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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Social Media Posts

Jan 22, 2021
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Social Media Posts

Social media is an essential component of digital marketing for businesses looking to boost brand awareness, acquire new users, engage with the audience, and more. It also happens to be an entirely free marketing channel, with little to no learning curve.

Plus, unlike other channels, social media marketing is easy to set up and get started. That said, while many companies are finding success through their social media campaigns, others fail to see a positive ROI.

It’s because a few minor social media mistakes derail their marketing strategies, such as failing to optimize content for different platforms or not preparing a content schedule in advance. They may not be as significant as posting insensitive or political content, but they can be damaging in the long run.

Thus, if you want to see success through your social media efforts, then here are a few social media mistakes to avoid in your marketing campaigns:

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Campaign

  • Using Unoriginal Visuals

    Originality and uniqueness are two of the essential factors contributing to the success of social media. While there’s no rule against sharing existing content, relying on it is a mistake you should avoid.

    Social media is primarily about visual content than written text, and some platforms like Snapchat or Instagram have images as a prerequisite to creating posts.

    Plus, original visuals allow you to bring value to the online social world by sharing new content for your audience. It helps increase the likelihood that people engage with your post via likes, shares, or comments.

    It will force you to explore your creativity for robust, branded, and more relevant content that will resonate with your target market.

  • Sticking to Single Image Type for Every Post

    Creativity and originality are not limited to the content, but also relate to the type of posts you create. Another one of the most common social media mistakes to avoid is the lack of variety in image types for every post.

    Social media is a river of opportunities and sticking to one image type means missing out on most of them. People want to see new and diverse content. Not only does it keep things interesting, but it also helps retain their attention longer.

    Additionally, each visual offers its benefits. For example, product posts boost awareness around the new item, while UGC posts help build trust and drive sales. So, neglecting to expand your options means limiting your growth and damaging your social media marketing efforts.

  • Not Optimizing Posts for Each Platform

    All social media channels are different, from the content type to user demographics, posting guidelines, and more. Meaning, one of the top social media mistakes is not understanding the individual prerequisites of each social platform and posting the same content on every channel.

    Every social platform also has a different language and tone. For example, Instagram is causal and flexible, allowing you to post all types of creative or professional visuals, keeping the consumer in mind.

    Conversely, LinkedIn is a professional network where the tone is relatively rigid, but also friendly and approachable. Plus, instead of the consumer, the focus is on the business as a whole.

    Additionally, the type of content that users prefer varies from platform to platform. Twitter has a character limit per post, limiting written content to no more than 120 characters.

    Instagram, as well, has an audience that prefers to scroll through the feed quickly, meaning the content needs to be short and catchy. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has users willing to read longer posts.

    That said, each platform has its perks and user behaviors that you need to understand if you want a positive return on investment.

  • Not Maintaining Updating Your Profile

    Not updating your profile or leaving it incomplete leaves your social media marketing efforts futile. It is another common social media mistake but one with an easy solution.

    To leverage social media to its full advantage, ensure your brand profile offers all the information a customer might need to learn who you are, your products, services, and more. It includes phone numbers, website links, brand descriptions, and links to other social profiles.

    Header image or profile photo is also an essential detail to add in your profile as they represent your brand and help you stand out from the competition.

    Social channels are a free pass to share more information on your brand. From contact details to brand missions and values, you can provide all kinds of relevant insights that might interest your audience. USP and operational hours are other details to include that will help visitors know what makes you different, and when they can reach you.

    Adding keywords helps your users find you in the digital world, while a CTA will encourage them to share their experiences. So, avoid social media mistakes by filling in every detail of your brand and boost your marketing efforts.

  • Infrequent Engagement with the Audience

    An effective social media marketing strategy requires regular updates and engagement with the audience. It may be through a screen, but a daily dose of social interactions is essential to build trust and reliability among the audience.

    Social channels are also where people expect fast responses, especially from brands. So, it is vital that you check each platform for comments, messages, questions, and concerns, and respond, preferably within five hours or but no more than 24-hours.

    It can be challenging to answer every individual as your following grows. But plenty of social media management tools exist to help you manage your community and social platforms from one dashboard.

Restructure Your Social Media Campaign Avoiding These Mistakes!

Social media marketing, like other aspects of digital marketing, is a game of trial and error. Instead of sticking to one strategy, you have the freedom to experiment with various options to see what works for you and gain the highest return on investment possible.

Plus, it is a relatively straightforward approach that, if done right, you can help take your business to new heights.

So, avoid social media mistakes in your next campaign and see your ROI rise higher each month!

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