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5 Helpful Graphic Designing Tips for Beginners

Jan 25, 2022
5 Helpful Graphic Designing Tips for Beginners

Drawing is easy but getting the hang of it takes strenuous effort along with patience. Beyond that, intense observation remains paramount in the whole designing process. Starting as a novice, you count on tips and guidance from professionals to understand the domain and level up your dexterity correspondingly. Grasping the role of the graphic designer wholly is not a matter of days. You have to realize that this world is full of imagination and inventiveness. And to reside in this world, you need to be creative.

Everything you perceive and that appeals to your eye is because of the designer’s creativity. Whether it’s a regular social media post or an app’s user interface, graphic design applications exist in all domains.

Let’s go through the tips we have covered below to set a well-grounded base for your designing career.

Absorb Essential Designing Principles

Graphic designs are the source of communication via visuals. It merges colors, graphics, images, and typography to develop an attractive message. However, ways to interact with illustrations are endless; the only limit is the designer’s creative mind.

There are some fundamental principles that every graphic designer should adhere to:

  • Contrast
  • Spacing
  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Color
  • Elements Repetition
  • Proximity
  • Hierarchy

These principles make your design impactful, adhesive, and understandable.

Choose Right Font Types

Readability is the credibility of design. Limiting your canvas to one font style stands as a barrier between you and your audience. Therefore, remove that barrier from your mind and play with different font styles to bring something out-of-the-box in digital existence. But make sure it is not out of the world.

Minimal is Phenomenal

For beginners and non-designers, simplicity comes as the most crucial tip. In the initial stages, you may want to put everything on one canvas to show the best. But that makes your design work challenging to understand.

Focus on minimalism as less is more is the latest trend. Keep the usage of text, images, and color at a minimum to balance the visuals.

Join Designers Communities

Apart from learning and practicing, being a part of groups and communities helps you discover things faster. It serves as a blend of what you are learning and what the rest are doing. That fusion counts as a practical step in your graphic designing role. You can begin by joining groups on Facebook. Besides, there is a platform called MeetUp where you can meet other designers to discuss ideas and exchange knowledge.

All in all, networking is essential to step up and prosper in your profession. Support from designers’ communities certainly helps in achieving the purpose. So, don’t hang yourself back!

Gather Inspiring Work

When you step in graphic designing work, collect others’ artistic work that inspires you. Bookmark tabs in your web browser, create a Pinterest board, or make a folder on your local drive. Then, undergoing that collection from time to time triggers new ideas inside you and exhibits trends the world is admiring presently.

In Essence

Your mind may get boggled when you see the learning curve in the graphic design profession. But remember that today’s skilled designer was once a rookie too. As you make headway in your artistic journey by devouring the above-stated tips, your workflow will settle on its own, and the design that takes your entire day today will be a matter of minutes tomorrow. This discipline is all about observation and exploration. So, from the inside, keep exploring outside.

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