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Logo Shapes: What They Mean and Why They’re Important

Jul 15, 2022
Logo Shapes: What They Mean and Why They’re Important

Everything contains a pattern. The world is full of geometrical shapes. By observing the natural patterns, artists used them in their design work. It is not today's thing; finding and creating patterns has been in human nature since the world's inception. For instance, people created different shapes on stones and trees during the stone age period. With time, this artistic nature evolved in humankind, and they started experimenting with patterns on walls and temples. After that, people tried to convey messages with shapes when the level increased. They crafted designs by fusing different patterns to give meaning; hence, cool logos came into existence. Today, from MNC to a local shop on your street corner, everyone has a logo.

Every logo achieves a structure by some geometrical shapes. A mind of a human being (even animal) interprets different shapes with different meanings. Some positively impact the mind, while some show danger and risk. When you hire logo designers, they translate your message and business vision according to shape theory. They make it memorable and easy to interpret. There are tons of logo examples around us, but only a few contain a meaning easy to see at first glance.

Our professional logo designers always sync a brand message with the right shape to give the correct tone and message. As a result, customers get influenced by looking at the logo and are attracted to the brand to invest. All becomes possible if shapes are selected correctly.

Shapes Psychology

To gain an edge in designing unique logos, one must understand the psychology behind shapes. If a designer knows how shapes impact the subconscious mind, communication with visuals will grow stronger, setting the foundation of modern logos. No doubt that hiring logo designers can lead a brand to the creation of the coolest logos as they know the shapes and their effect on the human psyche.

Some attributes that are associated with basic shapes are as follows:

  • Horizontal lines refer to tranquility and calmness.
  • Circles show friendship, unity, and stability.
  • Square reflects professionalism and strength.
  • Vertical lines are more for showing progress and masculinity.
  • Finally, the triangle shows the power and scientific attributes.

Categories of Logo

Whether it’s a traditional or modern logo, they belong to one of the three categories. One is an ideograph without words but symbols representing any idea.

The second is a pictograph. They are nothing but a representation of real-world objects in picturized format. Even logos of this category are often blended with words to create appealing graphics.

Last is the wordmark. It is a text-based logo used to highlight the brand's name.

Geometrical Shapes

Go back to the time when you used to be in the primary. We all learned some basic shapes in our geometry class. Now probably, you are remembering that each shape comes from combining points, lines, and curves. But, mostly, every geometric shape is symmetrical and distinctive.


One of the prevalent shapes in the pattern domain is a circle. The form of the circle is symmetric and shows reflection by forming a line. Furthermore, for every angle, a circle has rotational symmetry. Because of its reflective nature and attractive attributes, logo and graphic design services greatly favor circular shapes for crafting phenomenal designs.


As we mentioned earlier, square shows strength and professionalism. In addition, its four-sided structure tends to build more substantial relationships with the audience. However, some people find this shape boring, but if professional designers like us blend the square with creativity, the results will be exciting and inspiring for you.


Conveying trust and dependability, triangles come as confident geometric shapes. They are so adaptable and flexible, becoming an excellent option for logo designers to design a logo. Further, they also get used to represent alphabetical letters like A, V, and D when tilted in different directions. Besides, they also do work for pointing a way like arrows. Adding more, a triangle can be overlapped to convey a message appealingly.


If you ask us what an essential part of any logo design is, we will say angles. They help in creating a structure and perspective. Even a 3D look you see in any logo results from managing angles. Achieving a great logo design without angles is like cooking a meal without methane; not possible by any means.


Showing a direction, an arrow refers to a motion or growth. They also come into use to describe protection and pointing anything essential to note. Typically, travel and shipping companies use arrows in their logo, showing a movement. Amazon and FedEx are the most prominent example of this.

Abstract Shape

Unlike basic geometrical shapes, abstract shapes result from some thoughts and are a bit complexly designed form. Moreover, they come into existence by combining different shapes to create something new, unique, and unmatched, like Audi's symbol. They are nothing but overlapping circles. Much like the sets, we used to study in elementary school. But combining them created an eye-catching emblem for the audience.

Such companies that are operating on a larger scale prefer to create something unconventional. Hence, abstract art has become their companion for creating modern logos.

Cultural Shape

These are shapes that are recognized at the global level. Their meaning is already understood, like religious symbols and country flags. However, it requires incredible creativity to blend known symbols to give a different meaning respective to a brand. And if you want something like this for your business, then Designster can do this for you perfectly.

Keep Branding Alive

Whatever content you produce must be synced with your brand voice, and the logo is no exception. It is your visual identity and should be the best. It should tell people in the first impression about you and be strong enough to remain in one's mind for a long. If people remember you, they will come to you eventually. Hence you must choose such shapes and patterns and combine them so that they give the eyes a pronounced and attractive meaning. The shapes and meanings we have mentioned above influence the viewer's mind and make an impact of your brand on them.

If you want to level up your visual games and need a great logo design, then Designster, an unlimited logo design service is your destination. Our professional designers will collaborate with your business to craft a great logo design. So, contact us now and get your cool logo straightaway.

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