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Graphic Design Trends for Social Media in 2021

Mar 30, 2021
Graphic Design Trends for Social Media in 2021

Businesses today seem to have become inseparable from the world of graphic design. Graphic designing was already experiencing an evolutionary transformation since its inception; but now, seemingly every business would like to leverage the potential of graphic design in propelling their enterprise to success.

They see the millions of online users operating in the digital realm as potential clients. Companies try to actively capitalize on this opportunity and promote their respective visual designs to capture the attention of their target audience. This endeavor is not an easy one. Many businesses are clueless when it comes to constructing visuals. This is why they are forced to hire a graphic design agency to do their work. These agencies have all the tools and resources to execute a viable design infrastructure to entice online users.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have a majority of users converging. Networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter consist of tens of millions of users that share, retweet, and like whatever they view on their screens. This is seen as a massive marketing opportunity for startups. They try to utilize all the equipment in their arsenal to facilitate visibility of their products and services in the hopes of getting a viral response from their target demographic.

A successful strategy on social media usually requires quality over quantity. Users have a short attention span and will evaluate your content in a split second. It will take a few moments for them to determine whether or not to engage with your text or imagery. This makes it imperative for you to formulate a plan that utilizes your brand’s visual elements to evoke the right emotions in your target audience. By this technique, you can increase the number of subscribers, followers, and clients for your brand.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media advertising has been a boon for a multitude of brands like Apple and Zara, who regularly update their campaigns and each time receive thousands of responses. This strategy has seen emulation from startup brands and is becoming common today. Expert graphic designers have in-depth knowledge about social media design trends. If you want to avail such expertise, it is easy to hire a dedicated graphic designer for your social media campaign from an elite agency such as Designster, Penji, or Design Pickle. If you plan to popularize your business with your viewers or surprise them with a new project in 2021, keep in mind the principles of trust, engagement, and transparency.

Design Trends on Social Media

The high-tech era of 2021 promises more innovation and discoveries. Some of the recent trends seen on social media are as follows:

1. Rise of Tik Tok

The popularity of Tik Tok as a new social media platform cannot be ignored. In a few months since its formation, it has garnered millions of followers across the world. This Chinese social media app has had its share of controversy in various areas. As experienced by thousands of business owners, Tik Tok’s potential is seen through simple video clip programs that can grow viral in a few seconds. These clips make for an attractive hook for users who flock toward these clips in droves.

Companies infuse their product and service content within these videos and add adequate information to effectively target their customer base. One of Tik Tok's problems is the fact that it is available to content creators of all backgrounds. This means that even low-quality content can make its way to the platform. Lack of credibility adds to the distrust the consumer has pertaining to content streaming on Tik Tok. This becomes a potential obstacle for many companies as their talents and skills may become swamped within the same mediocre-quality content.

This does not mean that Tik Tok should be dismissed as a legitimate social media platform. It is still an opportunity for companies to capitalize on. They need to make the necessary edits to convince their target audience that they are the real deal. As long as you maintain bright, colorful, and simple content on this platform, the chances of your company catapulting to the next level are very likely.

2. Classics

Trends such as optical illusions, Bauhaus, and cyberpunk are timeless. These can change and experience some modifications over time, but you cannot replace their originality. They have an organic sense to them, enabling them to mesh with any technology they come into contact with. The fantastical image they showcased in the past has become mainstream in the present.

Concepts such as drones and artificial intelligence – which probably were considered unrealistic in the past ─ have become a reality today. This makes Classics even more relevant considering their binding ties with the current world and the potential to form new designs that could materialize in the near future.

Visual content can amalgamate, merge and advance. Social media harbors such content, which makes it relevant for many users. If you rely on a video sequence, you need to make it appealing and spontaneous to get the desired traffic and results. You can mesh a classic with different styles to form new ones, without outright plagiarizing them. A bit of inspiration will be required, though.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity has never gone out of fashion since the dawn of designing. It has become widespread in social media circles, where it uses minimalism to breathe life in text, animations, and videography. Users do not have the time to decipher and interpret whatever they view. They need immediate clarification of the content, or else they will abandon engagement altogether.

With the proper usage of spontaneity, you can create better content in your textual and animated social media platforms. Naturalness is seen as the best example of this. People who view such art retain a sense of belonging. They identify with pictures that pertain to the real world, which makes their perception of the content positive. You can always add a few unconventional aspects to your social media content, but it is better not to take too much creative leeway with your business prospects.

4. Immersion and Scale

Virtual reality has become an inseparable entity for many users. They tend to lose interest at a quick pace and expect new immersion from social media network graphics. 3D objects and high-resolution textures have been met with appreciation by many users.

You can utilize motion in tandem with flat graphics to create a new concept for repeat users to keep them interested and engaged.

5. Brutalism

Brutalism is not exactly the most favorable feature of graphic design trends in 2021. It tends to ruin the aesthetics of many visuals and destroys design effects.

A better way to avoid this is by experimenting with bold typography, colors, and imagery that triggers the rebellious and entrepreneurial spirit within the user's heart. If you strike the right balance, you can go a long way without having to use any brutalism along the way.

The prospects of tackling social media content related to graphic design can be an intimidating endeavor, so it is preferable to seek a social media design service instead. The cost to hire a social media designer tends to vary across the spectrum of agencies. But with a realistic budget, you can secure one that mirrors your ideas and vision. Trends may come and go, but they remain perpetually etched in the minds of designers and consumers.

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