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Halloween Graphic Design Ideas for Your Brand

Jan 22, 2021
Halloween Graphic Design Ideas for Your Brand

Trick or Treat!

It’s that time of the day again. The time to carve out your pumpkin and go trick or treating in your neighborhood for some mouthwatering chocolates, gums, and sweets. Words are not enough to justify the enthusiasm shared by youngsters hoping to collect enough candies to satisfy their sweet tooth while donning their favorite costumes. For businesses, this opens a window of opportunity to capitalize on the holiday season.

Halloween is not limited to benefitting only the candy and clothing industry. It also expands its beneficial reach to graphic design services. Halloween graphic design requests skyrocket this time of the year. All businesses wish to showcase the most effective Halloween designs to draw children and families to their businesses. Because Halloween is a holiday mired in colors, methods, and visuals, it is incumbent upon graphic design platforms to develop Halloween design ideas that beat their competition out of the water.

These Graphic design ideas serve as the perfect money-making machines. People keep spending their money on goods, and businesses generate more revenue. Suffice to say that whatever visuals you choose should be strictly pertaining to Halloween Graphics.

Consumers will buy or purchase anything Halloween related. Here are some of the excellent Halloween graphic design ideas that can entice your audience into seeking your business services and products.

Halloween Graphic Design

The Whiskey Exchange

catered their brand to their older target audience. The Whiskey exchange used their spooky skull imagery along with cobwebs, spiders, bat, pumpkins, and zombies. It incorporated them with their product that gave off a creepy outlook with a professional tone. It truly celebrated the spirit of Halloween without coming off as too cartoonish. This approach benefitted their brand as more adult Halloween customers trafficked their website.


imagery showed a spooky and imaginative line of popular characters, both dark and humorous, waiting to purchase their food. Their atmosphere gave off a ghostly aura, which reinforced the popularity of a scary Halloween. Chipotle used its marketing campaign “Boorito” to sell its famous burritos. It encouraged customers to come in their Halloween customers to their store and purchase their burrito for merely $3. The money would then also go to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which operates as an organization that promotes the culture of sustainable foods.


Operating as an e-commerce website, Threadless used Halloween as an opportunity to sell their products depending on the highest votes. They offered 30% off on their full price items to attract the Halloween inspired online community with their irresistible rates. The “30% Off All Full Price Items” portion was showcased in a green slimy fashion, and the overall design depicted three individuals in zombie attire, giving off a genuinely haunting vibe.


Heineken outsmarted their brewing competitors with a brilliant graphic design idea. They chose legitimate fear tactics as opposed to humorous or adventurous ones. They showcased their Premium Quality Beer with a hand going through the bottle as if it were a ghost. This visual seems so chilling and spooky that it captures the attention of the viewer immediately. Heineken also used a more humorous Halloween design prior, but they outdid themselves with their new scare strategy and pulled it off swimmingly.


The usage of exclamation marks may be debatable, but the outlook’s entire structure works out perfectly. A Honda Car visual that has literal bats inhabiting its body and flying out of the car makes for an unnerving aura. The Honda model used for the Halloween design is a Fit Cavernous, which is about 57 cubic feet of cargo space. The portrayal of a full moon behind the bats gives off an eerie feel.


This Halloween design idea emerged as one of the biggest clashes of the titans in Halloween history. Pepsi decided to overtake Coca Cola as the better beverage by showing how its brand is draped in a Coca Cola styled costume, relaying to their audience that Coca Cola is the fake exterior. At the same time, Pepsi is the real and preferable interior. The tagline “We wish you a scary Halloween” added to the fun. This was a smart and intelligent approach that amused its audience.

Naturally, the supporters of Coca Cola retaliated and decided to replace the headline from “We Wish you a scary Halloween” to “Everybody wants to be a Hero” depicting Coca Cola as the costume of a superhero which overshadows Pepsi. The rebuttal excited the audiences for both the brands and made for a fun rivalry.


McDonald’s took a creative approach and implemented a well thought out visual or using their French fries as fangs and one dripping ketchup which looks as if it is dripping blood. This fast-food chain masterfully embodied Halloween’s essence and attracted more customers to their restaurants who appreciated this smart move. The graphic designer who made such a design for McDonald’s deserves immense credit.


One of the vibrant Halloween design ideas originated from Heinz. They launched their “Spaghetti Spooks” and “Hallowbeanz” cans, which demonstrated their inventive modus operandi. The cans had cute witches, ghosts, and pumpkins reinforced in them with a nightly background. This gives Heinz not only an appealing outlook, but it also makes their product seem tastier. They also launched their Spooky Pasta Shapes pasta shaped in the form of cats, spiders, and bats. Heinz offered a mystery code in their cans to top it off, which would allow the customer to win an online draw.


M&Ms is already a household name and faced no issue in generating traffic from kids and adults hoping to secure their treats. However, M&Ms made an innovative use in an effort to outdo their candy rivals by portraying an orange M&M pumpkin with a background of black M&Ms. This visual was artistic and crisp as well as eye-grabbing. This unconventional design prospects rendered M&Ms as a leading candy brand among their field of competitors.


Starbucks opted for a ghoulish visual when they launched their Zombie Frappuccino. The drink contained green colors that emanated an eerie twist. Their ad showcased a zombie hand grabbing the Zombie Frappuccino while rising from the dirt. The graphic designer for this Halloween graphic design deserves a round of applause.

Eerie, Haunting, Unnerving, Ghostly, or Ghoulish. These elements make up the hallmark of what Halloween is supposed to be about. Given these Halloween designs’ success, you can make capital out of your own before the occasion. It can be either scary or humorous; it entirely depends on you just so the design is original and not copied or plagiarized.

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