20 Awesome Geometric patterns in graphic design

Mar 07, 2022
20 Awesome Geometric patterns in graphic design

Geometry is everywhere, and graphics are no exception. To become a professional graphic designer, understanding geometric design is essential. This article will share the 20 cool patterns that can elevate your visual content.

What is meant by Geometric Patterns?

Geometry is a subclass of mathematics, but its scope is vast. Shapes, lines, arcs, curves, and angles fall in geometric patterns. And graphic designing is all about creating shapes that can appeal to viewers.

A simple geometric pattern in designing consists of shapes, images, and other objects, occurring multiple times. The frequency of repetition may be symmetric or can occur at irregular intervals to form an abstract designer pattern.

20 Inspiring Geometric Design Ideas

Monochrome Colors

Adjusting patterns in black and white gives the design a noticeable look. We don’t mean that colorful designs are not suitable to use, but monochrome styles stand different in class. It can give an elegant touch to a simple thing.

Fuse Die Cut with Pattern

A difference of day and night can be created with or without a die-cut. And if you blend it with geometric patterns smartly, the level of your design elevates significantly.

Combine Images in Patterns

If you want your geometrics to pop out, add photos in them. You can find enormous examples online, combining images with patterns and geometric shapes for great aesthetics. By the adequate adjustment of photos and shapes layers, along with tint management, your ordinary design can achieve an unexpected level. However, you cannot master it in one day, but experimenting with the ideas can definitely help.

Apply Gradient

When the shades shift from darker to light or vice-versa, a beautiful visual effect takes place. That’s the magic of applying gradient.

You can even segment your details and essential things between the gradient transition to enhance readability.


Its roots are from Italy. Memphis has been here from quite a long time and comes as a modern option for designers. A unique look comes into existence by fusing art, sketches, colors, deco, and various styles.

Combine Shapes with Letters

Molding letters into geometrical patterns is not a complex task. And with your creative mind, you can create something with this combination as your company's digital image.

Apply Grid Pattern

Using grids for measurement purposes is good, but applying them in the design also comes as a very good option. Geometric design can significantly elevate if you include griding in it. Go beyond the conventions and experiment with different grid patterns.

Scale your Patterns

Scaling is the best what you can do with your design patterns. For a more detailed look, scale your pattern down. Inversely, go up with your scale to generate big blocks. Remember, scaling is not something you can do in go, do it with patience for better results.

Blend Colors with Patterns

A general rule of designing says that you can maximum use three color tones in one design. But, do you really think that designers are following this rule? Of course not. Restricting color usage can limit the designer's creativity and imagination. So, break all the rules (not all actually) and bring more colors in your design patterns for a gentle effect.

Try Asymmetry

Being symmetric all the time can make your viewer lose interest. Instead, include asymmetric designs to differentiate your work from others.

Consider Using Lines

Lines are the most ignorant and underrated geometrical shape. Many even don't consider lines as geometrical shapes. However, the formation of lines at different angles creates a shape. Therefore, you can draw lines in your design to separate details and enhance the visual experience.

Enhance Designs with Border

Bring audience attention to things you think are essential and have high significance, like company name and logo. Play with depth for a better appearance.


Diagonals are like the directions which eyes can follow in any design pattern. It sets the flow for the viewer to make them digest all details.

Again, utilizing lines can make diagonal creations possible. Also, its beauty gets enhanced if blended with the monochrome color scheme.


To give your design depth, merge geometric shapes and pictures layer. Shapes collection aids in grabbing anyone’s focus who is watching the design.

Form an Illusion Effect

If implemented at correct angles, geometric logos and patterns can also form an illusion effect. Peoples’ eyes attract things that look different from usual, and you can be their attraction too.

Be Creative with Shadows

Designs look more attractive when you use shadows. It highlights the small details very prominently. So, you can embed shadows to make your patterns closer to real-world physics. The depth and angle of a shade give geometric patterns a three-dimensional appealing look.

Play with Isometric Patterns

The feel and appearance of isometric patterns are 3D and create a rich effect in your design. You can undoubtedly make an exemplary structure with isometric patterns and stand out. Professional designers use it to highlight specific information in the canvas.

Use Fonts to Generate Pattern

There is no limit exist in your creative mind. Even with typefaces, you can create awful patterns. Designers use this technique sparsely, but those who know how to use it are able to make a long-lasting impression.

Overlap Shapes

Simple things can do a great job if you know how to utilize them best. Similarly, the simple geometric pattern can form complex designs, which appear difficult to do but aren’t really. Overlap different shapes to see what comes out.

Information segmentation with Patterns

To segment details, patterns come in really handy. They are the best way for categorization. When things are separated and not cluttered, viewers find it easy to digest only relevant information.

To Conclude

Shapes are all around us every time. Some are eye-appealing, while some are… you know what I mean.

The key is to stick with the brand's original identity and not manipulate it with your designs.

You have to select appropriate geometric patterns that can speak your brand voice effectively. And if you want to do that professionally, without spending too much, contact Designster for awesome unlimited designs for a flat monthly fee.

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