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Email Newsletter Design Tips to Increase Clicks

Jan 22, 2021
Email Newsletter Design Tips to Increase Clicks

Before we begin, let’s start with understanding what exactly email newsletters really are.

Email Newsletter Designs

Email Newsletter designs are a kind of email that provides information to your audience about all the exclusive tips, updates, and news pertaining to your product or organization.

They come in different forms and are utilized for a wide variety of reasons. Some newsletter designs are made to promote new products, and some are made to deliver a weekly digest of the content. All in all, there is a wide range of ideas you can incorporate into your creative newsletter design. But their primary purpose is to relay your brand’s mission to your subscribers, basically acting as a trusted resource.

To create a professional email design, you need to focus on the bullet points you will highlight. It would help if you had an established blog in your arsenal to ensure that your readers are already engaged with your brand. The addition of email marketing design will work to further your revenue generation in response to the customer retention it produces. Your brand’s best email designs keep your customer base engaged and provide you with the incentive to expand your client base.

You can kickstart this process by establishing customized email newsletter templates and move on with the creation of your newsletter layout to design your email newsletter. You can proceed with the kind of body content you want to embed in your email before sending it out to your customers. No matter what kind of content you select for your email newsletters, they need to significantly impact your subscribers to keep them engaged and connected with your brand.

That being said, it is essential to note that some email design ideas end up hurting businesses as half of its recipients unsubscribe from newsletters that look unattractive. We will guide you with the guidelines you need for your newsletter design ideas to form a stronger relationship with your clientele and get their clicks.

Make A Choice of the Finest Sender Name

Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Whenever you get an email from a sender you have never heard of, do you open that email or just remove it immediately?

Most recipients generally take notice of the sender’s name and identity before deciding to open an email. If you are already an established brand that has a well-known name, you can replace your sender name with the brand name. If not, you can always take a more personalized approach and use the name of the person.

If you sign up for a specific newsletter, you will realize you are receiving weekly emails that are mired in updates about the brand product. The moment you become familiarized with the brand and the product, you will soon learn to trust the brand and always open it for new information.

To add to the email deliverability, you can opt for a real email address instead of a “no-reply address.” This will garner you a good reputation as a sender and increase your number of subscribers when they feel they are contributing to this process.

Your Emails Need to Be Branded

Never forget that your email newsletter is a part of your brand identity. This means that you will have to include your logo and avatar that you use in your social media and other mediums. This will boost your recognition, enhancing the trust of many of the recipients. This recognition will achieve customer engagement and expand your reach with additional customers engaging with your newsletter.

You need to avoid switching to other email newsletter design templates. Subscribers, in general, are responsive to templates that are consistent and do not display shady changes. Your main goal is to ensure that your recipients slowly but gradually become familiarized with your design templates to gain their trust. Once you have established that sense of confidence, your recipients will look forward to your upcoming emails. This will prove to be advantageous for your brand.

You Must Create a Distinct Subject Line

Subject lines are an essential facet of your email marketing campaign, especially when they have the ability to make or break your business. Nearly half of the email recipients will open the email depending on the subject line they view. The majority of email recipients will also consider the email as spam, depending on the subject line. This makes it critical that you develop a subject line that entices the recipients into opening your email and reading it in its entirety.

The following tips will help you make your subject lines get a substantial number of clicks.

Emojis Can Help!

Emojis constitute the fun and enjoyable elements when added to your subject lines. You can use cute, smiling, and excited emojis that make your subject line look imaginative. This can help you in the increase of your opening rates at an accelerated pace.

Subject Lines Must Be Original

An average subject line can bore subscribers quickly enough for them to disregard your email. You need to have a subject line at your disposal which retains their interest. Basically, it would be best if you thought outside the box when it comes down to selecting unique and original subject lines. You can take inspiration from other subject lines and create your own before you can proceed to narrow down your selection. It’s important to remember that you need only take inspiration from different email designs, not outright copy them.

Subject Lines Must Be Mobile-Oriented

People use their cell phone devices more than their desktops or laptops. You need to ensure that you capitalize on this mobile dominated phenomenon where your preheader and subject lines look great when received on mobile devices. The free tool called Zurb’s TestSubject will help you create the best subject line.

Correct Email Templates Are Necessary

You need to make sure your email newsletter has the attention-grabbing factor in the inbox. You just need to follow specific rules to materialize this. The width for email needs to be the gold standard of 600px to deliver more effective results. If you are using fully developed email service providers such as SendinBlue or Constant Contact, their email design templates automatically use the 600px width.

Because the majority of users view such emails on their mobile devices, you need to construct receptive design templates with resized images and texts to complement the screens they are showcased in. Overall, you need to develop an email newsletter template that you can modify to position your content and branding correctly. Email marketing services are handy in this regard. Since there are many such renowned marketing services available, you can choose any one that fits your required criteria.

Place Special Focus on Imagery

Working out the accurate balance of images in email newsletters can be a challenging endeavor. But the fact of the matter remains that readers overwhelmingly prefer to read emails that contain pictures and attractive ones at that. Many email newsletter providers circumvent the usage of images as they believe their recipients will only disable those images. Some of their concerns ring true. But for the most part, with better guidelines, they can render their image-oriented email newsletter more efficient.

A background image for your email may or may not be necessary. It entirely depends on you. If you don’t believe it is needed, trust your instincts and just leave it out.

You can always make the choice of not using images at all if you worry about customers being annoyed by the pictures. By using alt text to describe your images, you can make sense of your images even when your images are disabled. For guaranteed email accessibility, avoid hiding essential information in your imagery.

The images you use need to be limited, crisp, and attractive. If they have the empathetic ingredient to them, they will connect with your target recipients far more than an email newsletter with no images.

Text Must be Shortened

Your main goal when it comes to your website visitors is to use as much text as possible to retain your audience’s interest. In the case of an email newsletter, the opposite is true. It would be best if you grabbed their attention span as fast as you can, which is why it is better to keep your texts short and brief. The best method to find out what can work with your audience is by testing your email with your target audience.

When it comes down to using shorter texts, you can kickstart it by leading with a compelling headline. Do not overuse with promotional content. Just use one promotional email for every three or four educational ones. Finally, you need to expand upon your best content and share it with the audience.

Use Effective Coloring to Set the Emotions

It is evident that color evokes different emotions in people. Blue represents coolness, while green represents naturality. Color in email newsletter designs are aesthetically pleasing and enhance your brand recognition. The correct colors will be decisive in influencing your product purchases if they are deemed attractive enough to your target demographic.

While you may want to stick with your brand, you can still set the mood by the color you use. Your logo may remain the same, but you can even use different segments of coloring within your newsletter’s body content. This will enable your subscribers to associate with your brand and connect with the emotions your newsletter colors effuse.

Avail Web-Safe Typography

Typography is a part of the email newsletter design process that requires special attention. The fonts you use will determine whether or not the reader will choose to read your entire body content. It has to be impactful enough to be perceived positively. You can look to a couple of email design newsletters for inspiration to get a clear idea of what kind of font will benefit you in the long term.

Because your email newsletters are showcased in different mediums like mobile devices and web browsers, you need to maintain a level of consistency with respect to your fonts. This consistency can be deterred by the size and shape of the medium in which they are portrayed, which is why it is recommended that you use web-safe fonts.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is that you need to be totally limited concerning the choice of your fonts, meaning less is more. You just need one or two fonts to use on your headline and entire content. Any more than that, and your email newsletter will end up looking messy and will irritate the reader enough to ignore it. Just opt for a simplistic approach and place extra focus on the readability aspect of the font instead of trying to make it too fancy.

There is no need to think you need to outshine your competitors in this regard. Many have tried and failed miserably when they incorporate excessive font choices. As long as your email newsletter comes out looking uncoordinated and cluttered, you will have a useful customer-oriented tool in your arsenal.

Moving forward, you need to make your font choice your official choice, meaning; you will provide your readers with the same font choice every time and avoid making any added changes. This layer of consistency in your work will increase your acknowledgment by your readers.

Overall, the email newsletter designing process requires a significant number of tests and research before it can be executed and delivered to your target recipients. While the content needs to be short and sweet, you need to take extra precautions when selecting your subject lines, colors, fonts, and imagery.

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