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Banner Ad Design Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

Jun 17, 2021
Banner Ad Design Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

The Internet is a highly populated place. Being unique here is challenging. Individuals have to find a way to make their distinctive identity out of millions of others and engage the audience. One way to achieve this purpose is to create banner ads; they are best for display your content to the world. Banners effectively attract traffic to your website. However, be mindful that all banner designs do not follow the same strategy. They need to be well-designed to have an impact and result in conversions. When you hire a banner ad designer, you can easily achieve this.

Meanwhile, we must consider how a banner should look? You can search the Internet for inspiration and ideas to produce a good concept for your design.

Now let's see what it takes to create an attractive banner.

How to Design an Eye-Catching Banner

Whether you are creating a banner for YouTube, Google, Facebook, or any other platform, choosing the right tool is the first requirement. After that, inspiration is what you need. You require new creative ideas along with patience.

Besides this, your banner ad designer hiring cost differs from platform to platform, as different approaches get involved in fulfilling requirements specific to the forum.

Banner Ad Design Ideas

1. Follow a Standard Size

Keep your banners the same size. Set its dimensions in harmony with your selected advertising site; otherwise, it can be stretched or look cluttered and unprofessional. Typically, all reputable websites adhere to a standard size. You do not have to find something different to design a banner ad.

AdWords is a suitable place for looking at examples for a banner ad to get creative inspiration. AdWords is one of the most significant internet resources for banner ads. You get the latest and up-to-date information regarding sizing.

Generally, wide banners do better than taller ones. This is because the readability does not require scrolling, and a viewer can easily read by navigating from left to right.

The following are some sizes that designers commonly follow while designing a banner ad.

  • Half page – 300 by 600.
  • Mobile banner – 320 by 100.
  • Leaderboard (Usually placed at the bottom or top of a page) – 728 pixels by 90 pixels.
  • Medium rectangle. Typically floats on the right side or is embedded with the text elements. 300 by 250 is the size for it.

2. Use of Colors in the Banner Ads

Color is a powerful tool in any designer's arsenal. If you understand color psychology and its impact on the human mind, all the attention is right there. And color with the right message will indirectly force a viewer to click on your banner.

There is a whole science behind colors. Every color emits a different frequency that triggers a user's thoughts and perceptions and creates a connection with them. And it does help if you can influence your target audience effectively.

If you need your banner to pop out from the screen, use contrasting colors like red and blue or yellow and green.

Red is an attractive color. So, you can add it to your design for more clicks. Orange or yellow colors are more specific to youth and kids. You can use them to gain parent's attention.

Colors have a significant impact on the human mind. You can use color psychology to benefit your business. Include them in your designs to connect with your audience and ignite their feelings so that they click on your ad.

Understanding the color phenomenon is not a one-day thing. Keep learning and experiment to see how it works and optimize it to achieve better results.

3. Remove Distractions

Being creative does not mean that you flood your banner with many elements. You want to add every necessary detail because you want more clicks and users through it, but do not confuse this with creativity. It is the opposite of what you think. When there is too much information, it is more like visual noise and will not bring anything good to the business.

Internet surfers only take a sneak peek to see whether there is something informative or not. You only have a mere second to grab their attention and prove that you have something unique and exciting for them.

The space banner ad offer is small, and adding more textual information seems like the only reasonable way to interact and spread your words. However, it does not work like that. A storm of words in a tight space is not going to look incredible and attractive from any aspect. Instead, it annoys the eyes. The principle is the same with the visuals and graphics.

Follow banner ad design practices for Google display ads to create an impression that lasts. Fuse creative taglines with an aesthetic background to display your message vividly. Be bold and straightforward with your message to avoid confusion on the viewer's side and use your given space smartly.

4. Add Images, Front and Center

Marketers come to a consensus when it comes to images. They urge the use of images and visuals to maximize conversions. Visuals of humans, products, or anything related to your brand, immediately establish a connection with the viewer. People want faces and do not prefer faceless companies. You can include a picture of yourself, team members, or clients to give your brand a shape in the digital world.

As humans, we believe what we see – So, if you want to sell or market a product, use the actual picture of the item to make your banner more authentic and clickable. An image should not be so small that it does not get noticed, and it should not be so big that it looks unprofessional. Adjust them according to what seems best.

But you must realize that all images may not bring more clicks or conversions. Do not consider every picture the same.

Adhere to the following best practices to increase engagement for your banner:

  • Use high-resolution pictures. Strictly avoid blurred images as they spoil the entire banner.
  • Images must be in sync with your content. For instance, if you provide a cybersecurity service, use pictures of a computer, virus, or danger signs instead of mountains or bikes. Images or content both should be in harmony with each other.

If you adhere to these guidelines, photos will work well for your business. Images and visuals are significant for selling a product. No matter what you are selling, make sure your product's image is the center of attraction in the whole ad. It also needs to be as close as possible to the actual product. So, be consistent in both the natural and digital dimensions.

5. Creative Typography

For grabbing a viewer's attention, good typography is important. They support your visual elements in the banner and allow you to present your information in a textual format. You can use typography in various ways, but make sure you don't include too many font faces as these ruin the consistency of the ad. Two or a maximum of three font faces are enough to get the job done.

Final Verdict

With banner ad designing, there is no single approach that fits all design requirements. However, now you have some ideas to get you started. Experiment with your creativity and see what comes up. Alternatively, you can contact Designster to create an eye-appealing professional banner ad design for you.

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