Designster vs Kimp Comparison & Analysis

Oct 17, 2022
Designster vs Kimp Comparison & Analysis

There are numerous alternatives available when looking for a design service for your brand, but we'll explain why you should pick us instead of the competition. The fact that we operate on a flat monthly graphic design subscription basis is one of the main benefits of choosing us. As a result, you are not required to pay for each and every graphic. You receive an unlimited number of designs with a single subscription. You read that correctly.

Additionally, we employ a talented group of graphic designers who are familiar with core design ideas. We don't use outside designers as contractors. Any of your graphic demands will be handled by our professional designers, who work together as a team to provide successful results for all.

In addition, we provide a GIF-generating service that none of our rivals' plans have. We provide affordable prices and good quality. Selecting us will only be beneficial to you. We are glad to claim that obtaining what we provide from other design services would be quite pricey. Designster can be your ideal answer at an affordable price for all of your brand's graphic design needs.

Introducing ourselves

A graphic design company called Designster offers design services on a monthly subscription basis. We develop creative logos, layouts for presentations, brochures, flyers, GIFs, social media posts, and many other things. With the help of our design services, your brand gains a visually attractive face.

Why go with Designster?

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We researched the market and our rivals before announcing the debut of our design service. With the results in hand, we made sure to provide the best minimum pricing. To ever outperform any other service was not on our list of priorities. Our sole goal is to perform better right away. Not only on the monthly fees but so are the designs.

In this post, you will learn what we are working on and providing in comparison to the well-known design service Kimp.


For branding and marketing, every organization requires graphics and designs. The pricey packages that Kimp offers for its services are beyond the means of the recent market entrants. Although they provide high-quality design services similar to ours, their prices are not affordable for everyone. In the meantime, we worked to lower the cost of design services for companies of all sizes.

Professional designers with experience

Our designers understand design concepts and industry practices, so they know what will work for your business. They constantly try to create artwork with a purpose and a narrative.

On-site designers

We don't use freelance designers from other cities in our work process. To make the design more than merely good, we collaborate at the same location and communicate with one another. We meet with potential designers before employing them to explain our concept fully.

GIF production

Although numerous design services are available, not all of them produce GIFs. Furthermore, those that provide them charge more and are pricey. However, we include the generation of GIFs in our business plan without charging you more.

Designster: An affordable choice

Since both Kimp and Penji essentially provide the same service, they are remarkably comparable. This, therefore, implies that the experience you will have with Kimp is identical to that provided by Penji. However, it is still out of many people's price range. Designster, on the other hand, offers unlimited graphic designs starting at just $199 per month. We are confident that this expense won't derail your plans or your finances.

Kimp's starter plan costs $599 per month, which is more than twice as much as ours. Such a rate is out of reach for many consumers, yet big businesses can afford it. And if you ended up on the Designster website, you are fortunate. At an extremely competitive price, we provide much more than the competition.

Even if you want to purchase our Business plan, it costs $899, whereas Kimp's GRAPHICS + VIDEO bundle costs $995. So, you still save a ton of money through us, close to $100.

No matter whatever bundle you choose from us, we also manage limitless design project submissions. While this is going on, Kimp only manages two projects at once; thus, if you need more than two projects running concurrently, you must choose their top package. Therefore, even paying a large sum is subject to restrictions.

Additionally, their pricey bundles include GIF animation creation, which is a part of our Business plan and starts at $899. We are mindful that GIFs and brief animated videos help a company gain a lot of momentum.

Consequently, selecting us will be a wise choice for you. GIFs and high-quality graphics are included in the extremely reasonable membership pricing. Without a doubt, you will receive more than what you paid for. It is definitely a win-win situation for you.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered along with unlimited designs, unlimited requests, concurrent project execution, no cancellation fees, no additional fees, GIF animations, and no hidden fees—a transaction with no risk that solely generates a significant gain for you. We provide you with the same services that Kimp offers, but at a cost that is more than halved.

We suggest that medium-sized businesses purchase our pro bundle, which costs $499 per month. It is our most popular package and perfectly suited to meet your visual needs efficiently.

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Low cost is not just a gimmick.

Being affordable does not mean we sacrifice the caliber of our work. We have qualified designers that can successfully design for your brand. They work closely with the team at every level to find innovative approaches and incorporate them into your projects for a new perspective. Because Designster provides all of your brand's needs, including unique graphics, banner and logo design, social media post design, and many other things, on a fixed membership fee, your growth is unstoppable. Our affordable Business plan includes coverage of GIF generation as well. So, embrace Designster services to raise the bar for your brand's graphics

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