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Branding Assets Every Company Should Have

Mar 01, 2021
Branding Assets Every Company Should Have

Marketing has now become the core element that determines the success or failure of any business. Over the years, the internet has brought a significant change in the dynamics of marketing. Also, it has led to a change in what we know - the tangible and intangible marketing assets.

This article focuses on and talks about the branding assets that every business needs and what they represent.

For a small business or a startup, creating brand assets is very important. Even for a well-established business, if you haven't started making it, now is the right time to begin. It will help reduce production delays and help ensure that your agency produces work that meets your benchmark. Moreover, it will provide a framework to keep your partners creating a coherent item aligned with your brand.

Brand identity or recognition is something where you need to put in a lot of effort. It won’t happen overnight. Our expertise and experience throughout the branding and digital marketing industry enable us to demonstrate to you what brand identity is.

Let's preview a template of the theoretical requirements and the tangible assets that your business needs to consider putting together. We would also highlight the significance of brand identity and how it can help elevate your business in this post.

Most Imperative Brand Assets

When it comes to branding, one might think it is easy, and they might be able to do it themselves. This is not the case. Branding needs a particular set of skills and expertise. Hiring a dedicated designer for your brand can help you get the upper hand from the competition.

Nevertheless, you must set up brand guidelines for your business. The approaches can vary for any business in any industry. This way, you will have a direction of what your brand is portraying, and you can hire brand designers to work accordingly.

There are a few specifics and limitations that need to be abided by in some instances. These are excellent as they categorize your brand’s dos and don'ts and help prevent ambiguity while operating around each other.


Think of a famous brand, and what is the first thing that comes to mind? Logos, right. The logo of your brand is the most crucial asset. It is the visual representation of your brand which individual sees when they look up for your brand. A logo tells you about the visions, prospects, and mission of your business.

A tech-savvy marketing agency or designer can help give life to your idea. You must consider this part of being the most integral in your brand's marketing. Therefore, we have listed a couple of a few do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind.


  • Create an exceptional and personalized font: It can be dicey to pick the suitable font but figure out how to make it on your own.

  • Design your logos that smoothly work on print and digital media platforms such as business cards, PC, mobile phones, etc.

  • Make sure to use the best quality images or icons.

  • Most importantly, Keep it simple.


  • Avoid adding too many words in your logos as people don't like wordy logos.

  • Don't make a logo based on trends as they might become outdated, and your logo would too.

  • Take inspiration but don't copy


Many of you might find it hard to know that photography is a vital asset for any brand. It can reshape how people look at your brand. Many businesses tend to rely on getting stock images from the web. They don't realize that users are smart and savvy, and they can easily sniff out if the picture is taken from the internet.

A pro tip for photography is that you invest in getting your own photos. A unique picture would have a much better impact than an image taken from the internet. It will connect in a much better way to your audience, enhancing your brand identity.


It's quite self-explanatory. Ensure your font is a preferred web font and operates well with all systems. You must also have your typography distinctive from your font. Remember to create a font for your logo, webpage, advertising components, CTA, and other promotional materials. They may be distinct, but they should be extremely identical.

In case you do not know about the typography your company uses, a free Google Chrome Fonts Ninja plugin makes it possible for you to pick fonts that can be used on any website page. Fortunately, the cultural shift of selecting Google-friendly fonts in many of these scenarios has reduced the error margin.


Engaging and plagiarism free content is a marketing asset. Not only does your content grab your user's attention, but it also helps you in explaining to the users what you are offering.

The objective of blog posts is to generate and deliver useful, appropriate and coherent content that draws and holds a specific audience's attention. You can also track the content's performance that which topics are the most read by the audience. That way, you can promote that particular niche to draw traffic and converts visitors to leads.

Though content can be an excellent way to draw traffic, you must have appealing content that can help you convert leads into customers.

As a component of the marketing and branding techniques, both text and visual content are also important assets within the website.


If there is anything that can be a feather in the cap for your brand, then it is color. Color is vital to help your brand stand out from the competition. Color choice needs to be smart, and it should represent your brand, services, or product.

For a startup, bright and vibrant colors such as purple, pink, and neon related colors can be useful. If you are a professional service company like a law or accounting firm, you can use dark and trusting colors such as black or brown to look more professional.


A website plays the same role as a physical store does. It is your online store where visitors come and have a look at what you are offering. Not only that, but your website is also an educational hub where visitors can learn more about your brand. It compels your users to engage further and convert them from potential leads to actual sales.

When we talk about a website, user experience is the first thing that should be in your mind. Your website should seamlessly direct the visitor through an experience that encourages them to participate and respond accordingly. In the light of this vital aim, it is necessary to establish a sound strategic plan steered by the branding plan and assets.

Importance of Brand Identity

Brand identity is what makes brands huge. Your brand is easily recognizable by people across the globe. An excellent example of this is McDonald's, Nike, and Apple. Here are the most fundamental factors why brand identity is a must-have for you:


When they're not aware of your existence, how would individuals know about your products or services? Brand identity helps you increase awareness. As more people get knowledgeable about your services, the more people will be becoming your customers.


According to a survey, 65 percent of the business comes from current clients, and 43% of individuals spend a lot of money on brands that they are loyal to. Brand image and brand loyalty have a very close connection. A well-known brand helps customers to remember you and give it preference over the competitors.


Brand identity is the visual reflection of your business's principles and vision. It lays the groundwork for your brand and precisely conveys your message to your target audience.


Mobile ecommerce is rapidly becoming one of the most common ways through which people are shopping. This means that the industry will be witnessing a rise in buyers and sellers entering the industry. To be unique and stand out from the competition, you must have a captivating and distinguishable brand identity.

Final Takeaway

Brand assets are a representation of your brand. Even before you utter a single word, these visual assets will present your brand to your customer base. And that is why not only should they look beautiful but professional as well. If you are still not sure about your brand's marketing, then let Designster help you out.

Our team of experts in the field of digital marketing, web and app development, and graphic designing is here to ensure that your business reaches the peak of success. Feel free to reach out to our team, and we will be more than happy to assist you in elevating your business.

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