Role of graphic designing in social media marketing

Apr 15, 2022
Role of graphic designing in social media marketing

Graphic designing is a powerful tool that most big firms use for branding and marketing. According to statistics, 95%of the people have downloaded social media apps that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In addition, according to the statistics, large corporations use these platforms to outreach many peoples. But on the other hand, graphic designing also helps you create a unique identity for your brand. While at the same time, they are helping you with the digital branding and awareness of your product or services.

Can you imagine Instagram without posts and videos? Obviously, no. The importance of graphic designing in social media marketing cannot be ignored since it helps you in your brand's designing and branding aspects. Facebook business pages like Levi's are among the finest examples to demonstrate the role of graphic designing in social media marketing. Like how they utilize Facebook background cover and their posts to promote their deals or products.

Role of Graphic illustration in social media apps

If there is no animation, video, or aesthetic pictures visible on the social media platforms, can you use them? The answer is simply no. Graphic designing is one of the essential aspects of social media apps. Every element you see on these platforms comprises Graphic illustrations.

However, this blog will discuss how graphic designing is essential for social media marketing.

Role of graphic illustration on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent platform for digital branding, and you cannot deny the importance of graphic designing on Facebook and other social media platforms. Since every element of Facebook uses graphic illustrations that include a cover photo, profile pic, and posts. However, graphic designing also helps Facebook users build up Facebook pages for their stores, e.g., Dolce & Gabbana. While on the other hand, graphic designing also enables you to promote movies and events, e.g., how Toy Story promotes its movie with a provided link in their bio so you can easily purchase it. It is one of the finest examples of the best Facebook cover photos you use for branding

Here you can see how the movie franchise created their cover photo that comprises 3d characters that all are built using graphic designing. Now at this point you have a clear idea how Facebook covers photos are essential for branding. However, you can also use google animated banners or simply say it as a GIF in your cover photo to promote your brand. You can also make a creative Facebook profile pic with your brand logo to create your unique identity, like how Toy Story endorses its movie logo.You can also hire a logo designer to design your Facebook profile logo or any graphic designing needs.

However, you can also create visually appealing posts that consist of aesthetic pictures or animated motion graphics with catchy taglines. You can also use creative banner ads or Facebook wallpapers in your posts. That helps you to engage your viewers, like how the page Toy Story makes their posts. You can also design Facebook ads featured on user's news feeds to increase their engagement. You can also use the about section to provide all your e-store information.

Facebook posts are the best way where you can endorse your product while engaging your customers digitally. However, Facebook launched its story mode on 28th March 2017, where you can post short clips for your branding.

Role of graphic illustration on Instagram

Instagram is also an excellent platform for digital branding, with almost 1 billion users. Popular brands like Nike, the 2nd most popular brand on Instagram with 210 million followers, use this platform for digital branding. Nike uses an excellent method for endorsing their new products through their posts. That features celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal in their posts that visually depict their life stories while connecting to the audience. It is another example of how you can deliver emotions in a graphical form.

You can see how many people have connected to this post through its likes. The brand uses illustrative pictures with the catchy image tagline “This boy knew.” Which means he knew that he could change his world. That is how Nike does their branding by showing celebs with special mentions. However, they also use the Instagram highlights feature, with the topmost events like ekiden, a long-distance multi-stage relay race. They also promote their new shoe series named “ekiden Nike Zoom pack 2022.” through the Instagram highlight feature.

Nike provides their online shop link in their bio so that the people can buy their products easily.

However, they also use the story mode feature to showcase their new products, and that is how Nike generated $2.81billion in 2017 through Instagram.

Role of graphic illustration on Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging social networking website that people use to share posts known as “tweets” people can also retweet these posts to share them. You can also make a creative profile and banner background on Twitter like Facebook.

However, the most vital thing on Twitter is the hashtag that most big brands use to promote their products. Until mid of 2021, there were almost 206 million active users on Twitter. Now, you can determine how many customers you can target through this platform.

Rolex is the best example to understand how you can engage your audience on Twitter. They have 861.3k followers on Twitter. Rolex uses this platform to post motion graphic illustrations of their new watches like the Day-Date 40. In addition, they have used the hashtags #DayDate and #WatchesandWonders2022 to promote their watches. Since Rolex is a luxury brand, they highlight celebrities like Lin Manual, the Oscar-winning director who wears Rolex watches. In addition, they also made a Twitter post featuring Lin Manual strapping their watch to promote their brand.

However, they also run promotional campaigns to promote their brand, like how Jim Cameron did their Rolex Deepsea challenge in 2012. The whole video is the finest example of graphic illustrations where Jim Cameron dives into the ocean's depths while wearing a Rolex watch deepsea. The video has 19.3k views, which helps them in the marketing of their watch.

Role of Graphic illustration in Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where you can share images and save and discover information using images, animated GIFS, and videos. However, if you are a graphic designer, you can use this platform to display your complete personal portfolio. The best example to demonstrate how you can set up your eCommerce store on Pinterest can be explained with the help of ruggable

In their shop section, you can see how they display the portfolio of their rugs on the banner image, while the profile pic contains the brand logo with a bit of demonstration of the brand in the bio. Here, you can also see tabs where you can follow up on their community, where the community is posting rugs-related images daily. You can also buy their rugs at different pricing placed in their shop section. They have 10million+ monthly viewers with 54.6k followers on Pinterest, which helps them attract more customers to buy their rugs.

Role of graphic illustration in Snapchat

Around 100 million users use Snapchat daily. Snapchat is a platform where you can share aesthetic pictures, GIFS, text, and videos. Similarly, you can also capture your in-life memories or events through Snapchat.

You can also use graphic designing for growing your startup business on social media, such as Jessica Walsh started her illustration business on Snapchat. She is an illustrator and graphic designer who displays her artistic skills on Snapchat by posting regularly to promote her artwork. However, you can also hire her for your illustration work through her website, Sagmeister & Walsh. She also created her storyboard through excellent visual illustrations, which many people praised.

Role of graphic illustration on TikTok

TikTok is similar to Snapchat, where you can post, create and share 15-sec videos related to different topics. According to a survey, 80 million active TikTok users are in the United States. Therefore, TikTok has a large number of viewers. With such a great audience, you can use TikTok for digital branding. TikTok designs do not only build major enterprises or firms. But you can also use this to promote small individual startup businesses like Margherita Vox.

Have you ever seen Margherita Vox on TikTok? If so, you already know that she is an illustrator and graphic art designer. She has 243.8k followers on her account. In her video, you can see her explaining how beautifully you can design isometric illustrations using Adobe illustrator. She also runs her promotional art campaigns like the way you can see in her daily design series. However, she also linked up her TikTok account with Instagram and YouTube, where you can reach her and hire her for your graphic illustration projects.

Role of graphic illustration on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where you can create your account and upload or watch videos. However, you can also like, share and subscribe to your favorite YouTuber. In November 2017, YouTube launched a short story feature where you can post short clips just like TikTok within a time frame of 15 sec. Graphic designing is one of the essential elements of YouTube. Since all videos are being uploaded using software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Even the YouTube thumbnails that you create require graphic designing.

YouTube plays an essential part in your business development and promotions. You can understand it through Mt. Mograph channel, an illustrator and motion graphic artist. He has 277k followers on YouTube.

He has created a beautiful YouTube cover photo of his personal portfolio. However, you can also see his beautifully designed thumbnails in his videos. He provides free education on illustration, animation, motion graphics, and animated videos on his YouTube channel. However, you can also hire him for your illustrations through his email provided in the bio section. That is how he promotes his art and his skills.

In a nutshell

Graphic designing is one of the essential elements in social media marketing which you can't deny. Almost every app requires graphic designing, whether it is google ad designs or your e-commerce visual design. So simply, graphic designing helps you in nearly every aspect of social media marketing.

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