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15 Cool Fonts You Want to be Using In 2022

Feb 21, 2022
15 Cool Fonts You Want to be Using In 2022

Font faces are primarily responsible for design work success or failure. So, getting the hang of trendy fonts is the path to success. Graphics and visuals captivate user attention in a mere second and can give long-lasting impressions with the help of easy cool fonts. So, if a designer chooses font styles smartly, a right and expected message pop out very vividly. When font blend with graphic design, a brand gain impressive growth in the market.

Many untrained or newbie designers often make mistakes by using fancy fonts for the sake of being uniquely identified. However, that makes text lose its readability. Furthermore, fancy text and font styles have their separate space, and using them anywhere is a big mistake that can lead to inconsistent and unprofessional graphic design.

So, if you don't want to commit such a mistake, stick with this blog to get font ideas that professional graphic designers include in their artistic work.

15 Famous Graphic Designing Fonts

In a designer toolkit, a collection of professional fonts is paramount. Even though the internet contains thousands of paid and free font styles, but few relevant do the best. Therefore, we have created a list of 15 fonts that can beautify any graphic design work professionally.


Designers heavily use Helvetica font in their graphics work. However, according to some popular beliefs, it is too closed and congested in space, while some never get tired by praising it.


This font is a family member of a slab serif font. Anton Koovit, its creator, has created four different styles of it. Finding an entire font family in slab serif is complex, and ARVO meets all expectations, from bold characters to vivid readability. If you fuse this with sans-serif (body), titles and subheadings will catch every eye.


This belongs to serif font styles. The highlighting point of this font is that it is readable even in small sizes, thanks to its geometrical shape. It is natural with weight and height. Using it as a body typeface also becomes a good option. Going with Merriweather brings a very prominent look to your marketing copies.

Open Sans

For web-based content, Open Sans is the most utilized font style. Many of the brands are reinventing their websites by including Open Sans for enhanced content readability and cleaner appearance. With pronounced clarity, Open Sans consists of a giant font library, along with solid letterforms. It is interchangeable with sans serif font, which is a default font. At present, it’s a highly used and favorite font style of graphic designers.

HWT Arabesque

HWT Arabesque is embedded with some sort of magic that can hypnotize. It is one of those font styles that class is on another level and cannot be compared. It is sensational, stylish, and elegant. And as it comes in one style, brands can use them smartly to set their unique identity in their respective market.

Besides, it is a paid font but comes free with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Garamond Pro

Garamond has different variants, but Adobe Garamond Pro is the one currently in trend and getting used most. If your work circulates around web pages, magazines, and textbooks, you need to be friends with Garamond.


When it comes to fancy text, brand logos, and big headlines, Bodoni is on top of the list. Its unbracketed serifs and flat structure make it very prominent. The contrast also jumps between thin and thick strokes. Speaking in terms of aesthetics, the geometry of this font face is highly appealing to the eyes.

Oswald & Abel

Similar to League Gothic, Oswald is a condensed sans serif font and a top contender in the font competition. The inspiration for this font came from headlines of a traditional newspaper and suited best for editorial pages, along with free usage.


Rockwell is a Slab serif font and looks very mature in its strokes. Its edges are straight and sturdy. In designers' professional font collection, Rockwell always gets its space because of its high versatility and robustness. Besides, Egyptian and square serif are other names of this font style.


Fonts like Arial and Helvetica are easily substitutable with TISA. So, for enhanced readability and a cleaner look on the website, it becomes an absolute choice.

Probably no other font can beat TISA when it comes to achieving clear, readable style, along with creating uniqueness.


Rapor existence as a font comes as a fusion of geometry and sans serif. The structure resemblance to grotesque and Futura fonts, having equal width. The corners are slightly soft and more towards the diagonal. Oğuzhan Cengiz managed 10 weight styles and 20 italic matches in it while designing.


Alfreda isn't your typical grotesque font. Instead, its morphology combines modulated and unmodulated lines, natural and inverted contrast, and delicate ink traps, all with a humanistic touch. Alfreda is a six-weight font designed by Santi Rey. It has more than 400 glyphs and 18 style sets, as well as open-type characteristics.


When Christian Schwartz was exposed to the modern graphic designing field, he got inspiration from posters of the mid-twentieth century and decided to design his font style, yet came with Graphik. The elegant style of Graphik comes with tons of width style, allowing both primary design and assistance in business, editorial, videography, mobile apps, webpages, and user interfaces. Graphik is like the one-stop solution for all of your font needs.


Larken is the invention of Ellen Luff. It embeds nature in itself and expresses softness through its strokes. Organic curves and mild repetitions are combined to create a harmonic and robust font family. Additional symbols, stylistic alternatives, distinctive ligatures, and case-sensitive punctuation are also included in the sequence of characters.


Rene Bieder's Sagona is a modern slab serif based on the Clarendon/ionic style from the nineteenth century. It has varied strokes intensity and prominent serifs, making it ideal for highlights and tiny text sizes. The family is available in nine weights, each with its own genuine italics.

Now you have the Cool Font List

The above-listed cool and funky fonts move your brand aesthetics to the upper level. Grab those now and merge them into your artistic work to elevate the bar. Lastly, there is one more font category, called wild west font which you can tap into.

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