How to make your designer happy and get the results you want

Sep 05, 2022
How to make your designer happy and get the results you want

In a business, you collaborate with different departments to smoothly move on the success road without bumps. As with the digitization and rule of visuals, you most likely have worked with a graphic designer. Maybe your business has an in-house designing team or outsourced graphic designing agency.

In both cases, you might find it difficult at times to convey your vision to the designer. Your professional designer is moving mountains to satisfy your requirements, but nothing will work if both entities' visions are not lined up well. So how to overcome this prevailing problem and achieve the desired results? Make your designer happy. Yes, we will tell you the ways via which you will get the expected graphic work from the designer. Follow us along!

Explain Well

Firstly, whenever you go with a project to a designer, be conscious of the idea that a designer is not a magician who will see through you. Your words create an image in a graphic designer’s imagination. To support your words and be clear with your requirements, we recommend doing the following:

  • Always give a reference point to show what kind of work you are expecting. Then, highlight the areas in it for a better understanding.

  • To make the design process fast, draw your imagination on a paper or computer as a rough sketch. It gives the designer your perspective to think.

  • Tell them about your target market, niche, and products. That information will make their graphics and design more tailored and focus on your company's vision.

  • Highlight the things you don't want to include in your designs to avoid future rework.

Give Input Timely for Revisions

Design work involves many changes until the perfect one gets to appear. A designer always sends the client work to get their input. Now, it will remain intact until you respond to them. Therefore, don’t bombard your changes request on the 11th hour. Yes, everyone is busy in this world and wants things to be done quickly. So, if you also wish to get your designs on time, then make sure to respond to your designer with feedback timely.

Every other graphic design agency and we try our best to give what is expected and expect to receive your change requests at an appropriate timespan. Also, it makes a designer happy when you quickly reply while they are holding your vision. Besides, be sure to be courteous with your words. If you do not like anything, tell the designer humbly and professionally instead of questioning their skill and expertise.

Collaborate as a Team Member

You hired a website graphics creator to perform work for you, but considering them your partner or team member brings significant change to the game. Similar to a language translator, a designer translates your words into visuals. Moreover, as a designer always try to think from the user's perspective, it is also essential for a user to think from the designer's perspective. By doing so, you will be able to identify flaws in your idea. As a result, you will get a new and improved direction in the shadow of an expert.

Besides, remain in touch with the designing team and don’t disappear after giving the requirements. Graphic design is a collaborative process. The more you participate, the more effective result you will get.

Don’t Mix Personal Preference in Professional Work

When you talk about creative graphic design, you must put your trust in creative people who are professionals in the domain. For example, you may personally like red color, and it attracts you, but the design is for the audience. And there are also some colors attached to the specific niche. A professional designer knows these intricacies, and always discusses ideas with you that are best suited for the project.

You may not like the green color, but the niche you are operating in excessively use this color in their logo design, branding, and social media posts. So, you don't have to be personal in professional work. Your main focus should be effectively promoting your brand, product, and services.

Keep Patience

Good things take time. Designing a visual is not a one-day task. Many things happen behind the curtain. A designer research idea, create some concepts, incorporate your requirements in them, and communicate for your approval; everything requires time. If you have outsourced design work, understand that a designer is not only working for you. They are tied to several projects and giving their efforts to all simultaneously. So, you have to give an appropriate time considering their workload and corporate for the best results.

Avoid standing on their head all the time and asking for work. It makes a designer frustrated and demotivated, affecting their work and creativity. Give some leeway to them and understand things from their position as well to settle for the best for both of you.

However, if you are looking for a designer that only handles your project and their attention and efforts should not be taken by any other work, then Designster is your option.

Show Trust in a Designer's Skill

When you hire an illustrator for your projects, you need to trust them with their skills. However, you can make them aware of what you want but avoid instructing them as they know what to do and how to do it. Don't restrict their creative mind, which can make you shine in the digital world. For best results, allow them to show their true potential.

As discussed, all these ways can make your designer happy, create a good professional client-designer relationship, and produce the best outcomes. We hope that now you have gained the perspective from professional graphic designers’ point and understood what they expect from their clients. Showing understanding and respecting time is the key that create a win-win case for both parties.

Coming to an end, if you want professional design service for your brand, a dedicated designer, and at a cost-effective price, let Designster help you.

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