Challenges occur while working with graphic designers.

Apr 29, 2022
Challenges occur while working with graphic designers.

While Working with a graphic designer it is more likely to face several challenges. Communication is one of the most challenging aspects of working with a graphic designer. While working with the graphics designer, it is difficult for you to corporate the exact designs you expected. You'd need to hold scrum meetings regularly so that your visualized design and the designs that created by the graphic designer are on the same page. Clients may be dissatisfied with the designer's work due to miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, and lexical chasms.

In contrast, collaboration with various design services, such as working with a freelance graphic designer or using subscription-based design services from a design agency or an in-house graphic designer. No matter how hard you try, there will always be setbacks in your custom illustrations. On the other hand, this blog will focus on the difficulties of working with a graphic designer rather than on communication.

Highlighting difficulties in collaboration with a graphic designer

Most people who outsource designs are business owners who collaborate with designers. It is challenging to come up with and agree on a design when working with a graphic designer. We've compiled a list of issues you might encounter them, ranging from poor creative design to failing to meet deadlines.

1. Having a low-quality design of graphics

When working with a graphic designer, the most difficult challenge is having poor quality designs such as flyers design, billboard design, video graphic, or social media post design. Most people face this difficulty when working with a freelance graphic designer. Essentially, this problem arises due to misunderstandings or a lack of concise communication. When collaborating with a freelance graphic designer, you must check whether the designer is skilled enough to deliver your graphic according to your needs. although, many people don't hire skilled graphic designers due to expensive subscription designs.

Instead of focusing on hiring a a designer who is inexpensive you can find out the skilled one. Just because in most cases the the designer who has less expensive can give you a poor quality design and also failed to fullfill your designing needs.So here we are going to discuss what are the causes of low-quality graphic work.


Creativity is one of the most crucial design essentials for creative designing. If you have a creative mind, you can achieve creativity in your design by using simple monotone color with isometric illustration. That is the reason why most of the famous graphic designers focus on creative social media graphic design. Suppose you want to design a custom logo design for your business, and you are looking for a graphic designer. You probably don't get the exact creative logo design because most designers don't know how to design with creativity. They are just rushing with old recycled or plagiarized designs just to get hired. Designers can not do brainstorming on making new creative marketing materials.

However, just blaming the designer is not enough, customers are also responsible too. Sometimes the customer does not give a proper design brief just because they don't have a brief knowledge of designing. On the other hand, different skilled graphic designers make such scenarios for the customer to hire designers who have just formal knowledge of using designing software mostly this happens due to their increased pricing. For instance, you are looking for banner ideas for your food advertisement and your designer creates old designs without creativity, you probably do not pay him.

2. Unpredictable designs

Because designers have their perceptions, customers' graphic and design may be unpredictable. Sometimes they create designs that are not following the brief, or the designs do not adhere to the design guidelines. Primarily this happens due to a breakdown in communication between the designer and the customer. Sometimes the designer is rigid and does not fully comprehend the client's requirements. To address this issue, you must be clear about the design you desire and provide complete design guidelines for your brand.


The leading cause of this problem is that the designer did not properly follow up on the design brief. However, this also might be happening due to the inability of knowledge of the customer about the designs they want. For example, suppose you are making a motion graphic animated video. You didn't tell the designer what thing you want to display in the given timeframe may result in lousy video graphic. However, another problem happens due to an incomplete design brief, and the designer incorporates ideas that may be unexpected to the customers.

3. Communication barrier

Miscommunication while creating your designs may become a significant setback in your design. People face different obstacles while communicating with the designers for various reasons, like having a terminology gap. Most people are unfamiliar with designing terminologies like 'CMYK' OR 'Die-cut,' which can create a terminology gap. As a solution, designers use more simple terminologies for their customers.

However, language and time zone barriers can also become obstacles when dealing with freelance graphic designers. For example, suppose the customer lives in the United States, and the designer is a native French. It would be difficult for you to describe your design brief since the designer can only understand French. However, in this case, you can also face a time zone barrier since there is an 8-hour time difference between the center of France and the United States.


It's difficult to explain to a designer what type of typeface, colors, and fonts you want to use in your designs. Since designers have their design perceptions compared to the customer creating a detailed design brief can also create misunderstandings. However, creating a comprehensive design brief is not the solution. Many different factors can become obstacles like language and time zone barriers.

Due to language barriers, you often must re-explain the designs you are looking for. For example, suppose you want animation and design for the social content design of a French brand, and the designer you hire is American. You can show him the exact reference of the social media animated twitch banners so that he can have a clear understanding despite having a language barrier. Either way, you can also use different apps to work as a translator.

4. Doesn't meet up on deadline

Delivering designs not on time is another significant obstacle when working with a graphic designer. Companies that do not have an in-house designer and have to hire freelance graphics designers on a urgent base to quickly make up the marketing design. On freelance platforms, sometimes designers charge per hourly rate to increase their payments by delaying projects. However, revisions are also costly, and many designers don't make retouches once they receive their commissions.. In the end, the client gets frustrated.


These digital artists don't make revisions, and even if they are doing it, they are not delivering it on time. So suppose you want to create marketing designs like google ad designs or Facebook Wallpapers, you have to hire designers that are good in this niche to have balance in design and save your time.

5. Plagiarized and expensive designs

Another scam that freelance graphic designers do is that they charge an extra amount for doing revisions or charging for unforeseen reasons. However, even some graphic designers make plagiarized designs and sell them to their customers. These plagiarized designs don't have creativity at all.


The main reason why people get scammed on plagiarized designs is due to the increased number of good designers.

Summing up

Problems can happen even if you have delivered a predefined design brief to the designer. However, if you want to do digital art styles while using design services, you must learn design essentials to properly tell the designer what graphics design you want. Still, there are many ways through which you can overcome this obstacle. Like providing a detailed design brief describing the scope of services in detail. However, you can also test your designer by providing small project tasks or communicating properly. Furthermore, You also have to be knowledgeable about design practices to pick up the right candidate for your designs.

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