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Famous Graphic Design Companies from Around the World

Jul 08, 2022
Famous Graphic Design Companies from Around the World

Regardless of your niche, every business category requires graphic design services to establish its visual identity. Businesses with big-budget are capable financially of onboarding the best graphic designers as an in-house team. But for those who can't or require designing only on seasonal days, creating a full-time team will not be a good option for them. How will they utilize the resource? To solve the issue, some graphics companies provide designing services for projects. Businesses can avail expertise from them for the short or long interval, depending on their needs, without adhering to the full-time cost of a designer. However, you are probably questioning which company is best. Don't worry; we have mentioned the best graphic design companies in this writeup that can make your business graphics achieve unimagined heights.


A reputable graphic design service company started in London in 1975. The service has been offering brand designing, advertising, package designing, and other graphics-related services for over four decades.

Besides, a unique thing about Pentagram is clients get dealt with by the chief positions directly. This show how much passion they have for their work.


Sociallyin is a UK-based designing agency, mainly popular for offering content services for social media platforms. They are considered the field master and expertly produce content and graphic design for organizations. Sociallyin is extremely efficient with its functioning process and manages to create unmatched visual content holding your business values. In its cycle, the firm verifies that the designers have successfully understood the business vision to push their efforts in the right direction.

However, it is the game of numbers on the internet. So, one typical way to analyze the success rate is by looking at the number of views and likes and deciding strategy accordingly.


An affordable yet best design agency, Designster is of those companies that set trends. On top of that, with our subscription-based model, you get unlimited design services for a flat monthly fee. With that, creative workflow in your ways without breaks.

We put you first, and with the help of our best graphic designers, Designster aligns your business values with exemplary graphics work. We can do everything from logo designing to crafting graphics for the entire brand with our creative minds.

Polar Creative

A midsized web and graphic design company started in 2013 and is located in England, Chelmsford. They employ two people with expertise in branding, web design, and graphic design for small, midsize, and big companies in the retail, business services, and IT industries. Among the services provided are website design, printed publicity materials, and logo creation.

Polar Creative combined two distinct websites and built a user-friendly digital platform from the ground up to boost a mobility company's identity. In addition, they offered imagery recommendations and carried out SEO upkeep, frequently meeting the client's expectations for their deliveries.


Since 1941, Landor has been in existence. Walter Landor established it, has offices in 26 locations worldwide, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. Marketing strategy, brand management, customer lifecycle mapping, graphic designing, market analysis, agile adaption, and many more areas are areas of competence for Landor.

Wolff Olins

A well-known graphic designing industry player comes under top graphic design companies. Spotify, McKinsey, Google, and Uber are some of its clients. The business became well-known for its innovative approach to developing a brand visual.

Wolff Olins additionally provides extra services to its clients to aid them in addressing a problem more nuancedly and developing an exclusive brand for themselves. They cover UI design, brand awareness message designing, animated effects, measurement, corporate diagnosis, and more.

Siegel + Gale

An experienced international business. They create the best graphic design work using knowledge, insight, and innovation, unleashing the strength of minimalism to assist businesses in reaching their maximum height. They collaborate with the top businesses, charities, and governmental agencies worldwide, helping them in developing brand experiences that are amazingly simple and incredibly innovative.

Graphic design, brand analytics, visual identity, insights, staff engagement, and other creative services are all provided by the firm.


Numerous design company services might be pricey and time-consuming for marketers and content producers to finish assignments. What, therefore, is the answer for contemporary business? For instance, ManyPixels offers a continual design service.

They have exceptionally talented graphic designers that can readily handle any problem. Additionally, ManyPixels provides a one-day turnaround for visual design orders while keeping the top level of craftsmanship.

The firm selects and allocates the top designers for your business; you don't have to worry about late deliverables. The most attractive thing is that adjustments are not constrained in any way.

Meta Design

For over 20 years, Meta Design leading as one of the top design companies in the world. It has created powerful brand journeys. Their visual design work has an impact that is challenging to equal on a worldwide scale.

Whether it is about revamping the design system of Mac OS or working together on Adobe,

MetaDesign is famous for its distinctive stance on graphic design and logo design as essential elements of brand building.


Penji is an on-demand service for graphic design that provides a huge selection of bespoke graphics work for a set monthly fee. It has collaborated with thousands of international agencies and firms, including leading market leaders like Pepboys, Express, Rebook, and 1800-Flowers. As a result, Penji is trusted by over 10,000 advertisers, agencies, and SMBs.

In the Last

So finally, you came to know about the top graphic design companies. A pool of creative designers is essential to achieving outstanding outcomes, regardless of whether you're searching for a freelancer or graphic design agency. Do you seek to create anything new or rework your current brand? Get your logo and brand designing well by starting with us.

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