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How You Can Make a Sales Ad and Avoid a Flopped Ad?

Apr 06, 2021
How You Can Make a Sales Ad and Avoid a Flopped Ad?

If you consider the social media ad designing process challenging, we are here to put your worries to rest. It is undoubtedly true that social media ad designs have their obstacles, but they are not as intimidating as website designs or logo designs. To put it bluntly, social media ad design begins once you have already initiated your business launch along with its official visual design that represents its interests.

You already have the content and mission in your arsenal to incorporate in your social media campaign. That said, it is all the more imperative for you to incorporate visually arresting visuals and content in your ad design to facilitate its marketing purpose. Basically, this is the only way you can generate revenue. Typically, businesses opt to hire a social media designer from Penji or Designster to handle such projects. Still, it does not hurt to explore your horizons yourself and strengthen your abilities.

Purpose of A Social Media Ad Campaign

It goes without mentioning that your social media ad campaign has the potential to make or break your enterprise. The cause for this lies in the fact that ads are proportionate to enabling conversions of online users into clients. The average user has a short attention span, making it tricky for businesses to pique their interest with their ad content. While scrolling through an abundance of online content, they will only take a split-second to decide whether or not they want to entertain any one of the ads they view. If the ad has a gripping effect on them, they will decipher it carefully. If the ad is unimpressive to them, they will dismiss it and move on.

A fantastic ad design will easily entice the user to click on its design. If you trivialize the ad design's importance, the chances of you losing a user and experiencing a loss in sales are relatively high. This is why you cannot take any risks pertaining to your ad campaign on social media or otherwise. A design ad on social media is equivalent to a billboard you construct for your product or service. Its sole purpose is to boost your traffic and amass a substantial number of users, especially if you are a startup.

Benefits of Social Media Ad Design

Because social media transcends boundaries, you can conveniently access a customer bloc of diverse backgrounds from any religion, race, and geographical location. This will pave the way for you to expand on your customer base and reach a new target audience. The strategy revolves around observing and analyzing that specific demographic and ensuring that your ad obtains their attention. This strategy will ultimately determine whether you accumulate capital or not. The sales boost you require can only be possible through a successful social media campaign. This successful campaign is what makes a sales ad. We will evaluate how you can form a triumphant sales ad and leapfrog over the dangers of making a failed ad.

Sales Ad Design Tips

It takes a while to determine which ad design is best suited to become a sales ad as opposed to a flopped ad. You need to adhere to the following policies and enforce them in your social media ad design tips decision-making process.

Think Different

Taking a conventional stance will not benefit your brand in the slightest when it comes to your social media ad design. The graphic design industry has become a whole new ball game, and it's time to think outside the box. Visuals are dominant in the digital realm, and competitors are actively vying to snatch away their target users away from their rivals. This makes it essential that you develop something that makes a distinctive impact when you enter the fray. You need to formulate an ad idea that no one has experienced or seen before. This may seem like a dispiriting task, especially when corporations have the upper hand when it comes to the competition.

The brutal truth is that it is a highly daunting task. But you cannot evade your role in still portraying a design that separates you from your opponents in terms of aesthetics and originality. Producing an ad that is unique and innovative requires a lot of brainstorming, which makes it a time-consuming process. You have to get used to this aspect of the designing process because if you accelerate your ideas, you will falter in its materialization.

This does not mean that you need to feel overwhelmed. Just start with something small and simple. Begin with a minimalist design that features a product that the naked eye has never viewed. Take as much time as you want. Time is but a phenomenon in this procedure. It does not hurt to reach out to your counterparts or friends to assist you in your endeavors. Observe how your colleagues handle their ad design business and see what triggers their target base's emotional interest. This technique has been meritorious to many firms that have undertaken the duty to make an eye-catching ad design.

Requirement of High-Quality Images

Imagery is a mandatory strategy for your ad design, primarily if you utilize them in picture-oriented social media platforms such as Instagram. If you use standard pictures, your brand will become less credible for your potential buyers and hurt your credibility. The images you use need to be detailed, clear, and transparent. There are plenty of customized photos available online on different platforms where you can avail your imagery line. Or you can always create your images through the use of a camera.

The latter strategy is the best option for you to render your brand looking individualistic. It will increase your users' trust factor, who will be won over by your content so much that they will purchase your product and support your company. This will guarantee you a loyal customer base that you can retain in the long term. Taking the example of a billboard is a risky effort. Users have a low trust bar when it comes to such representations, which they view as shady. If you rely on imagery alone, which stresses attention to detail, does not have to censor its productivity, and emphasizes quality over quantity, you have a winning ad design at your disposal.

Focus on Colors and Fonts

If you understand color psychology, then you know good and well that colors evoke different emotions in people. They associate colors with different emotions and feels. For example, the color red is linked with urgency, while the color blue is tied with trust. It is viable to use colors at a limited capacity. Please choose at least three or four colors at best and try to embellish them separately. You can also amalgamate these colors if you prefer, as long as they do not come out looking discombobulated.

In the case of typography, it is the most sensitive facet of your ad design. Textual content is relevant to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Users pay lesser attention to word content than imagery, so you need to manage its manifestation with care. You can either select fonts that are commonly used by entrepreneurs and play it safe.

Or you can experiment with others in the sense that it provides people with a distinct and original view. Just ensure that you only pick one or two fonts at best. Selecting any more than that will render your entire ad design looking messy, and the viewers will not waste precious time deciphering what they are reading. Both your colors and fonts need to maintain a cohesive and complementary relationship with one another. This is the secret recipe to establishing a productive ad design.

Utilize Your Logo

A log is a face and very identity of your brand. This makes it relevant to expanding your brand awareness to new target audiences and assisting users in understanding your brand's familiarity. Educating users through your logo will heighten the recognizable factor of your brand.

Logos can be static or animated, depending on your taste. The animated option is a better option as it enables users to understand your brand and product in a prolific manner. Those who are not aware of your brand and what it looks like will forever tie your brand recognition through your logo design. By infusing it into your ad design, your users will identify its origins and share it to support your enterprise.

Ads Should Be of Few Seconds

The ideal choice of timing your ad in terms of videography has to be about 16-20 seconds or less. Facebook ads continue to generate the lost likes and engagement with users through this time length. Extending your video for the sake of looking distinctive is a fool's errand which is something you should avoid. Ads less than ten seconds or more than twenty seconds do not enjoy the same conversion rates as those in the 16-20 seconds time range. Taking this evidence into consideration is key to your immediate success.

The social media ad design costs tend to vary based on the strategy you are going to use. But if you are working on a limited budget, it is best to exercise the same limitations to meshing your visual design elements on your ad design. As long as you adhere to the mentioned principles, you are guaranteed to cement a sales ad for yourself for sure.

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