Comparison between graphic design and illustration

Apr 18, 2022
Comparison between graphic design and illustration

Most people think that graphic design and graphic illustration are more or less the same things. But if you look at it through the eyes of a graphic designer. There is a clear significant difference between these two. The primary distinction between these two artistic areas appears to be that graphics design seems to be a more commercializing art. But on the other hand, graphic illustration is more toward fine arts.

Both forms of art have their methods, techniques, and goals. For example, postcards, banners, web design, and packing labels are among the finest graphic design examples. However, graphic design also focuses on broad aspects of visual designs related to layout. Graphic illustration, on the other hand, emphasizes creativity, such as drawing or painting. However, here in this blog, we will discuss and learn more about the difference between these fields.

Graphic design

The profession of communicating your ideas through font combinations, color, motion graphics, and different designing forms is known as graphic design. However, it also helps you in your brand's marketing and digital branding. It can be divided into two major forms, i.e., print and digital media.

Some of the most popular examples of print work include flyers design, billboard design, posters, and creative banner ads. In contrast, the aesthetic pictures or the Google animated banners we see on social media platforms are a form of digital work. However, the UI/ UX design trends utilized to create a website framework are also a great example of digital media work.

Use of graphic designs

Suppose you have a startup apparel business and want its branding and marketing. The printing designs you employ for marketing, such as silk printing for printing logos or designs on shirts or billboard designs you use for targeting your audience, might be the best example of utilizing graphic design in print media to grab your audience. In contrast, the social media posts you make on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat lie in the domain of digital marketing designs. Facebook advertising design or wallpapers are the finest examples of digital media graphic design.

Example of graphic design in print media

Almost every firm or business is dependent on graphic design for its branding and marketing purposes. Graphic designers pick unique typography, color, and design patterns for making marketing materials for businesses like flyers, banners, and billboard designs. Even the packaging designs or the logo you see on different products are examples of graphic designs.

Using these designs separates graphic design from graphic illustrations on how you use them for your commercial purposes. Adidas is the best example of how you can use graphic design for commercial purposes. They have designed their banners, flyers, and logo using these graphic design practices. However, silk printing is also among graphic design examples that they use for marketing their name and products.Adidas also emphasizes on billboards that you see with the help of the image below that can lie in the billboard examples.

Adidas uses a creative idea for promoting its packaging box. They make their office look like their packaging design. That is another way they promote their brand name and product.

Use of design in digital graphics

Since the world is revolutionizing technology, graphic designs have also advanced over time. Previously, there was no such concept of 3d modeling. But now, in the current era, you can see that virtual games almost resemble reality, which is possible due to the advancement in motion graphics, which is another domain of graphic design. However, the digital graphic design comprises different graphic designs you use for marketing your business digitally. For example, posts that are created using social media graphics design, logos, presentation design, and header design all lie in the form of digital graphic designs.

Even the visual wireframe you create for developing your mobile or web-based applications are also examples of digital graphic design. In addition, the motion graphic animated videos Adidas use for their branding on YouTube is also a great example of digital graphic designing that comprises video editing. Facebook ad design also lies in the graphic designs that are used for digital branding.

Graphic illustration

At this point, we will first see what are illustrations? Illustrations are any form of fine art you create on any given idea or subject line. Graphic illustrations mainly focus on visual depictions of your thoughts. Therefore, it focuses on skills such as live sketching or paintings. However, you can also use different software for making your illustrations, like Adobe illustrator. That is why graphic illustrators are better known for their creativity and ability to create visually appealing images. You can see the illustrations created by famous illustrator Anna Mill to understand graphic illustration better.

Now I think you have a clear idea about what illustration art is. However, you can also create your illustrations using a monotone color that will justify your concept and ideas.

Use of graphic illustrations

Graphic illustrations are the best way to make your creative designs and illustrations that can have the ability to justify your marketing and design strategies. However, hiring a professional illustrator is better if your business requires more creativity and style in your illustrations. Publication media like magazines, newspapers, books, blog posts and online articles mainly use graphic illustrations. Book covers are the best examples of how you can use graphic illustration to justify your concepts.

The above image is the finest example to show the use of graphic illustration.

Examples of graphic designs

Almost every piece of fine art you see is an example of graphic illustration, whether it is the graffiti or the paintings you see on the walls. However, in this modern world, you can also use different softwares for creating sketches or any 3d animated character you want to make.

Even the NFT characters you see are the best examples of graphic illustrations types.

In summary

Graphic design is an essential part of any organization or field depending on its various types, whether it could be graphic design or illustrations. Human beings' lives are surrounded by design essentials like the packaging or the product box you use, or even the virtual games you play. All are dependent on design elements. However, graphic design also helps different businesses and organizations in their branding and marketing.

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