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How to Hire a UX Designer? An Ultimate Guide

Jan 22, 2021
How to Hire a UX Designer? An Ultimate Guide

The need for hiring UX designers is growing, given the consistent rise of mobile apps and digital products. The digital world is more happening than ever, and businesses are on the lookout for the best UX designers! An easy-to-use UI leads to a positive UX.

Business owners often confuse UI/UX designers as one, but they’re very different. You hire UI designers to make your app look beautiful, while UX designers focus on improving the app’s functionality to increase user engagement.

What is a UX Designer?

The role of a UX designer is to make a digital product useful, offering an incredible user experience. The designer works towards the betterment of a product to ensure users enjoy using it. The core responsibilities of a UX designer are to carry out product research, analyze results of user engagement with the product, and then implement changes to make it smoother.

Types of Specialist UX Roles

UX designers have multiple roles including:

  1. UX Researcher

    UX researcher focuses on carrying out extensive research that’s about user preferences, behaviors, characteristics, and more. They gather insights on a user’s needs and behavior, which is qualitative and quantitative data. Once the data is collected, you may hire a UI designer to design an interface best suited for your business and target audience.

  2. UX Architect or IA

    The UX architect contributes to the responsibility of a UI designer by suggesting page layouts and content after thorough research. They help with the structure of the page to make it more user friendly. UX architects also overlook the overall navigation of the product to ensure a user’s journey is smooth on the site or app.

  3. UX Copywriter

    The role of a UX copywriter is an emerging one in the field of UX. As a UX copywriter, you’re expected to craft or recreate all the text elements of a page. They’re different than marketing writers who focus on attracting customers. UX copywriters focus on useful and concise content for smooth functionality.

  4. UX Analyst

    The job of a UX analyst is the most critical one because they’re entirely responsible for improving UX and the engagement rate. They study client retention and revenue trends to set realistic and achievable goals. UX analysts focus on the latest UX trends, consumer research, and psychology.

  5. Product Designers

    The product designer takes full charge of the entire process of designing a user interface. They can do it all from UX, UI, and coding to solving design-related problems. A product designer eliminates the need to hire a UI designer separately.

  6. UX Strategists

    In a large company, the job of a UX strategist is to ensure that UX designers are working as per business and consumer needs. He has some expertise in the roles of UX architects, visual design, designing prototypes, content, and user experience.

Four Tips – How to Hire a UX Designer

<p cl ass="pb-0">UX design is an increasing trend, and it’s not hard to find a suitable designer anymore. To help you find the best UX designer, you need to understand how to hire a UX designer. Here are some tips:

Tip # 1: Give a Fair Chance

Most companies make the mistake of overestimating the resumes and portfolios of UX designers. They tend to focus on the quantity of samples, given by the UX designer, rather than quality. On paper, it feels like more samples mean more skills, but the number of samples can’t determine the true potential of a designer. Ten-twenty samples might look shiny, but you need to pay closer attention if they’re all similar or dynamic.

Similarly, don’t think that a candidate who only has two to three samples is less experienced. His three dynamic samples are better than 10 samples that all look the same. Make sure to dig through the portfolio and then be the judge. But if you still have trouble hiring UX designers, conduct tests that challenge their skillsets.

Tip # 2: Know How to Judge a Portfolio

A portfolio is a representation of abilities possessed by the UX designer. So the next time you’re looking at one for hiring UX designers, focus on the following:

  • Encountered Problems – Try to use a keen eye and notice problems the candidate came across during a specific project. UX designers that can pinpoint problems, clearly have a sharp eye for details, which can prove to be fruitful for your company.
  • Wireframes – A UX designer knows the importance of making wireframes. Wireframes are black and white layouts of a web/app page with design elements. Focus on the candidate’s wireframes to be a better judge of his UX skills.
  • Implemented Skills – Try to understand what ‘skills’ the designer used to complete a project. Some of the top skills are wireframing, interactive design, visual communication, analytics, and coding.
  • Key UX Metrics – It’s important to understand what metrics the designer used to finish a project. The six-key metrics of UX design are customer satisfaction, recommendations, the usability of the app/website, app/ website ratings, ease of performing tasks, and product description.

Tip # 3: Don’t Ignore the UX Competition

Each business aims to be better than the other because that’s how competition works. The competition between the best UX design isn’t far behind, either. Websites and apps have gained significant popularity, so it’s important to hire UI designers and UX designers who are the best.

Don’t underestimate your competitors and retain the best UX designers to help your business thrive.

Note: Remember to hire a UI designer to make your app look appealing because the UX designer only focuses on increasing user engagement.

Tip # 4: Don’t Merge Roles of UI & UX

The most common assumption amongst people is that UI and UX designers have the same job descriptions. It’s easy to confuse the two because it’s written as UI/UX designers; however, they’re quite different. You hire a UI designer to design a usable user interface for a digital product and a UX designer to ensure that the UI delivers optimum user experience. A UI designer can only make changes to the interface, based on the suggestions provided by the UX designer.

A UX designer uses metrics, data, and results to help improve your product’s UI. The success of a digital product depends on the UI and UX, so hire UI designers that can help your UX designer.

Finally, Time to Hire A UX Designer!

Digital products are evolving, and UI/UX are the backbones of digital products that can either make or break them. User experience is no longer limited to offering an aesthetic appeal because businesses are making sure their apps are functional and smooth.

There is a larger pool of UX designers now than there was a few years ago, and you have unlimited options. Good luck with hiring the best UX designer for your company!

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