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13 UI/UX Design Trends You Should Know in 2020

Jan 22, 2021
13 UI/UX Design Trends You Should Know in 2020

Innovations come and go, revolutionizing the industries and their markets. The design industry is one such sector to evolve with the emerging tech.

UI and UX design, in particular, are two of the essential aspects of a mobile app or website that determine the user experience and degree of engagement. That said, designers need to keep updated with the latest UI/UX design trends to ensure the success of your software.

So, here are some of the modern UI/UX trends of 2020 that you should know as the year progresses. Experiment with new ideas for user interface and experience designs, and flex your creativity:

13 UI/UX Design Trends in Web and App Development

Complex Animations

One of the UX/UI trends on the rise is the use of high-quality animations that relay your story and engage the viewer.

Complex animations are no longer synonymous with longer load times and lag in performance. As technology improves and 5G emerges, it is convenient for designers and developers to integrate interactive and creative animations within mobile apps and websites. That said, high-quality animations are not hardware-dependent. Meaning, you don’t need top-notch hardware to integrate animated graphics into your software. Instead, many products exist, written for slow tech, that can produce results beyond the industry standards without depending on device manufacturers.

So, consider hiring proficient UX/UI designers to help you leverage animations in your website or app and provide your users with exceptional user experience.


A line is a single stroke, but in graphic design, it’s defined as a continuous mark connecting two points. It can be vertical, horizontal, implied, actual, or diagonal. Apart from dividing spaces, lines are also needed to create shapes and forms with different texture and density.

Artistic Illustrations

A rising mobile design trend is top-quality illustrations replacing stock images. 5G plays a role here in helping UX/UI designers bring their products to life through artworks, adding a human touch to elevate the user experience and providing value to the users.

Different illustrations will take the stage in web design, with exquisite attention to details, customized characters, and more. It is an excellent way to grab the audience’s attention and stand out from the competitors.

Less Contrasting Gradients

The minimalist ideology is making its way to color gradients as 2020 progresses. The latest UI/UX design trend makes use of less contrasting and low-key colors to create aesthetically appealing mobile apps and websites.

It is one trend that progressed from 2019. But that doesn’t mean that bold and highly-saturated color palettes are taking a back seat.

Instead, designers will combine luminous, neon colors with muted or darker shades to create an aesthetically-pleasing visual. It will make your websites or app more daring and eye-catching.


Too many colors or graphics can overcrowd a webpage, with your main message getting lost somewhere. Thus, minimalism progresses into 2020 as UI/UX designers leverage whitespaces to emphasize specific elements or texts for the users.

Depending on your goals, you can use varying degrees of space to ensure that your users can conveniently navigate your website and understand your message.

Creative Typography

UI design trends aren’t limited to animations and illustrations; typography will also experience a transformation in web and app design and development. 2020 will break typography rules using artistic fonts for aesthetic value, instead of to deliver a message.

Without compromising on readability, you can experiment with different font styles as you try out the trend. That said, check out some of the popular typography designs:

Outlined typography

Oversized fonts

Maxi typography

Bold and heavy fonts

Text-only heroes

Dark Themes

In recent years, many mobile apps have offered the option to switch between light and dark themes. The UI design trend will continue in 2020, growing more visually pleasing with bright color schemes, creative typography, animations, and illustrations.

The dark mode is sleek and modern, plus it helps highlight other design elements on the app screen, without hindering readability. UI/UX designers can give their app or website a futuristic look enhancing the user experience.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

AR/VR has grown invaluable in the web and mobile app development industry for quite a few years. In 2020, the technology will come to the forefront when it comes to user interface vs. user experience design trends.

Both AR and VR have made substantial progress in the gaming sector, but other industries are also investing in their development. For example, Facebook is trying its luck with VR tech, while Apple has released an AR tool kit.

IKEA has also integrated AR in its app, allowing customers to see how a piece of furniture would fit into their home before they finalize the purchase.

3D Graphics

Aside from illustrations and animations, 3D graphics are another UI design trend that will come into play as 2020 progresses. Mobile and web technology has grown exponentially in recent years, making it possible for UI designers to take on 3D graphics.

You’ll see two types of 3D elements in the design industry:

Static 3D Graphics

Interactive 3D Effects

It’s not just movies or mobile games, but ads as well that allow for the integration of 3D elements. That said, the concept requires exceptional skills and hard work. So, if you follow the trend, ensure your team of UI designers has the prerequisite skillset.

Artificial Intelligence, Contextual Technology, & Voice Technology

It’s not just AR and VR tech that’s taking over the mobile and web development industry. Instead, developers and designers need to enhance their skill set to work with artificial intelligence, voice-recognition, and contextual technology.

One of the UI/UX design trends of 2020 is the increasing use of contextual tech and AI. It gives apps and websites a human touch, allowing them to provide personalized content to users based on their location, preferred language, OS, time zone, and other factors.

The use of AI with chatbots is another advancement aimed to assist users with around-the-clock visitors that also improves the user experience. Similarly, voice assistants like Alexa and SIRI are recognized for their excellent customer support. But many enterprises have yet to adopt the voice user interface (VUI) for their web or app design.


Each graphic element on a web page of the app screen is explicitly placed to better tell your story, from why the brand formed to how, and the solutions it offers for its audience.

For excellent user experience, storytelling is a fundamental step to building a lasting relationship with your target market. It helps form an emotional connection between the brand and its users.

Plus, not only can you attract an audience, but also ensure they receive and understand your message.


Micro-interactions are a rising trend when it comes to web design. They can take diverse forms, like user-triggered UI animations, and more. Meaning, by placing different graphics within the typography or other design elements, you can delight your visitors every time they act on your website.

Facebook, for one, has been using such micro-interactions for some time. For example, the tiny animations that pop up when you type specific phrases or hit the ‘Like’ button. Such minuscule upgrades to the UI design enhance the overall experience by transforming generic actions into memorable ones.

Line Art

Another UX/UI trend of 2020 that is on the rise is line art illustration. They add a professional and sophisticated touch to the app or website, making the overall UI aesthetically-pleasing.

Line art graphics work well with plain backgrounds and can represent both 2D and 3D objects, without overshadowing other elements of web or app design.

Retro Style in Web Design

In the 21st century, the retro style of the ’50s and 60’s era makes a comeback in web design. From black and white images to dull, muted color palettes, many of the retro effects are making their way back among the 2020 UI/UX design trends.

That said, designers have the freedom to leverage the best of old and new styles for a vintage touch to modern design elements. You can experiment and mix different throwback effects with contemporary art to create unique aesthetic pieces.

Adopt the Latest Trends in Your Next Web or App Design

The design industry is in a constant state of flux as designers continually reinvent the past for inspiration. Thus, it would help if you stayed up-to-date with the latest UI/UX design trends so that you can offer your users an immersive interface and exceptional experience.

I hope the blog helps in understanding the futuristic and interactive designs that will dominate the industry.

That said, consult with an expert UX and UI designers to integrate the upcoming trends in your app or web design. So, do you have an app idea in mind? Reach out to get a dedicated designer for your project!

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