Graphic designer transition to product designer

Nov 02, 2022
Graphic designer transition to product designer

are numerous commonalities between graphic design and product design, primarily when it relates to their common focus in visual communication. Graphic design, on the other hand, entails ideas being presented through a graphical means, whether it be paper or electronic. While it can incorporate many elements of the system and interface design, product marketing design focuses on the appearance of a three-dimensional object.

Also, when utilized for print forms, creative graphic design serves purposes that are distinct from those of product design. The theoretical approaches used in both endeavors might be compared in order to distinguish them more clearly. Product design must put a greater emphasis on nuance and how a product's form may either make it more difficult to use or make it easier. Learning certain practical instruments will be important to go from visual design to product design.

For more information on what product design is similar to and differs from visual art, as well as how a foundation in graphic design makes one reasonably well-prepared, graphic designers interested in making the switch should read this post

Determining the roles

Let us first explain how we define these professional positions before we move on. Both careers fall under the category of applied arts and design; thus, they intersect. But we want to emphasize how different they are from one another and explain what makes them each special.

Employing design standards for storytelling is a professional graphic designer's main focus. Graphic designers can be found on internal teams at moderate to big enterprises, marketing agencies, advertising companies, and publishing industries (and several other places).

Implementing design standards for efficiency is a digital product designer's main focus. However, in this instance, we are talking about the function as a member of a digital product or development group. The product design role has its origins in manufacturing (which continues to keep this position title, contributing to the ambiguity).

Understanding the move from graphic to product design


Although it could seem easy, you must first study about things you don't already know. For example, if you work as a graphic designer, you devote a lot of effort to creating graphics work and visual designs but not as much to conducting studies and making data-driven choices Begin by researching digital design if your present concentration is mostly on printable graphics. Although creating an application or webpage isn't required to get started, you should, at the very least, become acquainted with digital hues, measurements, and interfaces.

Book reading


While reading one post won't constitute you a specialist, if you make reading stuff part of your regular habit, you may get a lot of specialized perspectives by perusing blogs and reading the ones that catch your attention.

Article reading


Books are an excellent approach to study since they may provide a lot of the minor things that go into making a product designer in addition to specialized principles.

Books and kids


Secondly, you must act, i.e., produce. Therefore, you have a fantastic chance to present your whole approach while working on a complete project. Recruiters will undoubtedly find this to be interesting. To boost your abilities, you may also simply perform brief activities.

Man working


This phase is really crucial. You have your work and your expertise. You now require the chance. The most effective method for this, in our opinion, is LinkedIn.

At the moment, there is a big demand for product designers, Web developers, and UI developers. Therefore, if you use the network wisely, you will have some chances.

People connecting

Bringing Graphic Design Skills

If you already have experience iterating designs and coming up with several possibilities for creating a custom illustration, you may use these skills in your job in product design and have a significant influence on the caliber of the concepts generated. It will also be quite beneficial to give executives and other shareholders who don't play creative positions in the organization examples of your ideas. As a result, they may choose what functions well in each layout rather than merely pointing out its flaws.

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Customer-centered thinking

People consider product designers to be only "designers." What's more, it would be more correct to refer to them as "client ambassadors." That's essentially the focus of this position. As the client's ambassador, it is your responsibility to speak up for and properly communicate the demands of the consumer.

You must be able to relate to the client deeply and emotionally in order to do this. Stepping in the shoes of the individuals you're attempting to solve problems for will be a lot easier if you have a strong sense of understanding and a drive to explore.

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Which Tools Are Used by Product Designers?

The instruments used by graphic designers and product designers are also dissimilar. While graphic designers employ tools like Adobe's Creative Cloud or online design tools like Stencil and Placeit, product designers have access to a wider range of tools.

Product designers might expect to use statistical analysis tools, Modeling programs, wireframing and prototyping methods, and project management applications in addition to the usual graphics and design toolkits.

Last words

Product designer is a fantastic career choice, and demand for the position is rising as goods and experiences become more human-centric.

Knowing the distinctions between product design and graphic design should make it quite obvious how distinct these responsibilities are. Therefore, although a graphic designer may pick up product design skills, it is not advisable to hire one individual to do both responsibilities.

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