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Hiring a Marketing Agency Vs In House Marketing Team

Jan 18, 2022
Hiring a Marketing Agency Vs In House Marketing Team

Every organization craves more customers, maximum profit, and business growth. And marketing in the right way helps to fulfill this hunger. Outsourcing marketing to an agency is the most effective course of action for many successful ventures.

If you are up to decide for your brand between building an in-house team or hiring a marketing agency, do not go with suppositions but consider and measure aspects in your brand's favor. Then, follow this write-up to see the ins and outs before making a final call.

How is In-House Team Different from Marketing Agency?

The work of in-house marketing solely depends on an internal marketing team. The company itself manages everything and puts effort into promoting services. Oppositely, agencies take charge of every work related to marketing and make you free from all the hassles. They contain specialists who possess expertise in diverse domains and handle all marketing on your behalf.

Price Equation

Spending least and saving more is what we all want without compromising on the degree of standard. For example, hiring an agency may look expensive at first glance, but it is a more cost-effective option in proper means. So, yes, it saves on the pocket.

All-Encompassing Skill Sets Requirement

Skills like email marketing, web development, SEO, PPC (Pay per click), online selling are often required by the team corresponding to the company's planned marketing strategy. Building a team in-house loaded with such skills is not something like doing with eyes shut. Nonetheless, agencies like Designster are already equipped with industry professionals, having a diverse skillset for meeting clients’ requirements effectively.

In extension, the agency is your one-stop solution for all of your stumbling blocks.

Conversely, be prepared to invest significant time to shortlist, interview, analyze, and recruit an in-house marketing team.

Mode of Communication

How you would like to interact with your team is another aspect to determine before choosing one? In-house means you have your team on your premises, working side-by-side with you, and communication takes place on the go.

With a marketing agency, the case is different. However, several in-person meetings transpire for finalizing the strategy. Afterward, interaction gets limited to phone calls and emails. Therefore, you are left with options like virtual meetings and on-call discussions.


Timeliness is a crucial factor to consider. Businesses operating on a small scale come under pressure to craft a marketing strategy when they see competitors rising, or their products are not achieving potential success. When such a situation arises, businesses need to respond to them immediately with an effective marketing strategy, or more precisely, consider a marketing agency.

Marketing agencies can take charge promptly and scale up things for you in a short span. However, hiring and training an in-house team involves a great time.


It is essential to analyze that how fast you want to get things done. The speed of accomplishing a task is directly related to the marketing team's capacity and scalability. If your business is seasonal, the scaling needs will fluctuate depending on the requirement of that time.

The scalability and capacity of the in-house marketing team relate to the number of employees. If you have a one-person show, then capacity is less. Scaling will also suffer.

But the state changes when it comes to a marketing agency. With an agency, you hire a team of experts to handle your brand marketing. They tend to handle multiple tasks at a time.

Putting to an End

Choosing an in-house model means recruiting employees, building a team from scratch, and handing over the marketing responsibility. While agency already contains professionals who strategize all the marketing that aid you in achieving company objective quickly and effectively.

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