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7 Steps to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy

Jun 08, 2021
7 Steps to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy

You can call social media strategy as an essence of things you will do on social platforms to achieve desired objectives. It is the road map and guidance to actions to see whether the direction is right or wrong. Without a strategy in your hand, you cannot promote or show your brand to the audience the way it should be.

You need plan for that and its effectiveness depend upon how concise it is. Tightly align it with the goals and avoid inclusion of factors that are not feasible or impossible to achieve.

In this article, you will get to know the seven steps to make a successful social media strategy.

1. Develop Mission Statement for social media

Asking question to yourself “Why do I require social media?” is the first step in the process. You cannot ignore the power of social platforms for businesses these days. You can even hire dedicated designer for your social media campaign for your company. But your reason should not be that if everyone is doing that’s why you are also doing.

For becoming successful, analyze how can a social media benefit you and your brand, and can bring success. In other words, try to see the problem which you want to solve. Are your promotional activities unknown to people, do you require more sales, or the brand image is not clear to the audience?

These questions to yourself will bring the clear picture of your goals, eventually leading to the formation of a mission statement. In that, you define your objectives and the means through which you will achieve them. As the strategy begins evolving, goals will become specific and tuned. From a high-level mission statement, you create a big target, serving a s a moving part of entire social media campaign.

2. Choosing Goals Smartly, Aligned with Business Objectives

The key is to set S M A R T goals. You require goals and objectives as a first step to create an effective strategy. Without objectives, there is no way from which you can determine the success rate and ROI (Return on Investment).

By being S M A R T, it means

  • Specific: Set concise and specific objectives which you seek to accomplish.
  • Measurable: Assign an actual figure to the goals to measure and track them.
  • Attainable: Do challenge yourself and your team comfort zone but, be reasonable with your ambition.
  • Relevant: Set your goal in a manner that it syncs with business primary objectives, contributing in the success and handsome profit.
  • Timely: the timeframe to achieve planned goals and objective should count on realistic deadlines.

This is how the S M A R T action works. The more specific you are, more clarity you have in your plan and vision.

3. Understand Your Target Audience

To make your social media marketing strategy robust, you need a great level of understanding of your audience. You need to know them and analyze their expectations as your all marketing efforts are for them eventually.

When you have clear understanding about them, the content you publish will automatically engage them towards your brand. As a consequence, they will take interest in your company because you are meeting their expectations. They will feel a connection as you are speaking in the language they want to hear and listen.

So, to know the market and audience, develop buyer personas. Personas let you paint a picture and show you who is your audience, what they like, and in which things they take interest.

In initial stage, begin with two or three. The list then automatically will grow and expand to more. After setting up personas, determine goals which are seeking to achieve from social media marketing campaigns. Is your objective to make people aware about your brand, or do you want to spread the word about what you do. Is your focus on increasing the leads or sales? When you know your objectives, it assists you in creating a content relevant to the audience.

4. Decide Social Platforms Right for You

Take time and decide which social media platform worth for your business. There are several but you need those that are best for your business model. If we put it in another way, you need to be present where your potential targeted audience spend most of their time. Marketing your services on those platforms will make you grow, along with establishing the strong digital presence.

Keep few things in mind when deciding the platform for your marketing campaigns. You have to ensure that you are effectively interacting with the users on that platform. The tone and message words you use in your posts varies and differ on different platforms and sites.

Moreover, some platforms are famous for specific type of content only. LinkedIn for instance, is well-suited for Business to Business (B2B) branding. The way you showcase your content here is in complete contrast than the content people share on Facebook. Facebook is more of a friendly and casual digital place to hang out with friends.

There is an expectation on each platform which everyone has to understand. The content you develop must be suitable for the audience, residing on that particular platform.

Besides, some type of content is better only for certain platforms. For Instagram and YouTube, images, videos, and visual content works better. Infographics holds the prominent position on Pinterest.

If you plan to share blogs or articles, then Twitter or Facebook are the great source for diverting traffic to the blog website.

Preferably, take two or three platforms which you think will work best in your marketing and spend time dedicatedly on them. Be tactical to generate fruitful results from your efforts. When you receive the overwhelming response, include an additional social media platform to spread your influence.

You may hire designers if you have to develop something new every day. But it is essential to know that Hiring Cost of Graphic Designer for Social Media Ads differ from platform to platform.

5. Conduct Research Over Your Competitors

At this stage, perform a research on your rivals and social media channels they are using to get an idea. Identify what actions your competitors are doing on social channels. See how the audience is reacting in it. Discover the gaps hidden in their strategy and content. Analyze and crack their advertising plan.

In that purpose, you can also use some automated software piece and programs to research competitors. But even without them, a slight look on their social media pages reveals handful of details.

Keeping an eye on competitors and industry pioneers comes as an advantage for your social media strategy.

While conducting a research, try to get the answers to the following questions:

  • What social platforms are they utilizing?
  • Which channel is driving high engagement and profit for them?
  • What strategies they are implementing to maximize their growth and revenue?
  • What type of content and posts they are creating to engage audience?
  • Where they are failing badly?
  • What areas they are missing?

Build a casual report based on answers to the above questions. Determine their strong areas, understand their strategy and tactics, and share it with the marketing team.

6. Creating Content

For carrying out a strategy, it is a time to produce content. Content includes items like blogs, articles, posts, videos, graphics, images, etc. Ensure that your content is customized for each channel, have a quality, and provide value to the user. There are not only different formats in content, but tone also differ with respect to platform.

7. Analyze Social Media Strategy Performance Via Statistics

The final step in developing a smart social media strategy is to measure its performance. You need to determine the impact which your business get after marketing on social platforms. Where you get the best response and where you missed. Also look which content type worked best for you and which collapsed.

When you place all the metrics and statistics side-by-side, a picture will start to paint a picture and will see the things very clearly. Your audience preference will become known to you, and based on that, you can optimize your strategy.

Bottom Line

Anticipating accurately about where conversions will go on social platforms is impossible. A strategy aid you to make yourself present in best capacity. However, it is not like that you make a strategy onetime, and forget. It is a continuous process and you have to amend changes in your strategy periodically as the trend changes. In short, revisit and revise it.

Along with strategy, content is what make you presentable in front of everyone. They both require each other, and if one is missing, other becomes useless.

Besides, it is necessary to mention that these are not fixed steps, but serve as a good and strong foundation. Make sure to integrate your social media activities with overall marketing plan. It means that do not get lose in attracting more followers, sales, and customers.

Lastly, if you want posts that attract viewer attention, consider hiring a professional graphic designer. You can also Hire a Graphic Designer for your Social Media Ads Design from Designster, a designing agency in this regard to give your social media posts a new height.

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