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Christmas Graphic Designs: 8 Pro Tips for Holiday Festive Design

Jan 22, 2021
Christmas Graphic Designs: 8 Pro Tips for Holiday Festive Design

It’s that time of year again. The time when people across the world gather together with friends and family to celebrate a joyous occasion with one another in the form of Christmas. Christmas goers are restless in looking forward to opening their presents and share a warm cup of coffee this winter. This makes the event a fertile ground for a plethora of businesses to construct their own visually stunning Christmas graphics and draw in an enthusiastic customer base.

Celebrators of this holiday are always ecstatic to see festive Merry Christmas graphic designs that reflect on their lively celebrations. A good day calls for cheerful designs, basically. The imagery of Santa, reindeers, elves, and other religious iconography gives such viewers an incentive to purchase the products being offered to them.

The graphic design industry is fully prepared for the incoming holidays to construct their own distinctive and festive Christmas graphic designs, which will facilitate traffic towards their business. Because the competition is so fierce, many businesses are at a loss as to how they will gain leverage over their competitors with respect to their festive designs.

We concede to you that this is the moment that you use every strategy at your disposal to create the best festive effects with your party invitations, website designs, and Christmas cards. To make them stand out, you just need to develop a classy Christmas Holiday graphic as opposed to an overdone one. We have come up with eight tips that will assist you in the creation of the best Holiday graphic designs for your Christmas sales.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Holiday

It would be best if you remembered that the winter is not restricted to Christmas. The entire December is a celebratory month for many people who like to see imagery, colors, and scenes that are related to the winter season. You can capitalize on this mood and create winter scenes or snow-related images in your Christmas graphics, which will resonate with your users.

Remember, your target audience is not strictly the religious demographic. They can be diverse depending on who celebrate the holiday. You can take both the secular and non-secular approach to set the theme of your Christmas Holiday Graphic. Both the approaches are appropriate for your audiences who will appreciate their sentiments being taken into consideration. It is all about being inclusive.

The Metallic Option

Anything that sparkles and shines makes for a smiling response from the viewer. This can be achieved by imprinting a metallic element in your design. This creates a stunning and polished print effect in your Christmas graphic project. You can add other components that give off a metallic vibe like gold and silver foil in your cards or packaging. The distinctive aspect of this technique is the fact that it effuses a festive feel with its look alone. You don’t have to write any holiday language to convey your information.

For more effective performance, you can use videography animation for your digital elements that showcase the metallic design. Just ensure that it does not have an overwhelming effect on the users. You don’t need to go overboard with an element as powerful as metallic.

Use Colors Other Than Green and Red

Usually, the colors red and green are commonly used for Christmas related designs. But it’s time to separate yourself from the crowd by picking out different colors for different themes. Use the winter season to embellish colors that exude a relaxed feel like white and blue. You don’t need to feel forced into choosing a brand-new color palette. You can stick with the conventional colors if that suits your best interests. Just ensure that you make your Christmas design look appealing.

Different Style of Typography

Christmas presents an exceptional opportunity for you to experiment with different font styles for your design. They can be in the form of an amateurish childlike writing style or something elegant. You just need to clarify your texts whether they say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” As long as they are visible and apparent to the viewer, you will gain sensory feedback. There is no harm in opting for a typeface that is challenging to read. Customers are quite used to seeing cheery phrases, so they won’t need to waste time deciphering your text. The emotionally charged typeface will have a stronger impression on the viewer enough for him to become a convert. It would help if you placed ample trust in your target audience to discern your wordage.


As mentioned before, videography and animation breathe life into the design. People are used to static imagery and illustrations in design. They will invest more interest in a design that is locomotive. The animation needs to be as festive and jubilant as the holiday season. If your animation is cheery, it will arrest sizable attention from the audience that will highlight the design’s blissful feel. The animation does not need to be more than five seconds. Loyal users will immediately understand your messaging, and a newer customer base will be able to take notice of the design.

Abandon the Safe Approach

Typically, it would be beneficial for you to just play it safe with your design elements, especially during the Christmas season. But your main agenda is to stand out from your competition. This is where you experiment with any color, imagery, or font that comes your way. You don’t need to be restrained by the mainstream strategy. You can broaden your horizons and explore new areas which may prove to be a surprise for your audience. Audiences love surprises, especially in the holiday season. This makes it incumbent on you to make decisions that are not conventional, even if they are prone to risks. Do not feel intimidated or afraid by the response.

Keep Elements Aligned

When incorporating your design elements, you need to ensure that all the colors, images, and typefaces complement one another. Your final design needs to produce a full picture that makes sense to the viewer. If the elements do not work with one another, your entire design structure will collapse on its face. Design elements need to combine to form a unified component. If the flow of the structure is consistent, you will face no hurdles in conveying your Christmas message to the viewer.

Maintain Consistency

No matter which colors, images, or other design instruments you use, you need to focus on ensuring that your design is entirely consistent externally and internally. If the viewer does not make sense of your Christmas design at first glance, then that is because one or all of the design ingredients does not mirror the other. If the colors you use to complement one another within a color spectrum, your design will outshine your competitors without any obstacle.

Christmas is one of the most exuberant festivities celebrated by millions across the world. The positive aura of the occasion contributes to the production of capital and success for many enterprises. As long as you keep an open mind concerning your Christmas graphic designers, failure is out of the question.

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