How to pick typefaces for graphics work professionally?

Oct 28, 2022
How to pick typefaces for graphics work professionally?

The typeface is one of the core components that can make your graphic design excellent or worse. And excellence will only meet you if you pick a font face professionally.

We encounter many typefaces in social media post design. However, several are employed unprofessionally, or we can state they are required to be compatible with the vision. Therefore, we will discuss how to pick typefaces to make your graphics work shine professionally.

Fonts take place everywhere, from logos to banner design to flyers to package design. Meanwhile, professional designers constantly search for ways to build their visuals more attractive with classy typefaces.

Selecting the typeface perfectly.

The very first idea that comes before selecting a typeface is the brand personality. It is the face that your company has among the audience. So, it is crucial to identify the personality and then pick the font for any work accordingly.

The range is huge for choosing font faces. But you should pick only those that are compatible with the tone of a brand. Put your vision and words in front of you while picking a font to view the picture and its meaning. Are you seeking minimal aesthetics combined with a modern touch? Then sans serif serves perfectly. On the contrary, if your preference is classic, then serif font is your font to choose. Their feet are decorative, which conveys a classic vibe in your creative logo design.

Besides, to get a bolder design, go with a slab serif. They speak louder and can be viewed easily from a distance.

Moreover, if a brand niche falls in the formal category, go with the script logo typeface. Their pattern is close to manual handwriting.

And if you wish to appear modern, then nothing serves best than Sans-serif. There are no feet on the letterforms, so they appear more cool and trendy than their family members.


Are fancy typefaces suitable to utilize?

If they are readable and match the company's tone, then you can incorporate them without any second thought in your illustrations. The fancy font does not mean bringing something out of the universe, geek to everyone.

They get employed when you wish to show creativity and give a visual an artistic touch. Professionally speaking, they primarily highlight the heading and get the viewer's attention. However, in the visual world, it is debatable either which typeface is subject to fancy and which one is not. Typically, any font that has a curve in its style is considered a fancy typeface. To an extent, it is true, but not in all cases.

But to give you a notion, a fancy typeface never comes into use for writing main body content. Instead, headlines and taglines are the places where they take place.


Picking a font

Besides your company's message, a typeface itself has a meaning to give. So, your words are not alone on the page. If your words are body, then the font style is their soul. Therefore, it is paramount for body and soul to meet perfectly; that is, selecting a typeface according to the words.

: handwritng

Typefaces to ignore

Curlz, Papyrus, Comic Sans, and several other fonts with extra baggage are presently outdated, and professional graphic designers avoid incorporating them in today’s design patterns.

If you still see they are good for your work, consider your decision and try to employ alternatives instead of them.

: saying no

Merging typefaces

To give more, use less. Yes, days are gone when filled designs were considered modern and appealing. Now people ignore things that require too much time. If your message is popping up in a blink of an eye you are pursuing the correct path. Also, only include a few typefaces in one project and limit your selection maximum to three font styles.

Moreover, it is also a worthy idea to use typefaces from opposite worlds. Different tones complement the design and give it an attractive look. For instance, pick a curved typeface and fuse it with a simple or bold font to highlight the core essence of the message. With this trick, a reader's eye directly catches the part where you aim to reach them.

: : puzzle pieces

Steps to select typefaces smartly

There are some criteria that you should consider while choosing the font faces for your projects.

First, pick a category. Is it old-style, modern, or decorative?

Then, are you considering merging different typefaces? Complimentary typefaces give a more contemporary look.

Analyze the word count and main body length. If it is a flyer or a banner, then curl typefaces can also be utilized. The main goal is to ensure clear readability.

See the medium of design. Will it remain on a virtual landscape or physical paper?

Think about the space. Different typefaces hold different spaces, even using identical point sizes. So, compare them according to the length of your message.

Finally, bring all these ingredients to the same place to see whether it is set with your brand's vision statement. If not, then revisit the steps to align it perfectly.

moving forward: puzzle pieces

Some professional fonts recommendation




Garamond Pro


Bickham Script Pro


Proxima Nova



Wrapping up

Hopefully, now you have an understanding regarding choosing fonts that can make your graphics work stand on top. The steps we have mentioned above can aid you significantly in picking the right font for your brand.

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