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Importance of design in branding campaigns

Jun 17, 2022
Importance of design in branding campaigns

Usually, good design illustrations are not just limited to an aesthetic image. It's more than that. Good design illustrations allow you to tell a story while highlighting your brand. However, it also persuades people toward your brand. Therefore, visual illustrations are the most important aspect of your marketing and branding campaign. However, if your design is good, it can stick in people's minds and sway their perception of your company as good or bad. That is why most professional graphic designers focus on making creative and well-designed marketing materials.

Through visual illustrations, graphic designs can build credibility and recognition of your brand among people. On the other hand, a poor graphic design for your marketing materials, such as logos, brochures, and social media animated banners, can make a bad impression on your users. However, in this blog, we will discuss why good graphic designs are necessary for your marketing and branding campaigns.

Design importance in branding campaigns

You cannot underestimate the value of graphic designs in branding and promotions. Good graphic design, like logos, is the key to success for most big brands in today's world. However, good graphic design can benefit your branding campaigns in ways that can make people recognize your brand while gaining customer loyalty. Below are some of the advantages of a good graphic in your branding campaigns.

1. Providing awareness of your brand

Good design illustrations can persistently remind people of your products and their core values. In addition, strong branding materials such as logos, landing pages, packaging, and social media post designs can create a strong brand image among people.

Furthermore, if you use these marketing materials for your digital and print designs, it's more likely that people will remember them and your company and brand through them. However, a good brand image can grab your potential customer's attention.

2. Attaching people through their emotions

Did you know? People can remember information 65% more through visual illustrations than information presented in text form. People can connect their emotions with design illustrations regardless of their genre, whether funny, sad, or beautiful. It may be possible that people will remember it much better than you are trying to explain it.

According to marketers, your digital ads must have the ability to evoke emotion, which you can see in most digital ads. However, you can evoke emotions not only through visual illustrations. You can do it through catchy eye lines too. However, a good marketing design can force your brand to be recognized in a sea of competitors.

3. Build trust among people

A good marketing design can impress its customers through its first impression. If the people like your brand, it will make the company a trustworthy brand among people. That is the reason why most of the big brands invest their time, resources, and power into designing great marketing materials. You just have to pinpoint your brand values precisely in your graphic designs, like social media post designs and printing designs.

4. Improving sales

Designs play a massive part in marketing trends, especially digital marketing. Suppose what will happen if you don’t make any brochure or flyer designs for your marketing campaign? without creating marketing designs people are unaware of your brand. Being a human being, you purchase a product that looks good and attractive. According to research by West Rock study, around 63% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on seeing creative packaging designs. One more fact is that around 75% of the people judge a brand's credibility based on its web design.

To better understand how design can improve sales, you can use the example of Coca-Cola. In their marketing campaign “Share a Coke,” they neither rebrand nor make new products. Instead, they just transformed their packaging design, which helped them to a 2% rise in sales.

5. Making an impactful first impression

Most people consider your brand good or bad based on their first impression. However, the first impression you make on your customers is very important. According to Google, people decide whether to stay or leave your web page in 50 milliseconds. It means that you have a very short period to impress your customer. However, these stats are not just limited to the webpage. It applies to all your graphic designs.

Generally, a customer's first impression is quick and depends on superficial elements. People want to see graphics that make them feel good about your company. So, you must use the services of professional graphic designers who can make a leading graphic design for you.

6. Individual brand identity

Every day, the ordinary customer is bombarded with commercials and brand messages through different design essentials. To differentiate yourself from the competition, you must incorporate powerful design elements into every piece of material that visitors may encounter from your business. Remember that individuals frequently pick a company based on their graphic designs

7. Tells a story

If your brand's purpose is to conserve the world or the ocean, design elements such as ocean waves and deep blue water might assist tell that message. A great graphic design should give your customers a captivating narrative. A story can sometimes be as basic as what your brand believes in or cares about. Consider the tale that your brand wants to tell. Is it possible to tell that story while designing various aspects of your business? Is that story integrated into your logo, website, and other brand locations? If not, then do integrate design essentials in your marketing campaigns.

Ending Note

Marketing materials play an important role in assisting brands in being remembered, trusted, and economically successful. Every brand has its own strategy and emphasis, as well as its own visual identity, on which to base every marketing effort and branding asset. These foundations might change over time, but businesses and their marketing should never deviate too far from their core values. But do remember that design illustrations are also an important part of your marketing campaigns. So, you must hire professional graphic designers who can help you build your brand.

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