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Best Design Practices for Google Display Ads

May 12, 2021
Best Design Practices for Google Display Ads

Although small in size, banner ads have a significant role for any digital marketer in their advertising campaigns. It’s a formula for success for them.

As an enterprise, you design digital banners to showcase your services over the internet frequently or hire a banner ad designer for your Google display ads campaign. You remain attentive to your designs for attracting the audience with your unique offerings. Adopt various strategies to be professional and consistent in your work. When you follow the guidelines, it takes you from a good position to being the best when you want to achieve results.

But what does it take to create the best banner ad design? Take a sneak peek at the following best practices which professionals consider in any scenario.

Use Photos When Required

Designers often become overwhelmed with images and try to incorporate them in every banner, thinking that they will always perform better. But the situation is not the same every time, and pictures may sometimes backfire.

It's a typical amateur-level mistake that designers make when creating a high-performing ad. A mere image cannot bring anything until attached with the relevant purpose and explaining the product. Although you have a big window, assuming ads without photos will have no impact is untrue. Vibrant colors with creative artwork and seamless backgrounds can do the job much more effectively than you think.

Still, when required, you can include photos to establish a connection with the product or services the company is providing. Showcasing an individual using the product creates more impact on the audience. But play wisely here; showcase the user with a product sometimes does no good. Instead, you can incorporate photos reflecting the product's benefits like relief in mind and convenience.

It becomes much more effective if you can apply logic when tuning images with design.

Represent Your Logo

Your logo is your identity. People will click your ad when they know you. For acquiring more traffic, showing your identity to the people is crucial. One way to do that is to embed your brand symbol in the banner. Find a good spot for your logo while designing the banner, so that it can easily trigger their interest.

Putting it into the background or aligning it to the corner, letting people know who you are in the vital aspect. Experiment with the logo placement to determine where it can be placed for the most impact.

Value Proposition

In an ad banner, you show what value your customer can gain from your product or service. Here, you try to catch the audience's attention by showing attractive prices or offers. "Flat Sale," "Limited Time offer," "Flash Sale," "50% Off" are the standard terms we usually see everywhere. They bring the one’s conscious mind, telling to explore what’s for them inside it. In your design frame, the value proposition should be significant and prominent so that it catches people’s eyes. Make it the center of attraction in the whole layout.

Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S)

Ensure a minimalistic and concise design if you want to cast a long-lasting impression on your audience. – holding them towards you. Short and straightforward design with the message straight to the point, without cluttering and cramming elements in, comprise necessary ad banner aesthetics.

In contrast, if you go with the boring solid bold texts, written everywhere in the layout with no appealing visuals, it won’t appeal to the audience. It will not draw their attention because no one has time to sit and read the whole ad. People want the only piece of information vital to them. It implies using small phrases and minimal words.

Carrying this K.I.S.S principle, do everything to avoid distraction. Designers sometimes make the mistake of including too many objects to attract peoples’ interest. Do not forget that the goal of any digital ad is to make a viewer click on it, redirecting to the company’s landing page. Not less than this and nothing more.


Colors have their paramount significance in any ad to draw potential customers’ attention. It triggers peoples' emotions and creates a connection with one's subconscious mind. More importantly, a consistent color scheme becomes your brand identity. For instance, think about the Red Bull energy drink; immediately, blue and silver color pops in our minds.

Color psychology is phenomenal and a matter of importance for any designer. They must pay attention to the color schemes while designing a digital banner.

Align Banner Design with Landing Page Design

Consistency always comes when you align the banner design with the company's official landing page, adhering to the brand's guidelines. If you change your brand image constantly from one dimension to another, brand loyalty and awareness will take longer to develop.

Besides, focus on the fonts and colors you choose are in harmony with the landing page. It is the transition of trust when users land on your company’s page through an ad to experience the same user experience and environment.

Along with consistency with fonts, color, and aesthetics, messages are also part of this game. The rhythm, tone, and words of a message should not go off the track in transition from ad to page. If your ad consists of any product offer, its detailed information should be on the company's landing page. Please don't make your users scroll down or click links to find the information they are looking for. High bounce rate and less user engagement are the results of a generic landing page. So, ensure to customize and sync the landing page with banner ads.

Make Use of Animated Banners

Google Ads Network supports animated ads. Compared to static banners, it is more complex to design animated banners. The cost to hire a banner ad designer who can make animations is high, but it raises the game level.

However, make sure to stick with the message while creating the animations, thereby, avoiding distractions. Generally, 15 seconds are more than enough for an animated banner. The message or brand logo should appear in the first few seconds and call to action in the last frame.

Think of a Catchy Tagline

The banner should have a memorable and exciting tagline that provokes the viewer's emotion. When they come across your banner while surfing the internet, they click and scroll hold down for a moment to enjoy and interpret the tagline.

If you want to sound professional along with the proactivity, then include words like: Latest, New, Modern, or Futuristic. You can also use: Special Offer, Free, or Big Saving.

Your audience may not click on the ad banner exclusively because of your tagline, but it will contribute alongside other elements to convince them to check out the offerings.

In Closing

It is imperative to recognize the banner design significance for digital advertising. Thinking digitally for the digital era helps to sustain a business. And ads are essential elements to make your digital presence strong. Wonder will always be there if you focus on the quality.

Your banners will speak loud if you dedicatedly work on them, and follow the guidelines set by the industry professionals. Tailor it to the audience needs to make the design more impactful.

Lastly, if you are not a professional designer or don't have enough time to do things on your own, consider having a creative designer from Designster that can help you produce all the designs you need.

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