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Queries of a graphic designer while working with a client

Jun 06, 2022
Queries of a graphic designer while working with a client

One of the most challenging tasks for graphic designers when working on a design project with a client is communication. It is always challenging when the consumer is unfamiliar with graphic designs. Most clients find it challenging to work with professional graphic designing studios or work with a freelance graphics designer. They can't articulate what they want from their custom illustrations since they don't understand them. Even the designer doesn't always know what questions to ask before beginning a project. Because of these unanswered questions, the design project requires frequent changes. As a result, the project is delayed.

As a graphic designer, you must ask questions that offer a comprehensive view of the project. The more queries are resolved, the more the designer can understand what type of design the client wants. Furthermore, resolving all of these questions may speed up the project completion phase, which may meet customer demands. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a compelling list of questions you may ask the client to have a broad aspect of the project.

Questions to ask as illustrators

As a graphics designer, before making design illustrations, you have to ask several questions from the customer to better understand them. Different clients require different graphic work. E.g., some may demand a social media animated banner, or some may ask for a flyers design. What the client demands for his design work is beyond our imagination. So, it’s your responsibility to assist them by asking questions from them.

You must have to set a parameter of questions to ask before initiating the project, regardless of the size of the business. Don’t worry. We have compiled a list of further questions that you may have to ask before starting the project.

1. Expectations from the project

Before starting a design project, you first have to understand the expectations of the client from this project. The clearer the client talks about what exact design he wants, the better it is for a graphic designer to design as per the goal. The project's design can change rapidly if the project is in the starting cycle of graphic designing.

You have to make sure that the design meets the client's expectations and that the project is not going off track. Some clients have technical knowledge of graphic design. So if they break down the workflow of their design work, it would be great for the designer to execute them.

2. Defining the goals of the project

After determining the client's expectations, underline the client's project goals. Most large corporations redesign their designs, such as logos, every 5 to 10 years. As most major brands do. As a result, you must grasp what the customer expects from you. Does he wish to entirely rebrand to give its past concepts a new look? Most customers base their design goals on their project's vision, making it easy for you to acquire an overview of design based on your client's vision.

According to the buyer persona, these designs are essential for marketing goals. So, while creating your website or app, consider how you will use them and the repercussions of doing so. Clear goals from the start will help you prevent a tremendous amount of output and rework later on.

3. Does the client want to use the previous color palette or a new one?

Colors are the most important part of designing services since they bring a design to life. For example, assume a company's logo was created without the use of color. Isn't it fascinating? Clearly, no. So you now understand why colors are crucial in design, particularly in logos. Colors also express a company's goals and ideals. As a result, you must comprehend color theory and its brand associations.

So, you must ask if the customer wants to continue with the previous color palette or include new colors in their designs. You must select colors that match the aims and aspirations of your firm. Choosing an unsuitable color palette for your social media marketing design might negatively influence your design effort.

4. Focusing on taglines and slogans

Like the brand, Redbull has the slogan "Redbull gives you wings." Most companies have a slogan. Usually, businesses use these slogans in their design service to remind people about their business. So these taglines should be simple, concise, and eye-catching. These catchy words can be a vital attribute to showing your intended message to the audience.

5. What business names do you want to use in your designs

Usually, a business name or its designs doesn't remain the same all the time. They evolve from time to time. Similarly, the logo of Lamborghini in 1965 is so different compared to modern times. Some clients want to embolden and trademark text, while some require names that their audience can easily remember. You can learn the client's preferences and legal documentation to achieve the future design goals of the client. You just have to know your client and deliver the exact message they want to convey.

6. Defining your business

Suppose there is a company that is the fastest internet provider. Then they have to add elements to their logo that can echo the company's values and visual connections. You may view the FedEx logo to better comprehend this. Most of us have seen their logo, but we haven't looked at the emblem's hidden meaning. Look for a right arrow indicating speed and precision in the white space between the letters "E" and "X." Even the colors of the logo have unique connotations, such as orange for the parcel, green for land, red for fear, and yellow for commerce, while blue represents its headquarters.

7. Client choice of typography

Typography is also one of the most important parts of graphic design. Unfortunately, most clients do not know how to specify the font they desire in their projects. As a graphics designer, you must ask your client whether he wants to use the existing typography of his designs or whether he wants to utilize particular new fonts. If he requests a fresh font, show him various typography examples from which he can choose. Clients frequently visualize the font they want but can't adequately articulate it to the designer. Therefore, it's your responsibility to determine what typographic style they want.

8. Distinguishing designs based on demographics

Most companies express their business through their designs, such as logos. However, these logos also provide a distinct identity for the brand. You can also use mood boards along with logos to provoke the emotions the client wants in their graphic illustrations. What will separate the designs if you are making a brochure design for two different clients? It's the demographics that can change the design and connect people with the design.

9. Awareness of design usage

As a graphic designer, it's your responsibility to know the platforms where your custom illustrations will be used. Knowing the platform where your designs will be used provides you with a broad spectrum of how you have to make your designs. For example, complex logos with low dpi resolution can not be as useful for designs such as business cards. On the other hand, logos designed at high DPI resolution can be used in any format and size.

10. Focus client’s competitors

You must examine the designs of your client's rivals before starting the design project. Looking at your competitors' designs allows you to create new and unique designs compared to your competition. You may be developing something comparable to your competition. However, studying your competitors before releasing the final product might lessen this possibility. You only need to compile a list of your rivals to create unique designs.

11. When you want your design project to be published

Delivering projects on time can satisfy your customer expectations and help you create a pipeline for completing the project. For example, if you have to make a 10-hour VFX video in just 24 hours, you can't do so, so you must extend your deadline. In this case, you have to ask the client within a week of initiating the project.

12. Analyzing marketing campaigns

Analyzing your client marketing campaigns can help you understand what type of designs their audience demands. It is an excellent approach for making your designs as per your audience. You just check the client's previous designs that bring them quality leads. By doing this, your design can provide great results as the design will be as per your targeted audience.

13. Did you previously work with a graphic designer?

This is a fantastic question since it provides a broad range of information about their prior working experience with the designer. This response can also provide input based on their preferences and dislikes when working on past designs with the designer. As a graphics designer, you must establish a solid relationship with your customer by ensuring work quality in order to be considered for future projects.

14. Asking for project budget

One of the best things before finalizing a design project is that you have to ask for the project budget from your client. However, this cost can rise when the customer demands modification with new ideas and functions. Suppose a client wants custom illustrations for their social media post designs. You give them a certain budget on which your client should agree. But what if, after some time, clients demand social media animated banners? Then the project cost might get higher.

In a nutshell

Several questions must be answered before beginning any design project or graphic work. It is your job to meet with your customers frequently to answer their questions and create images that reflect their tastes. Furthermore, you must complete the job on schedule and within your client's budget. Similarly, if you are looking for designer or hiring an illustrator artist then you must provide a complete brief for the designs you want. However, you may use the questions listed above to better understand your customer.

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