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Creative Ways to Promote Black Friday on Social Media

Jan 22, 2021
Creative Ways to Promote Black Friday on Social Media

Black Friday is around the corner, and all the buyers cannot wait to strap their boots and run to the shopping malls for an endless shopping spree. Marketers and businesses know the importance of this day all too well. It is the day when they will generate enormous capital and empower their businesses, which is why all marketing competitors develop their own black Friday campaigns to arrest the buyers’ attention with their discounts, exclusive sales, and bargains in their pricing. They use all the black Friday ideas in their arsenal to gain as much traffic as they can in both the real world and online. Some even go as far as to extend their Black Friday’s deadline to next week to further capitalize on their customer retention. They have the ability to enhance the sense of urgency of their buyers into buying their products.

The battle between markets online and offline to promote their Black Friday advertising ideas is fierce. It has made its way to the digital business world using everything in their arsenal to further their black Friday promotions ideas in the form of social media.

Black Friday Social Media

Suppose you want to convey the message of your social media to secure your black Friday offer. In that case, you will have to use engaging, creative, and catchy black Friday ideas that will give you leverage over your competitors. We have decided to give you a list of black Friday advertising ideas that you can use for your social media to benefit you in this festive season. This will serve as the guide and inspiration you need to guarantee a successful Friday campaign for yourself.

Just remember one thing. Never kickstart your campaign without a #BlackFriday hashtag to go along with it. Now, let get to it.

Never-Stopping Reel Ad

This is a GIF that you can use to increase the curiosity of your followers. You can do this by enhancing your followers’ thrill factor by making a GIF that has a never stopping reel. Use the slot to place casual numbers and percentage symbols, which will expand your followers, wondering what kind of sale they will get if they use the GIF. This ad capitalizes on the buyer’s interest, especially when they are wondering what surprises are in store for them in the deal. The animated look of the social media ad makes for a friendly look which the users can relate to. All it takes for them is to click the button and determine what kind of prize is in store for them.

Funny Black Friday Post

Everyone loves an element of humor in any designs or ads they come across. Black Friday campaigns are not exceptions in this regard. Some brands utilize the fun component of Black Friday by making fun of the overall shopping spree the day brings with it. Pointing out the obsessive shopping concept can make a good laugh to the user who may find the overall idea quite quirky and well done. It allows the user to relate with the brand and draw him into purchasing the discounted product. A funny black Friday post is a classical and reliable approach you can take to entertain your customer. Putting a smile on his face should be your goal. This increases their enthusiasm and interest in your brand. If the funny factor is effective, the chances of your post being shared with other users are relatively high. This is exactly the kind of results your brand aims for, which is why incorporating it in your black Friday social media idea is a productive one.

Gift for Repost

Brands have stopped overlook their ads regardless of any holiday or otherwise. Even small businesses invest astronomically in their advertising to generate revenue and a bigger consumer base. In order to pursue more customers, businesses tend to forget engaging with their loyal audience.

The option that effectively retains your already existing audience and gains more in the process is through a gift for the repost. This content is especially beneficial when used on the occasion of Black Friday. The brand offers its viewers to participate in a game, and if they win, they will earn a free item. The users can then like and repost their campaign to gain a list of winners. They may be required to partake in other steps or leave a comment in the duration of the game. The businesses that use this approach try their level best to simplify this process and make it as convenient for the users as possible.

Black Friday Giveaway

Giveaway is a bit similar to gifts for reposts but with much more complicated mechanics. Every business hopes to cement his brand loyalty. Black Friday giveaway is the best method of ensuring an increase in brand loyalty. The business needs to invest a substantial amount of income into an attractive prize giving a chance for customers to be entertained by the content and look forward to a win.

Brands use the strategy to cooperate with other brands to expand their audience demographic at a much quicker pace. It depends upon the type of item you use what kind of age restrictions you put in place for the contest participation. It is also helpful to set deadlines, consider time zones, and place guidelines that help explain to the participant how he can win the prize. Beautiful images are an effective tool in drawing your audience towards your offer.

Sale for A Cause

Another way to promote your brand on social media during Black Friday is by donating all the capital from the sales for a worthy cause. Take the example of an eco-friendly brand; it promotes its environmentally friendly business on Black Friday to secure revenue and donate it to a cause at the end that works for environmental protection purposes. Brands usually don’t opt for this strategy because they cannot retain the capital for their usage. That said, the point of this method is not to increase income but increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

This will give a positive impression of your brand to the customer who will return to your business. It will lead to your acknowledgment by the non-profit organization you are donating the money to. Not every black Friday social media promotion is restricted to revenue generation. It is also so that you can contribute to humanitarian or social causes that will benefit others and build a good reputation for your brand.

How to Use Designster for Your Black Friday Promotion

If you are opting to gain the same benefits from Black Friday as the ideas mentioned before you, then it’s high time you get the best team at your disposal to do the job for you.

The answer to your Black Friday Campaigning lies in Designster. It has all the tools and the teams required to construct effective and results-oriented Black Friday Promotional Ideas that will garner you a fruitful Black Friday. All you need to do is subscribe to their Premium and Pro Packages at a discounted price and leave it up to them to do the job for you. Designster has a proven track record in making everyone’s Black Friday productive and industrious.

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