expect to see a lot more custom, vintage, illustrations as 2020 progresses.

  • Geometric Framing

    Minimalism and geometric logo designs are trendy among designers. But geometric framing is its subtler variation that offers a grounding influence of geometric shapes, without diminishing visual appeal or meaning behind the logo.

    Unlike other geometric designs, it doesn’t rely solely on geometric shapes to communicate your business values. Instead, it frames other imagery that represents the brand, giving you the flexibility to create a range of unique logos.

  • Negative Space

    The use of negative space allows designers to creatively cram a ton of meaning into a small logo design, without affecting its aesthetic. It is one of the graphic design logo trends of 2020 that will continue to evolve and rise as the year progresses.

    Negative space designs provide designers a freehand to twist and mold the logo in an array of artistic styles. Plus, since negative space blends with the background, it allows the background to be a part of the design.

    On the other hand, it also adds a pleasant surprise for the viewer when they discover a hidden image within the big picture.

    A logo that brings out a smile is likely to be more memorable than any other. So, negative space imagery is a trend that sure to grow in 2020. If you’re trying out negative space designs for your logo, aim for more meaningful representation that will make an impact, such as the arrow in Fed Ex.

  • Playful Minimalism

    Traditional minimalistic designs take on a modern spin in 2020. The evolution brings forth logo designs that feature the less-is-more ideology with a bit more warmth and humor, contrary to the standard practices of minimalism.

    Minimalist logos are reduced to a visual aesthetic, which allows them to adapt to a range of backgrounds, providing logo designers creative freedom. That said, the trend isn’t for every brand. If your brand isn’t fun and creative, then playful minimalism isn’t for you.

  • Line Art

    Line art logos are versatile, timeless, and among the logo design trends of 2020. It provides designers creative freedom to explore different facets of graphic design. From retro pin-striping to geometric line drawings, suggestive gestures, and more, they can craft logos that are elegant, flexible, and adaptable to any background.

    With the endless possibilities at hand, you are sure to find logos that match your brand’s tone, personality, and values.

  • Connect the Dots

    Connect the dots is a sort of variation in the line art design trend. It is one of the trendy logo designs, rising in popularity due to its simplicity.

    The design incorporates a series of dots connected by lines to form an overall image. It is a versatile trend that can be interpreted in various ways. But as the building blocks (line and dot) and the typography are relatively the same for every logo, the design appears somewhat similar

    The trend is most often used for tech, medical, and HR industries. That said, the design may seem trendy in the early days of 2020, but it may burn out in the coming years.

  • Chaotic Arrangement

    While logo designs have their rules, they are not as restrictive as it may seem. One of the trendy logos designs that are catching on in 2020 is the chaotic arrangement of letters.

    Fun typography can be asymmetrically arranged to appear crazy or daring. The trend offers plenty of versatility and flexibility for designers to play around with. From distressing to inverting and mirroring, and even scattering is an option, so the words aren’t read linearly.

  • Geometric Letters

    Geometric logos aren’t restricted to shapes; 2020 will unite geometry and text to give you a striking mix. Geometric letters are funky, creative, and versatile. Designers can experiment with color gradients, different shapes, and styles to design unique logos.

Trends to Avoid

Let’s move on to modern logo trends to avoid in 2020:

  • Bolder & Brighter Colors

    Bright colors are effective in attracting an audience. But it has its challenges that require you to practice caution. For one, our eyes aren’t used to bright and bold colors, especially those that are enhanced artificially. Thus, while natural shades seem dull, they are what viewers relate too.

    On the other hand, branding is about telling the audience your brand’s story, and graphic design is just one part of it; that is, typography and sounds also play a role. The problem here is that bright colors affect readability, overshadowing the text and making it seem less meaningful.

    Thus, while bright and bold colors are efficient in attracting an audience, they may undermine the overall impact.

  • Swooshes

    Curved lines across the text are another one of the trending logo designs that you should avoid. It’s because they are somewhat synonymous with logo designing, which means you’ll have a tough time standing out from the competition.

    Plus, unless they are relevant to your business, they are an unnecessary addition that may make your logo appear ‘over the top.’

    Thus, if you use swooshes in your logo, then you need to ensure that it relates to your brand’s purpose and values. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it.

  • The Double Letter Overlap

    The ‘double letter overlap’ logo design trend has been around for decades and has been a favorite among designers. It can work with any two capital letters, but it is the first idea to pop into your head when you have double ‘L’ at hand.

    That said, the idea is very generic and unoriginal. So, hiring expert designers may help you find a creative solution that leaves a positive impression on your audience.

  • Chat Bubble Logos

    Chat bubbles have grown synonymous with social apps. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with incorporating chat bubbles, the design has lost its charm and originality. So, if you want to use the overused trend in your logo, then you need exceptional creativity to give it a unique spin that represents your brand values and purpose.

  • Water Colors

    The use of watercolors in logo designs looks fantastic, but it is not the trend to follow if you don’t want the colors to overshadow the text and meaning behind the logo.

    Plus, vectors offer greater versatility than raster images, which is a must for logo design. Thus, no matter how visually appealing it may seem, avoid the use of watercolors and stick to vectors for your brand logos.

  • Gradient Abuse

    Color gradients work exceptionally well within a logo. But the graphic design trend has its challenges and risks. Overuse of gradients may undermine the meaning behind the logo. Plus, an ideal design shouldn’t focus on the colors entirely. You need to ensure balance so that it doesn’t affect the other elements of logo design.

  • Arc Over the Top

    Time for arcs has come and gone. At one point, the design may have won the hearts of marketers and designers, but now there is no place for the trend in 2020 and the coming years.

    An arc over the top of the text will only make you appear unimaginative and unoriginal. It would also make you blend in with the crowd, instead of distinguishing you.

  • Too Abstract

    Simplicity and minimalism are trending in logo design. But it has its limit. It’s vital to remember that your logo is still a visual approach to communicating with your audience.

    So, if your audience doesn’t understand the message behind your logo, then how can you expect them to relate with the brand. Thus, it’s best to avoid going too simple with your logo design.

  • Broken Box

    The ‘Broken box’ logo designs offer minimalism and elegance, but they are not the trend to follow if you want an impactful logo. The design is too simple, making it underwhelming, plus the competition is too high to leave an impression.

    Additionally, it doesn’t speak about your business, which makes it generic and a one-size-fits-all kind of design. If you want to say your products or services are ‘out-of-the-box,’ then the broken box is not the right way to go.

    That said, while minimalism is an excellent approach to logo design, the ‘broken box’ is too simple to make a lasting impact.

  • Human Figures

    Incorporating human figures within a logo makes the brand relatable for an audience. The idea has worked wonders for many brands over the years. But that also makes it one of the most overused design trends in the industry. Plus, like the ‘arc over the top’ idea, it may make you appear unoriginal and uninspiring.

Start Designing Your Logo!

Designing logos that resonates with your brand is challenging. It can be challenging to find an ideal design that not only reflects your business values but is also something that relates to your audience.

I hope the blog helps in understanding what trends to follow and avoid when designing logos.

That said, hire professional logo designers and get a logo that helps you boost your branding and marketing efforts.