Roles of Advertisement banners in marketing

Apr 20, 2022
Roles of Advertisement banners in marketing

While roaming on the streets, you must have noticed banners of different brands endorsing their products around you. Usually, this type of marketing campaign is known as guerilla marketing.

Now, I want to ask a question do you know about banners? Well, I will tell you. Banners are a type of graphic design having graphic representations of your brands like billboard design. Many people think that banners are outdated. But still, banners are considered the best way to generate revenue in this era. However, you can use this marketing trend for your outdoor and digital branding.

Since the banner designs evolve from time to time and now in this digital era, you can also use banners on your digital platforms. Google animated banners and the cool banner designs you use on your social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are the best example of how you can display your banners digitally. However, in this blog, we will find out the role of banners in marketing.

Types of banners

Banners are the most effective and cheap way for marketing your products just like flyers design. According to a statistic, around 45% of the B2C and 88% of the businesses related to B2B believe that social content design is the most valuable aspect of your brand since they all believe that content makes your audience feel you are a trustworthy and valuable resource. First, however, you must look at the types of banners for a clear understanding. In general, there are two types of banners. One that is used for outdoor advertisement while the other is used on digital platforms. However, here we will briefly go through these types below.

Outdoor banners

The banners used for your outdoor advertisement lie in the form of outdoor banners. They can be retractable or hanging banners placed on different outdoor platforms. So that when people see your banner, they make up their purchase decision. These types of banners are usually very expensive as compared to digital banners. Since many factors decide the price rate of these banners, like the ink, print, place where it must be displayed, and many more, a 6' x 2' banner usually can cost you around $45.

Although a banner designer charges around $600 to $800 depending on their geographical region, this pricing can get even higher when big brands feature celebrities on their banners. Like how hefty features John Cena in their banner where they promote polythene-free trash bags.

However, these banners are not just restricted to aesthetic pictures in this era. Nowadays, banners are also presented in animated motion graphic animations, like how you can see different brands endorsing themselves digitally at the New York times square.

However, these banners can also be displayed on different sides of trucks or on led banner railings you often see on the sports field. Although you can also hire an illustrator artist or motion graphics companies to add animated video graphics in your banner ad design.


The banners you display on your social media platforms, like YouTube banners or Facebook background images you use in your cover's photo, are social media banners. However, these banners are also known as twitch banners. There are a majority of ways you can promote your brand using these banners. Almost every social media app uses this feature like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The images you see on social media covers are known as twitch banners.

However, rather than using these banners on your cover, you can also use them in various banner sizes and dimensions in your posts, like how people use banners in their Instagram posts. Usually, the size of YouTube banner are fixed, but still you can use different pixels for your cover like 1024 x 576 pixels YouTube banners you see on top of the channel page. Furthermore, you can say different types of cool banner ads you use for your PPC campaigns, like Facebook ads, also lie in the form of social media banners. So now, once you know about the banners, let's talk about how these banners will affect your business in marketing.

Role of banners in marketing

Banners are the most valuable weapon firms want to use for their marketing and branding. Since it is an inexpensive way to display your new products or company events, you can use it. In addition, you can generate more leads using these banners. Below we will discuss the role of banners in marketing.

Attractive to read

Banners are an attractive way of communication. Since it contains visually appealing images and content, a visually more appealing image can grab customers' attention rather than using long lines of text.

Most of the big brands use this tool for promoting their new products. However, using cool twitch banners can generate more traffic on your social media platform.

According to research, around 78.36%of square-shaped banners have an excellent conversion of marketing rate. Since the world is moving fast and people have less time to read long lines of paragraphs. Banners provide a more precise way of delivering your brand awareness. In short, banners are a terrific way of marketing in which people can see your products.

Affordable pricing

Unlike different marketing sources, banners are a cheap way to endorse your brand. Moreover, digital banners are further in-expensive rather than outdoor banners. To make creative banner ads for your social media marketing design, you can use subscription-based design services or use free twitch banners on your social media platform. However, you can also look for different website banner ideas to design a landing page of your website to look more interactive, which will eventually hold your customers on your website.

An excellent medium for brand awareness

If you display your banner on different places and websites, it can boost your sales. Banners are an effective way to promote your products and brand. However, if you have well placed your banner on a website, it will definitely increase traffic towards your banner. The best example of how a banner can improve impressions on your website can be explained with the help of a YouTube banner example. However, if you are a small startup firm, you can hire a graphic designer to make custom illustrations of your brand.

Targeting your audience

Many firms have difficulties because they fail to define their ideal consumers. As a result, they try to market to everyone. This method is ineffective. It's preferable to create a buyer persona and target these specific people. Customers who click on the banners will be sent to your sales page. You could be confident that the clients are potential leads since they would not have clicked on the ad if they were not. Doing this practice will eliminate the risk of persuading them to buy your products. For example, if you want to market a lady's item on your YouTube channel, you may make a pink YouTube banner because the pink color appeals to most girls. It is a fantastic example of creative YouTube banner ideas.

Measure your campaign success

Marketing is a results-oriented profession. As a result, you should be able to assess the effectiveness of your marketing activities. In digital banners, you can see how many people viewed your ad and their click-through rate. Tools like Google Analytics will allow you to monitor your website's traffic. Knowing the number of visitors to your site might help you determine the effectiveness of your banner adverts. You may examine what's working and alter your strategy based on the data you acquire.

Take advantage of a long-term and adaptable solution.

Digital Banners or the creative online banner ads we see on digital platforms have the advantage of being able to run campaigns for a long time. This continuous or recurring character promotes your brand's name to potential buyers. Furthermore, they will be directed to your website each time they click the banner. In terms of versatility, banners are available in various forms and with a variety of interactive components. You can customize these to fit your needs.

Summing up

As a result, you can easily employ banner ads to promote your company online and offline. Banner advertising is still the essential marketing strategy you can use today. It has the potential to establish a strong brand for your company. To receive the most exposure for your brand, you must be aware of several factors. However, be wary of the banner elements since they can easily harm your company's reputation in a short amount of time.

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