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The Importance of Color in Brand Advertising

Mar 22, 2021
The Importance of Color in Brand Advertising

Today we see advertisements of many brands through many platforms. Whether you have mobiles or billboards, we are all surrounded by a world where ads have become an integral part of our lives. But there is one thing that we don't pay attention to all of these ads.

We might ignore a few of them. We don't want that brand because we did not find that engaging and eye-catchy. Many brands don't realize how important the role of color is in brand advertising.

The first impression of your brand would be the last. Customers should be impressed by how beautifully you have used the colors to convey your message. It should be able to connect with the customers by displaying emotions and feeling through colors. Yes! that is possible. Effective use of color can help you with brand awareness through understanding their psychology.

It all comes down to the brand designer who can change your brand from a small startup to a globally recognized company. If you hire a brand designer who does not have the experience to use color effectively, your dreams to make your brand a big hit are over. So, let's understand why color is so important and how it can reshape your brand's identity.

Why is Color so Important?

Colors converse expressions in an irreplaceable language. On a sentimental level, they connect with all of us in such a manner that is not possible through words. Therefore, they are more successful at inclinations and persuasions.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, did believe in the strong connection between the colors and humans. He thought that colors and human beings have a unique bond, "humans have a universal color stimulus response to the body," he said. Carl further asserted that "colors are the subconscious's native language."

Colors have a particular emotion that is with them. Choosing the right one would help you describe the main characteristics of your brand. It also affects the way your consumer perceive your products.

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and think from their perspective while choosing a color. At that particular point, you will realize which color will suit your brand and go well with your audience. Keep in mind that the color you go for sits well with your website as it is the first thing that your customers will go to. It can be the making or the breaking point for your business.

Broadly Accepted & Presumed Interpretations of Colors

Each color has an approximate significance behind it. It conveys a specific impression, making them even more critical, so if company owners have a little context before selecting a color palette, it ends up paying.


The color red is usually used to display a powerful image. It is also popular in representing feelings such as aggression and energy. If you incorporate passion and proactiveness into your brand, red is the ideal color for you. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is selling an energy drink.


It appears very down to earth as well. This shade presents lightness and sustainability. Also, it gives an old-fashioned and nostalgic appeal, so it can be an excellent choice for a product that can be forming a connection with the past of people.


Sensibility, excitement, uniqueness, and royalty are the few features that this color offers. This is what makes it perfect for those attempting to sell expensive products such as jewelry.


Although the color is plain, it can be great to show purity and cleanliness. The color can be appealing to people due to its simple and calm nature. The youth and honor that this color offers can be an excellent choice for products that can bring coolness, such as ice creams, air conditioners, and talcum powder.


A color that goes well with anything that is the color black. The sophistication and the exclusivity that this color offers merely is unmatchable. With a sense of professionalism in it, the color is ideal for expensive products.


Pink is a color mostly common for romanticism and love. However, the darker shades of the color can give an energetic impression and instills excitement. The color is generally a popular choice of women due to its feminine appeal. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for products that are targeting women.


This a color that symbolizes peace and nature. It gives a very calm and soothing feeling. If your product has anything related to health or fitness, then the color you should go for is green. Moreover, it gives out a sense of nature and how we can preserve it, so if you are a brand that wants to portray yourself as eco-friendly or organic, then green is the right color for you.


Blue is the color that gives out a positive vibe. It gives a sense of trust, honesty, responsibility, and safety. That is why it has been the top choice for many security and government organizations. Take a look at the flags of the UN and NATO. Both have used different shades of blue in it.


This is a color that gives it a sense of fun and happiness. It can be a good color for brands targeting children as it provides a pleasant and friendly feeling. Moreover, people also associate it with emotions such as energy, which can attract teenagers.


Yellow is the color of creativity and enthusiasm. It is also a color that shows happiness and displays a sense of giving, motivating, and captivating. However, the color can be an excellent choice for providing a bold impression as well.

Factors to Assess When Selecting A Color Scheme

When selecting a color scheme, you need to keep in mind a couple of points. These points will help you understand what color will suit your brand.

Target Audience

Make sure that you know the wants of your target audience. The brand is for them, so you need to think of how they will perceive it. Carefully research the audience and their preference regarding the color. Their preference should be an essential factor of your color choice. Then use relevant data you have about them and penetrate your target market.


After you determine your target audience, then comes the time to make the color appropriate. Have a look around and see what your competitors are using as well. Also, check how the customers are responding to the color scheme. This way, you will be able to make a much better impression on your audience. It will induce people to remember you and trust you by utilizing suitable colors for that industry.


Color in a brand holds a critical position. So, refrain from changing it again and again. People like consistency and a frequent change would lead to confusion regarding your brand. Moreover, it would be damaging your brand identity and recognition in the long term. Since there is no consistency, people would forget about your brand. It would not be rememberable or recognizable. Thus, the key here to be consistent and constant in your color scheme.

Connecting Personality and Suitable Color of The Brand

Before choosing any color, you must understand and analyze the effects that it is going to have on your target audience. In case you don't, then it would have the worst impact. So, to avoid it, it's highly recommended that you assess your customers' reactions when they view your color.

There are some points that you need to take into consideration before going for any color:

  • 1. It should connect with your products or services.

  • 2. Your brand personality needs to connect with it.

  • 3. It should be in connection with the emotion that you want from the target market.

If it delivers the correct and suitable message, the colors also might contrast with one another.

Final Words

Now you have a clear picture of how color psychology plays a vital role in advertising and other marketing campaigns. Mastering the art is not everybody's cup of tea. What you want for your brand is something that can be engaging and compelling.

Since you know how important color is in your brand's entire design, you need a dedicated designer for your brand. The designer would help you in elevating your business by enhancing the brand identity. If you are looking for a designer who can help you out, what better place to find one than Designster.

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