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Brochure Design Ideas. 10 Tips to Create Sellable Marketing Material

Feb 09, 2022
Brochure Design Ideas. 10 Tips to Create Sellable Marketing Material

A brochure must be powerful because it provides information to readers, passes credibility, and convinces customers to get into the deal. We have gathered ten tips to generate brochure designs to meet your business needs effectively.

A business talk with success if the brochure is designed in accordance with the industry standards. Following the proper design scheme becomes beneficial for readers, enhancing reputation in the market, grabbing the intended audience, and subconsciously urging customers to perform an action over it.

However, it is pretty challenging to design a quality brochure. But don't worry, we have covered you. You will find the ten pro tips for designing brochures creatively. Brochures usually take place in racks to provide a user with a piece of information about the brand, event, deal, or service. They come in various sizes and formats, and it becomes a cumbersome decision to pick one for yourself.

This write-up will highlight the areas where you can tweak and adjust your approach to bring something out of the box. So let's roll the ball.

Put your objective on top of the line.

Design only becomes effective when you know why you are designing in the first place. The brochure creating reason gives the sense of direction, such as is it for hospital, wardrobe discount, concert, event, etc.

Gather as many details to bring the image to your mind vividly, and select your design scheme accordingly. Also, be mindful of the fact that it is a language you are speaking with your audience. Whatever they see in the brochure is your direct interaction with them.

Limit Font Usage

Design: Anonymous

Don’t think of putting too many fonts when ideating your brochure design. 3 types of font faces work best typically—one for heading, one for the subheading, and the last for body content. But people sometimes become overwhelmed to find font face that no one has utilized before to get traction. Usually, clients guide designers with font style as they have already established their identity in the market.

Focus on Reader Perspective

When thinking of brochure ideas for designing, stick with the end result in mind. Research the niche for which you are designing. What will it be going to tell the audience? Think about the readers, not for your satisfaction.

Small Shapes have a Big Effect.

Design: Thomas Pavitte

Simple geometrical shapes give a prominent look if blended with design smartly. Popping colors against the brochure background convey the message more strikingly, making it more attractive to viewing eyes. For a 3D look, use cuts at different angles to elevate the aesthetics of your brochure.

Be Friendly with your Design Flow

Following the pace for a smooth transition is critical for designing. Users will turn the page only if the first-page content is interesting enough. After that, it is a deciding point, whether they will read or put it aside. Visualize how the reader will perceive the information.

Balance graphics, image, and text amount on every page to be consistent with your design. The perfect blend of these elements leads to a magnificent result. Also, go for a small copy chunk in each panel, as large bold texts sometimes come heavy on the eyes. Generate hierarchy with colors in copy. Choose dark colors for headlines to highlight them.

Besides, reading from top to down or left to right is the preferred mode in many cultures. Maintain the logical flow of information, so it unfolds the story step-by-step for the viewer.

Keep Statements Simple

Not to mention, every designer wants their brochure or any design work to stand out in the league. For making that possible, often, a simple approach led to high-end results. Scrapping the images is also a better option when a customer is seeking to put a number of images. The typographic cover also comes as a good solution for achieving the required result, highlighting statements and words that need user attention.

First Impression Talks a lot.

Design: Kiran Qureshi

The design of the brochure needs to be in accordance with the client’s business. For example, if you are designing for a hospital, there is no need to opt for fancy design and fonts. However, if you are promoting any service or launching a product, your creative part needs to put some extra effort into better interaction with the audience.

Use Images with High Resolution

Design: Nancy Young

Using high-resolution pictures' importance is often overlooked. By gazing at the image in your brochure for a second, customers can judge your effort in the design work. Don’t use images just to fill the space in canvas, but to interact and convey your brand message.

Pick the right images with appropriate resolution. Ensure the print form will not make the photos lose detail or get pixelated; otherwise, all efforts can go in vain, and no good can come in. Also, it is essential to note the color tone you are using in your visuals. If the image and design contrast with each other, try overlay. It will work as a color correction and match the elements across the canvas.

Call to Action

Design: Anonymous

There is a common goal behind every marketing brochure. Make viewers take action. In marketing jargon, that thing is known as a call to action (CTA). CTA should be clear and catching in one glance; otherwise, what is a brochure purpose of existing?

The viewer needs some solid ground to contact you. So, make its probability higher by limiting your CTA in one line. Then, adding more, make that statement prominent by making it bold, which no eye can miss.

“Reach out now,” “Hurry up,” and “Don’t miss the deal” like sentences always grab audience attention. Hypnotize the reader with these magical words and make them do what you want.

Bring Uniqueness

Design: Hyperakt

Getting an edge in competition is possible by being unique with your artwork. In this present scenario, distinctive design is supreme of all.

You need a fresh yet original idea to be unique. Meanwhile, understanding and recognition will hold their position up. So, in your mind, visualize how your work will get unique identification if placed with other design work.

Are You Now Charged with Designing Tips?

As you have gained information on areas where you can play and outperform others, don't let any force stop you. Bring it on with what you have got.

But but but…

Please make sure that you don't put too much into one design. It will look cluttered and lose readability. Keep your reader perspective up in mind always.

Put all tips mentioned above in your design toolkit to design a great brochure. But if you are not a graphic designer, and looking for cost-effective graphic designing services for your business, then knock on the doors of Designster now. Their subscription-based model will mesmerize you. Hasta la vista!

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