Designster vs. Penji Comparison & Analysis

Oct 14, 2022
Designster vs. Penji Comparison & Analysis

Designster vs. Penji: Comparison & Analysis

When considering a design service for your brand, you find many options, but we are going to tell you why you should consider us over others. One major advantage of choosing us is that we work on a flat monthly subscription model. Hence, you don’t need to pay for every single graphic work. In a single subscription, you get unlimited designs. Yes, you read right.

Moreover, we have a dedicated in-house team of graphic designers who know graphic design principles. We don’t outsource designers from outside. Our professional designers are experienced in handling all your graphic needs and collaborate in a team to bring effective outcomes for all.

In addition, we also offer GIF creation that our competitor does not include in their any plan. We are low in price but high in quality. Choosing us will only bring good to you. We proudly say that what we do is highly expensive to get from other design services. Designster can be your perfect solution that can handle all your brand’s graphic design at a competitive price.

An introduction to us

Designster is a graphic design service that provides design solutions on a monthly subscription basis. We do creative logo design, create presentation layouts, brochure design, flyers, GIFs, social media post design, and many more things. Your brand gets a visually appealing face with our design service.

Why choose Designster?

When we decided to launch our design service, we surveyed the market and our competitors. With the findings, we made certain to offer the best possible minimal price. It was not on our checklist ever to surpass any other service. Our focus is just to be better from the very first move. Not better with the monthly charges, but with the designs too.

What we are doing and offering compared to the well-known design service Penji is what you will find in this article.

Inexpensive: Every company needs illustrations and designs for branding and marketing. The new players who just entered the market cannot afford the expensive packages on which Penji offers its services. They do offer quality design services like ours, but their price does not fit everyone’s pocket. Meanwhile, we worked to make design services affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Experienced design professionals: Holding an understanding of industry standards and design principles, our designers know what will work for your brand. They always aim to design a meaningful illustration that conveys some message.

On-site designers: Our work process does not rely on outsourcing designers from different locations. Instead, we work together at the same place and interact with each other to share and ask things to make the design more than just good. While hiring designers, we meet them in person to communicate our vision clearly.

GIF creation: You may find many design services, but not everyone offers GIF production. And those who offer charge extra and are expensive. On the other hand, we offer GIF creation in our business plan without charging you extra for it.

Designer: An inexpensive option

Penji is very similar to Design Pickle as both offer more or less the same service. This also means that the experience you will get with Penji is the same as what Design Pickle offers. But still, it is expensive for many pockets, while Designster is available with unlimited graphic design starting at just $199 per month. We are certain that this cost will neither break your bank nor your hopes.

If you look at Penji's starting package price, it is $499 per month, more than twice ours. Such a price tag is too heavy for many pockets, and brands operating on a large scale can afford that. And you are fortunate if you landed on the Designster website. We are offering even more than others at a highly competitive price.

Even if you see our Business package, it stands at $899, and Penji's Daytime package is available at $999. So you still save $100 with us, which is a huge saving.

Also, we handle unlimited design projects submission no matter which package you select from us. Meanwhile, Penji handles one project at a time, and if you want multiple projects to be in progress simultaneously, then you have to go with their upper packages. So, even paying a heavy amount is still subject to conditions.

Moreover, their expensive packages do not contain GIF animation production, which is included in our Business plan. We are aware that GIFs and small animated clips bring significant traction to a brand. Therefore, choosing us will be your more than a good decision. You will get quality designs, along with GIFs, at a very economical subscription price. There is no doubt that you will get more than what you will pay us. It is a complete win-win deal for you by all means.

Unlimited designs, unlimited requests, concurrent project execution, no cancellation charges, no hidden charges, GIF animations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. A risk-free deal that only translates your money into a massive profit. We offer you everything that Penji also does, but at a price of more than half.

If you are a medium-sized company, then we recommend getting our pro package, which is priced at $499 per month. It is our best-selling package and well-suited to cater effectively to your visual requirements.

Low price is not only a game.

Being inexpensive does not mean we compromise on work quality. We have professional designers that work in-house and design success for your brand. They collaborate at every stage with the team to discover new ideas and implement them in your projects to give them a refreshing look. As a result, your growth is unstoppable as Designster covers all your brand needs, including custom illustrations, banner design, logo design, social media post design, and many other things on a flat subscription.

We also cover GIF creation in our Business package, which Penji does not give in any of their packages. So to go high with your brand visuals, ring a bell with Designster.

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