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Discovering different outdoor advertising techniques through real-life examples

May 17, 2022
Discovering different outdoor advertising techniques through real-life examples

Are you looking to break the biased marketing trends available for your brand? Most people think that social media marketing is the most effective way for marketing of your brand. But that is not the case. Almost 70% of the people make their purchase decisions by seeing your promotion through outdoor means. However, there are millions of different types of outdoor means available for your brand advertising. It is the most effective method for marketing your brand. For example, you endorse your product through billboards or posting a brochure on the lamp post in this marketing.

It is the most essential and the best technique for marketing your brand. Most people come to know about your product through marketing campaigns done on billboards or other different outdoor means. However, in this blog, we will discuss various methods for outside advertising for your brand.

Strategies for outside advertising

The most common way for outside publicizing is using advertising boards and banners. This blog will tell you diffrent types of advertisements accessible for outdoor advertising.

1. Branding through Advertising boards

Perhaps the most well-known strategy used for outside publicizing is the advertising board. Advertisement boards are considered fundamental out of home advertising techniques for marketing your brand since it connects around 71% of individuals towards your brand. The expense of publicizing your brand through billboards may vary depending on the billboard's location. However, marketing your brand through a billboard may be costly. Usually, the cost is around $1500 to $4000. Branding through advertising boards is considered as one of the best techniques for advertising,

However, there are two ways for outdoor advertising. One is static, and the other one is digital. In static, the branding is done through using advertising boards. While in digital advertising, the advertisement is done digitally using billboards where your brand's clip is viewed digitally on billboards.


Have you ever seen advertising boards on the streets while driving? These advertising boards are called billboards. Most of the more prominent brands use this technique to advertise their brand. It is the most effective way for gaining customers' attention since billboards are visible to the people whenever they drive.

2. Branding through mobile billboards

This advertising technique is one of the kinds of out of home advertising. Conventionally, in this type of advertising, your brand is endorsed on different sides of the truck or trailer. This advancement is genuinely an outstanding best technique for marketing your product. This technique helps in transporting goods while at the same time it also helps in marketing your brand.


Have you ever seen Samsung loading-trucks? If yes, then you have noticed that their loading trucks are advertised by the brand name on both sides of the truck. It is an example of mobile billboard marketing. One such example of this type of advertising is the banners present on the racing car loading trucks.

3. Branding through bridges

In this type of advertising, the banner of your brand is present on different sides of the bridge. So that when people are driving by the bridge, they can easily see your brand's marketing campaign. If you have merchandised your brand correctly on the advertising boards present on the bridges, it will boost your sales.


The best example of bridge advertisement are the banners present on the bridges. This advertisement is performed to gain customers' attention when they drive through or see the bridge. Most of the more prominent brands use this marketing method.

4. Branding through guerilla advertising

Guerilla advertising refers to the advertising techniques using environmental objects like walls or vending machines so that people can see your products quickly. It is the most idealistic and straightforward way to market your brand. For example, you can post graffiti on the walls to sell your product. Prominent brands like Nike, Tesla, and Coca-Cola use guerilla marketing techniques.


While walking on the streets, you have noticed that multiple brands banners are present on the roads. These banners are one of the ways of guerilla marketing. For example, have you ever seen McDonald's chips graffiti embossed on the zebra going across the road? This guerilla promoted displaying method is used by McDonald's to propel their chips.

6. Marketing through POS

In this promoting strategy, you advertise your product through supermarkets or stores. Usually, this technique involves pasting your brand poster near or next to the store's checkout counter. Have you ever had a buy one get one offer? This offer promotes the other product of the brand so that the customer buys different products.


The best example of pos advertising is the flag or banner you see on the checkout counter of the shopping centers.

6. Marking through transit publicizing

This publicizing involves posting your banners and posters on public transport. The main motive of this type of advertising is to gain consumers' attention. Around 38% of the people stop at the market coming back to their homes. Therefore, transit advertising provides high visibility of your product in the customers' daily routine.


Have you ever seen the logo present on different vehicles? The logo embossed on the aircraft refers to transit advertising. You promote your brand by posting banners or logos on public transportation or in public places in this form of advertising.

7. Branding through retail marketing.

Advertainment is done through retail marketing channels like shopping malls, vending machines, or public transportation. In this technique, you post your banners with 15% to 20% off on your products in public places. Retail marketing is the most effective way to market your brand.

This marketing method is simple to get the client's attention towards your brand. Since it simply attracts consumers to your products by offering exciting deals on your products. You engage your consumers in retail marketing by providing several attractive discounts on your items.


This best example to demonstrate this advertising technique can be referred to you by the products you purchased seeing their summer deal offers. Retail marketing engages customers by posting banners with exciting deals to excite customers for buying.

8. Branding through the different exciting method

In this method, you promote your brand in different stunning ways. You must be cautious while adopting this strategy. To begin with, expect that there will be different results. Others could adore your outside promotion, while others could see it as a desperate move. In any case, you must be prepared for it.


In this advertising technique, you use different new creative ideas for marketing. For better understanding, take an example of the red bull moon event. In this event, a group of paratroopers jumped from the helicopters on the tallest structure of Los angeles. This trick promotes the red bull norms, which implies it gives you wings. This innovative thought utilized for advertising is a remarkable example of stunt advertising.

9. Branding through Signs and symbols

Using signs of your brand in the marketing campaigns is the best and most effective way for branding. This advertising strategy is similar to guerilla or transit marketing. This marketing strategy involves posting your brand logos on your store or outlet window. So that people can easily see your brand. Branding through signs and symbols is the most effective way to promote your brand since it is cost-effective.


The best example of sign advertising is the sign present on the car showrooms. In addition, the logo presented on the shopping mall window or at the rooftop refers to the sign advertising.

In a nutshell

After going to this blog, you will know how vital outside publicizing is for your brand. Customers can also see your marketing campaigns on different social media handles. Nonetheless, marking your brand using outdoor advertising is fundamental since most clients settle on making their buy choices when the advertising is apparent. However you can simply target your audience through advertising boards.

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