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E-Commerce Graphic Design Trends to Follow In 2021

Jan 22, 2021
E-Commerce Graphic Design Trends to Follow In 2021

The digital world is undergoing massive evolutionary changes within the mainstream industry, and eCommerce graphic design trends are no exception in this regard. The latest trends in eCommerce have seen the adoption of new concepts and ideas. Some of the best eCommerce designs have captured the attention of a myriad of users who are easily converted to provide capital to the website owner.

The eCommerce graphic design process is not an easy endeavor to take. It requires a substantial investment of time and resources with practical execution. Many new patterns, structures, and textures have been implemented in the more recent trends in eCommerce. 2021 promises significant aesthetically pleasing eCommerce design trends that will magnify traffic to their webpage.

If you want to cement your customer base and expand on its growth, then you need to ensure that your online shoppers have the best shopping experience. You need to continually be open to your eCommerce graphic’s reevaluation and modifications. It would be best if you were open to the prospects of additional alterations as well. This is a strategy both the graphic designers and the eCommerce website owners need to pursue.

There are many areas in which your eCommerce website can malfunction and render decreased sales. It can be related to the slow loading speed of the website or the checkout process. But the common reason that tends to be overlooked is how the website design looks. This appearance of the eCommerce website design is usually the common denominator that damages the website’s revenue generation.

If your customer base is not impressed or convinced by your website design outlook, they will abandon any idea of purchasing your product and supporting your online store. You cannot afford to lose out on a single customer, let alone an entire base. Each consumer affects your website economy. You need to implement the tools that retain their loyalty and paves the way to draw in additional customers.

The conventional approach to constructing an eCommerce website is through the services of a professional graphic design or website design company. They will provide you with the tools you need to enter the competitive market and dominate the field. They will make sure the design is constructed with care and is given detailed attention. We will share with you some exclusive eCommerce design trends that will prove to be a dark horse in 2021.

Striking Colors

The standard strategy that is recommended to website designers is that they opt for a limited number of colors. They also need to pick out the colors that are mainstream. But this does not have to be the only strategy. While it is a safer option, it will not be able to outshine your competitors, who will adopt every method to beat you out of the game. You do not want your eCommerce website to look like any other website.

It will only cause boredom for your viewers, which is never a good sign for a sales pitch. If you want your website to have leverage over your competitors, then you need to abandon the usage of simple colors. You can use different and new colors that are vibrant, like sapphire, for example, instead of blue. Many eCommerce websites are using new shades of colors to catch the interest of their users, which is why it is only relevant that you pursue a similar strategy.

If you have an understanding of color psychology, then you know full well that this trend will be as crucial in 2021 as it is in every year. People mistake colors for only aesthetics when, in fact, they are more geared towards conveying a strong message and bring about a fantastic shopping experience. You can strengthen your brand and business by acquiring visually striking colors that are complementary in a color spectrum to incorporate in your eCommerce design.

Catchy Typography

Typography has been a critical feature in the success of a website but is also one of the most overlooked. Ecommerce website owners prefer to use as many fonts as possible that they believe will make their design look more distinctive than others. This is a dangerous route to take. Your font usage needs to be limited to one or two types. Any more than that will destroy the effectiveness of your design.

Typically, owners prefer to take a safer approach with their font types as well. They restrict it with sans and serif typefaces, which is relatively standard in the graphic design industry. But that is not a viable approach in 2021. The fonts you use have to distinguish you from your counterparts. A growing number of website designs have adopted unconventional fonts that assist them in arresting the interest of their readers. Catchy typography leaves a memorable impression on the viewer, which is why it will continue its popular trend in the coming years.


One of the latest trends in eCommerce design that is making a big splash in the industry is minimalism. Many website owners shower their eCommerce designs with excessive colors, fonts, and imagery to facilitate the popularity of their website. They do this in the hopes of gaining traffic from interested users who are enticed by their design. Sadly, the opposite is true in this respect.

Disproportionate usage of colors and other graphic design elements serve to annoy, confuse, and frustrate the viewer, who feels overwhelmed by the combination of so many components. They prefer to check out websites that are easy to decipher, decode, and interpret. This is only possible if you use limited aspects of the graphic design elements.

The limited strategy they have resorted to using is called the minimalist. Although their color and font usage are restricted, that does not mean they need to select standard options. They can choose unique colors, fonts, and images and still ensure that their usage has a limit in place. This makes for more straightforward navigation and a convenient experience for users who appreciate the efforts undertaken by the owner to construct such an instrument.

The combination of aesthetics and experience enables the website to blow their competition out of the water. The minimalist trend is simple, clean, and does not require an investment of unnecessary resources. This trend will do twice the job a standard eCommerce website would perform in just a few clicks.

Added Security

A couple of years ago, the whole eCommerce website industry faced serious malware, data breach, security threats, and viruses. This put a dent in the trust between the eCommerce website and the customer. It created an environment of fear and uncertainty for many customers who could not trust the system with their finances, especially concerning a transaction. Many customers opted to avoid purchasing any product online, which hurt the growth of many eCommerce businesses.

This incident gave rise to the improved security trend amongst the eCommerce industries. Every website owner expressed fear of suffering from cyber-attacks and have increased their demand for implementing more robust security measures in their designs.

Viruses were customarily located in download content, email, or movies, but hackers have developed new ways to target users through social media, email, and even eCommerce webpages. This is the reason why every eCommerce website is amalgamated with the HTTPS encryption that has cemented the trust factor of customers when they approach online businesses for online shopping.

Original Photography

We already heard the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words.” This is especially true for the incorporation of images in website design. Many website owners are vying to add stunning images to their eCommerce website in the hopes of making it appear relatable and beautiful for the users. Many eCommerce website designers take the stance of using stock images for their design. This is an obsolete strategy, especially with the competition growing more ferocious.

In order to reflect the essence of your offered product, you need to showcase high-resolution pictures that have the required effect on your viewers. Customized images are a useful option in this regard as they contribute substantially to the eCommerce website’s traffic.

The viewer will authenticate your website’s credibility and drive to purchase the product displayed in the imagery. Representing your product images will help your shoppers understand the nature and details of the product better. This will lead to customer retention and accelerated sales growth.

Ecommerce design trends continue to change the face and shape every year, which is why it is central to the interests of website owners that they keep up with the trends in ecommerce. If they ignore the trend and proceed with their own individual strategy, it will only render their company vulnerable to irrelevance and causation of disinterest among the users. Keep yourself in the loop of the eCommerce trends, and you will develop an extravagant website for yourself.

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