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Modern Graphic Designing Trends To Watch In 2022

May 26, 2022
Modern Graphic Designing Trends To Watch In 2022

Do you know what graphic design trends are? No worries, I'll tell you. Design trends are design styles that we find in graphic designing processes that change from time to time. Graphic designing is a highly impactful industry surrounding our daily lives through its design trends and styles. We can see these trends in the fashion industry, interior design, and even social media designs. Therefore, graphic designers need to incorporate new marketing trends to stay ahead of their competitors.

In the modern era, the world is witnessing new future design trends like NFTs and three-dimensional designs. Some professional graphic designers are working on these futuristic trends in design. In contrast, some graphic designers continue to concentrate on '90s nostalgia design trends. In which we observe the combination of simple and vibrant minimalism. The following are the most recent design trends for 2022 that we will be discussing in this article.

Design styles to look out for in 2022

Designing trends are dependent on many factors like fashion and taste with technological and social changes. To incorporate the latest design trends, you will have to learn more about design illustrations in order to apply them. In this ever-changing world, you're probably wondering what the current graphic design trends are. Don't worry!! We've compiled a list of some of the most notable graphic design trends for 2022.

1. Evolution in 3D designs

Thanks to ever-changing technologies in the software industry, we can see advance technologies in 3d designs. Three-dimensional designing is all about experimenting with more details. Graphic designers create eye-catching 3D designs by combining animation and visuals. These illustrations, however, are best suited for branding, 3D characters, social media content, and web3.

Using holographic animated 3d characters in your web, mobile apps, and animations can make your content look more appealing.

However, 3d designs may also help in creating storyboards with 3d characters, which is an excellent feature of 3d design.

2. 3D typography designs

Typography is another important aspect of graphic design. Typography design trends change throughout time. However, now we will discuss 3D typography designs that add a more realistic vibe to your text. You can create this typography by using designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. However, these fonts provide your typography with more legibility, readability, and aesthetics.

3. NFTs art

As you know, the concept of metaverse and NFTs are becoming much more popular. So, it's time for you to explore the design trends happening in the NFTs. NFTs are non-fungible tokens created with the help of 3d and 2d designs that may have an actual existence in the world of the metaverse.

NFT is a form of art that you can see in the artwork, assets, or even a meme. NFTs work on blockchain technology. Only one individual can have their unique NFT at a time that resembles its character in the metaverse. Since NFTs are unique, it's hard to replicate them.

4. Combine 2D and 3D illustrations

We can see how 3D graphic designs are taken over social media and graphics content. In modern times, 3d designs are more in demand, whereas 2D illustrations are making a comeback.

Visual artists use these illustration components to produce the authenticity of 2D visuals while simultaneously conveying a sense of 3D realism. Designers also combine 3D and 2D designs through graphics software like blender, Procreate, and Spline apps to make their designs appealing. Moreover, look at the animated logo design, which is an excellent illustration of this design trend.

5. Simple Logo designs

Changing logo design reinvents and gives a completely new life to the brand. Different companies are working on this detailed and complicated design aspect to provide their brand with an approachable makeover. Brands are using more simple, recognizable designs for their logos. That consists of a flat vector shape with one or two color palettes, resulting in a simpler, cleaner logo.

Pringles product cover design was recently modified with an increased minimalist logo, and Burger King exhibited a new update to its 1990s appearance. Similarly, despite maintaining a well-known brand, Volvo has decreased the use of color and selected an all-black symbol.

6. Gradient color schemes

Gradient color scheme trends are increasingly popular in graphic design. Thanks to a light and gritty finish, these gradient schemes are multi-colored design layers with a delicate look and presence. This style gives your presentation and social media graphic design a more attractive appearance.

7. Reviving 90'S Nostalgic illustrations

Vintage fonts, a warm tone, an organic color palette, soft shadow, and natural texture are used in these design trends. These designs are perfect for magazine layouts, record covers, company logos, and product packaging. On the other hand, these designs are nostalgic and modern, which means they use antique fonts and color tones that appear to be current designs, giving the design a more aesthetic appeal.

8. Simplicity in designs

After a rough few pandemic years, many visual producers revert to the basics of graphic work, creating striking and simple designs. Many inventive designs focus on the pleasant aspects of life. Why? Perhaps the outbreak has prompted people to seek strength, or this is just a new twist on an old design trend. In any case, in today's complex world, simplicity may be a breath of fresh air.

9. Designs with little details

Are you acquainted with graphic design terms like minimalism ? Minimalist designs have minimal visual components, such as monochromatic color patterns in vibrant hues. Minimalist designs are recommended for branding purposes. Visual artists use color combinations of a few main colors to portray the design concept.

10. Maxilism illustrations

The Maxilism design trend features bright colors and geometric patterns with little white spaces. However, these illustrations are not simple. Instead, they blend rich textures, unique typefaces, and fascinating aesthetic pictures.

11. Surrealism designs

These design trends provide an escape from reality by displaying futuristic aesthetics on a whole new level. Surrealism design comprises great eccentric design trends with decorative images that appear to be a dream.

Summing up

That's a wrap-up on our latest design trends list. Now it's your choice that how you can use these design trends to resonate with your audience. In addition, since the NFTs and digital art are more in demand, you can use freelance graphic designers for your 3d printing design services.

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