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Email Newsletter Design Ideas to Boost Clicks and Engagement

Apr 13, 2021
Email Newsletter Design Ideas to Boost Clicks and Engagement

Email newsletters are not a new trend in the marketing sector. They have always been an instrumental aspect of brand awareness that provides immediate updates to their clientele about any modifications or alterations in the specific enterprise. If you take a quick look at your email inbox, you will find a myriad of newsletters from companies from whom you usually purchase your products.

Email newsletter designs serve as the perfect model for you to emulate. This process can be inspiring and convincing, especially if you think you lack the experience of creating one. This is also the motive of why so many brands use a newsletter as a communication medium. They know that newsletters are effective in their purpose. Many business industry specialists conclude that email newsletters garner more engagement than the engagement metrics on Facebook and Instagram.

Importance of Newsletters

Newsletters are imperative in the sense that they retain the relationships your brand has with your customer. It keeps them interested and increases their enthusiasm levels. This strong customer base enhances your authoritative position in your respective field as it not only keeps your viewers in the loop but also keeps them up to date about any promotions, offerings, or changes pertaining to your brand.

Thus, the primary purpose of a newsletter is to drive your target audience's engagement. Usually, entrepreneurs use a phone or video to convey their brand message. But in the case of newsletters, you can convey your message through your designs rather than textual content. If you haven't taken the time to publish your brand's newsletter yet, do not procrastinate and start constructing it right away. You can do your due diligence and investigate how other brands have performed in the same sector. Analyze everything that strengthens their brand newsletters' connectivity with their audiences and try to mirror that strategy for your entrepreneurial interests.

Newsletter Is More Than Just an Email

It is necessary to understand that a newsletter is distinct from other types of email marketing. Newsletters are part of email marketing that includes promos and some calls to action. This does not mean that the entire objective of the newsletter is to make sales. It's a solid customer base valued and appreciated that will eventually lead you to generate capital.

Email marketing has no such features available. It is direct in its conveyance, and it associates itself with only one goal; To close a sale. Any content that is absent of such an agenda will not be considered email marketing. An average newsletter consists of a header, clear layouts, a footer, contact information, website links, and imagery. All these newsletter elements typically exist cohesively with one another before. Investing all your time and resources in creating your newsletter can be challenging. This is why it is viable that you opt to hire experts in this field from the likes of Penji or Designster. The newsletter designer hiring cost tends to vary across each graphic design agency spectrum. The common denomination they share is the fact that their packages are cost-effective.

Introductory Newsletter

A positive experience for a reader is when he is met with a warm welcome when he opens his email. You can guarantee yourself a new subscriber if you introduce yourself through your newsletter fairly. People are naturally attracted to ethereal or optimistic entities, which makes it mandatory for you to incorporate this policy in your newsletter.

You can send this email to your potential target audience and acquire their interest. Their curious nature will entice them to research your newsletter and the elements incorporated with it. The first newsletter makes all the difference, so you must never downplay the power of first impressions. You will be introducing your newsletter to an entirely new customer base, so you need to make their experiences with your newsletter productive.

Look to the example of MailDesigner who sends their new designs through their newsletter, which is embedded with warm greetings for the client. The casual optics of the introductory newsletter enables consumers to develop familiarity with the newsletter. This leads to the establishment of robust relations between the brand and the customer.

Info-Heavy Newsletter

A newsletter's fundamental role is to share brand information with its readers. While newsletters commonly share information, their content is different from each other. Certain newsletters pertain to news about the brand's industry, or they could include an array of outlets that allow you to amass all the necessary information about the product. It is important to remember that while you need to place as much text as possible in this newsletter type.

It does not mean that you incorporate so much of it that it ends up looking dull and boring. An ordinary viewer has a short attention span as it is. He will only take a few moments to determine whether or not he wants to entertain your content. You need to compartmentalize your newsletter from its header image and articles so that you can set an alluring tone for your content. By diving your content into separate areas, you can ensure your viewers' cohesive feel once they glance at your newsletter. A minimalist design that is simple in its outlook is the best option for your endeavors. It paves the way for you to outshine your sales prospects.

Jdr1992 made use of this newsletter and embedded reader-friendly content into their designs. The result was that the band garnered substantial traffic owing to its separated stories and sections. Jdr1992 positioned their content in such a way that viewers would be able to identify areas that held more importance than the unnecessary ones. Using bold colors as backgrounds also bears fruit as it has the ability to draw in a sizable number of consumers.

Celebratory Newsletters

There is generally some semblance of promotional content present in a newsletter. While the promotional aspect of a newsletter is considered important, it does not mean that other contents of the same newsletter are to be trivialized. Celebratory content is just as crucial for newsletters as the other ones. The celebratory newsletters capitalize on their customer's birthdays, holidays, and other festive occasions to deliver their newsletters. Brands can also provide their readers with newsletters that celebrate the brand's milestones in different areas.

These newsletters consist of bright and jovial elements, which can be either short and sweet or versions that are embellished. You can distinguish your celebratory newsletters from your regular ones concerning your imagery and colors. Always leave flattering comments that wish happiness to your readers and encourages them to enjoy their moment regardless of the festivity.

Showcase Newsletters

Brands are actively injecting themselves to amalgamate with modern technology. Newsletters are no exception. Many of their latest content includes videos or blog posts as they are much more effective techniques in arresting the viewers' attention. Showcase newsletters also portray content that shares a common theme. You can initiate this type of newsletter through the introduction paragraph until you finalize its material in the closing paragraph. It's worthwhile to note that this newsletter's main priority is the same as any other newsletter; that is, to function as brand promotional content. To do this, they will have to entertain viewers and readers alike. You can use newsletters as your medium to educate readers and direct them to areas to which they can subscribe to.

Promo Newsletters

The commonality of brands using their newsletter lies in the fact that their emails must convey their message for promotional reasons. The trick is to get your viewers to click on your email. A promo newsletter consists of a design page that depicts the promo code or provides a link to the sales page. This is why the demand for Promo newsletters has become dominant over time.

While promo newsletters always promote their brand's services and products, it does not mean their objectives are limited to just promos. You can enhance it with additional contact information and other information concerning your brand to generate a stronger response from your readers. You can add blog posts or even a small video to have the desired effect.

You can become an observer and see how your rivals in the same industry develop their promo newsletters. Many brands want a newsletter design that is original and inventive. They know they need to think outside the box if they ever hope to make an impact or a big splash on their clientele. It would also help if you positioned your promotional facets of the newsletter where they are the most visible. You cannot risk the promo content to immerse in the entire design to the point readers cannot locate it.

It is still an open choice for you to avail yourself of professional services from an expert who has tackled a project similar to yours. You can hire an email design expert from Designster, Penji, or Design Shifu to finalize your project. You need to keep your senses alert and brainstorm every step of the way. There is an abundance of inspirational elements operating in your surroundings. Once you make a list of all your ideas, you can narrow them down to one. Also, examine the types of newsletters efficiently and see which ones compliment your design ideas. That way, you can accelerate your newsletter design process and be left with a winning product.

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